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Disappearing Dung, Fertilizer, Honeydew, Liquid Fertilizer, Feed, Humus

I have a friend with the following question:

"When I go to "feed" my bees, my honeydew inventory count is never right.  It will show a whole lot less than I should have, then the next time, it looks right, then the next time, way low again.  Have you seen anything about this?"

Does anyone have this problem?  We know about the reload, log out/in fixes.  It's just a bit nerve racking to see you are over 500 lower than you should be and you didn't sell any.  I'll pass the answer on :)

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  • carjola (AU1)carjola (AU1) AU1 Posts: 252
    Hi @CookieHugs (US1) Yes I have also had this problem, Nearly gave me a heart attack ...lol... thought I had some how mistakenly sold it all to the customers when they were coming thick & fast last weekend & wasn't very happy as it showed I had none left from having over 11k but when I logged back in later all the honeydew was back. Since then I have noticed  that it fluctuates on the amount but always comes back to what I would normally have after a reload. So it is obviously some sort of bug that GGS needs to fix We have been having allsorts of bugs happening since the new design has been rolled out.
  • Hi @carjola (AU1)!  Yes, the bugs are thick LOL  Hopefully any bugs that are reported when the test server is open again will be fixed before they find their way to the main servers :)  Glad to know my friend isn't the only one to have this bug visit :) Even if it is a scary sight :dizzy:
  • carjola (AU1)carjola (AU1) AU1 Posts: 252
    Hi @CookieHugs (US1) the thing is that all the bugs were supposed to be fixed on the test farm first before GGS rolled it out but this didn't happen as all the bugs we are getting in the live game we had on the tester plus a few more like the honeydew. So I am holding my breath to see what the new testers are going to be like & if it will be any better before GGS launch the next instalment live again One can only keep our fingers crossed..lol
  • Hi Guys, We already have bug reported of the same thing happening with fertilizer, so I have added Honeydew to the report. Thankyou.:)

  • Damaria3 (US1)Damaria3 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,737
    happens to me too  back and forth so i never know what is what
  • I went to harvest my liquid fertilizer and it won't show up (disappeared).  Tried all the usual things ie..reload, etc...Nothing.
  • i'm having the same issue. I had 153 liquid fertilizers to start and after starting my olives (I only have one) it suddenly dropped to 38. tried the normal stuff and after reloading my page it jumped back to 83. where is the rest? can someone please help?
  • maggie02 (INT1)maggie02 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 524
    A week back I noticed that suddenly around 600-700 liquid fertilizers were missing  (i can't remember exactly how much was there initially, but usually I keep my barn full ). I know for sure that I haven't given it neighbours by accidentally clicking on it. Refreshing also didn't help.
  • grace1970 (NL1)grace1970 (NL1) Posts: 54
    edited 08.11.2016
    Last Sunday I still had well over 100.000 dung in my storage and now I have 37...
    Does anyone else have this problem? Is it a bug? Well at least it is annoying, since I am now unable to produce fertilizer.
    Help please
  • I had the same problem last year, over 1.5M dung, never back, not even clearing caches as they keep saying. I've never recovered from that loss.
    I wish you better luck :)
  • I signed in this morning to almost the same problem, my fertilizer was gone !  I need my fertilizer back my orchards are in need of it, their hungry!    :'(

    My remodeling thingy is gone, now all I have is the cursor from before...I need the remodeling thingy back.

    Thank you,


    OH, I have done all that is required, reboot..cookies.. ect
  • Nah I didn't do that,  I always have fertilizer, an abundance in fact.  I make sure to keep it processing at all times and with the farm lab it keeps me moving upward,  I haven't done one thing different in the way I farm but "POOF" it's gone & I can't catch up or make it like before...it is not me I am sure of it, it is a bug along with the remodeling tool being gone also.  LOL..one fix broke another, same ole story.

    Maybe GGS is punishing me for asking for a "greedy logo" for THEM since they took the gold seeds & goldmine vouchers away from the CCE..hehe  Right after that I couldn't log onto the forum for about 2 weeks and the fertilizer thing happened to me and remains the same !

