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Farmers R Us (US1) Looking for an All Adult, Active Co-Op? Apply Today!!

Chicaa (US1)Chicaa (US1) Posts: 87
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Are you tired of being just another number in your inactive, uninformative co-op?!?!

We are opening our doors for the New Year!!  Come Join Our Winning, Growing & Informative Team for the Long-Term!!

Our team has limited rules & have a great bulk of research completed for max rewards!

We are looking for daily/every other day (which equals at least 4 days per a week) adult active farmers who love to play & be part of a fair, team-spirited environment.

We've jumped from the 500's in ranking up to 240th since I've taken over the group not even 6 months ago--& we're still movin' on up!

Player level is not as important as being a communicative, active & helpful team player!!  We enjoy helping others learn the game, but please wait to apply until your sure you like the game & are playing to stay!!

We Need Active Farmers who treat others as they would like to be treated & who will actively strive to improve their farms in order to not only help themselves, but help our cooperative!!

Both the CC & the Co-Op Village are optional here.. We also don't tell you how to build your farms--Do it Your Way!!

Please in-game message chicaa, Barbara52 or farmer1st to apply!!  No generic applications please, we'd like to get to know you first!   ;)

Farmers R Us--We're Fun, Fair & All About Farmin'!!  What are you Waiting For?!?!  Message us today!!

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  • We have opened some spots for a few great new team members..Please in-game message chicaa or barbara52 to apply!

    Level Unimportant--So Long as you are sure you like the game & are playing to stay!!
  • Chicaa (US1)Chicaa (US1) Posts: 87
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    Happy Friday Farmers!

    If your a serious player & are looking for a new forever home for your farms, look no further!  Farmers R Us has a few open slots for active players.
    We are looking for farmers who are like us.. kind, helpful, treat others as they would like to be treated, very active..you can see where I'm going with this!!

    In short, we are continually improving our group & need some more help!!  We do require daily donations (give as you can) dues as we've reached the expensive ones & its a benefit for you that's worth funding!!  We have few rules & are laid-back but at the same time, we're competitive too!

    Come join our