    Such is GG Farming, so I farm slower and wait till the glitch is resolved....and since I don't have a before & after pic, to bad for me...so who takes pictures of everything all the time ?????  How would you know what was about to happen to your farm anyway ????
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    Last Sunday I still had well over 100.000 dung in my storage and now I have 37...
    Does anyone else have this problem? Is it a bug? Well at least it is annoying, since I am now unable to produce fertilizer.
    Help please
    @grace1970 (NL1) We have reported this to see if the techs can see what is happening with the dung. In the meantime, I would also suggest that you contact support.
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  • Sandra, the lay out mode has been disabled while the techs work on fixing it.
  • Rhomboid (GB1)Rhomboid (GB1) Posts: 28
    edited 19.11.2016
    Not exactly the same problem , but could be the result of the same "hic cup" I got a pop up upon harvesting, storage full, I clicked on storage full and it sold the lot without touching the "sell" button. Maybe, just maybe you clicked to sell a few Fertiliser so you could harvest more  and it took the lot. The sorry thing is that GGS will not do anything about it, except blame the players, but it is also a nice con to get us to use gold to buy more ,,,,,,
    Oh and what is all the problems with logging on, log on  and need to log in, repeating over and over. clearing cache, cookies did not help, but got in after trying 4 different browsers :/  
  • Sandra, the lay out mode has been disabled while the techs work on fixing it.

    Thank You White Doves...

    Like I said before...one fix breaks another  :(
  • All my dung has gone missing from my silo. Over 10,000 worth all disappeared since the last update/maintenance break today. Anyone else had a similar problem. I've reported it. Fingers crossed I get it back.
  • Today all my dung is also gone... i've got only a little over 1000 left
  • Grammy26 (US1)Grammy26 (US1) US1 Posts: 36
    I had over 110,000 dung go missing, yikes!!  when do we get our poo back??!!
  • Hi Guys,

    I will report this again, but please can you all also do support tickets, giving as much detail as you can about how much dung you had & when you last saw it & noticed it missing.


  • I noticed my dung gone the past couple days. I was sick with a really bad case of bronchitis so i didn't pay to much attention and then next thing i knew it was gone, I don't have a laboratory. Last i remember i had like 15,000 to 18,000.
  • MRG1 (US1)MRG1 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,554
    I noticed dung loss also last week. Probably about 10,000 pieces of poop.  Didn't note date or time...
  • I partially harvested animals animals on my main farm then went to the gourmet farm and used the bakery to store some apples to make space, harvested the apples returned to the animals and finished harvesting them but when I went to the silo to make fertilizer the only dung I had was from the second half of the animals, exactly that number. Where did the other dung go? Dunghalla?
  • I too noticed a fertilizer lost and it's not the first time  (this is where I use the "tell us what you think" icon)  HA that's where all the bull is...floating around out there,  I guess  :#

    But I always have tons of it to make fertilizer, it is an on going chore at my farm. So when it disappears I notice.

    Mystery pooh thief ... it is spring and all the gardens need it, maybe all we need do is follow our noses  ;)
  • it happened again. I harvested 863 dung but in parts, I got 320 dung

    maybe the dung goes into a black hole?????
  • I have twice e-mailed support & no one has answered. For well over a month probably 2 months all of a sudden my chicken feed & pig feed will disappear.  I always keep my stock above 1000 bags of feed for chicken & pig feed. when it gets close to 1000 I make more. Well about once every other wk all of a sudden it will drop 200-300. I do not belong to a cooperative as I choose to farm on my own. I am level 112 & have been playing for several yrs so this is something new & unexplained. Never happened before so do not understand what the heck is going on & why no one in support has answered. And as an aside, frankly I find the whole fish thing a waste of time & extremely confusing as to it's purpose. However back to my missing feed between that & your events where you have to increase your screen viewer & use a magnifier to even find all of them(right now Easter eggs). It hurts my eyes to do these. I'm finding more & more recently I really no longer like playing this game & if no gets back to me with an answer & fixes this issue I think I'll just throw in the towel & stop wasting my time. Not that you care but just saying in case anyone else is felling the same way. TY
  • PJ Farmer (US1)PJ Farmer (US1) US1 Posts: 128
    I too have had things go missing.Reporting doesnt work.Never get answered or get it back.
  • TY for telling me that. I just went in a few mins ago & another 200 bags of feed are gone. I think if someone that monitors these things doesn't' give me an answer I'm just going to stop playing.
  • The people with bubbles on their head also buy feed at 100-400 amounts, might have sold it to them, I did that once or twice by mistake.
  • @daisy041149 (US1) As you can see from this thread, there have been several items disappearing & sometimes re-appearing, without explanation. We have reported them to the techs, but it is not something that can be done deliberately & they need to be able to reproduce it in order to see what is going wrong & stop it from happening.

    It is always important to report these things to support, because it is by the number of tickets that they get that will tell them how big this issue is & it is only support that are able to replace lost items. Support should  always reply to every ticket, even if it is to say that they are still investigating, so if you have tickets 2 months old that have not been answered, send me the ticket numbers in a PM & I will see what I can find out for you.

    Remember whenever you notice something missing, you should always first clear your caches & reload your game (CTRL+F5) to ensure that it is not just an error where the display on your screen does not match the correct amount on the server.

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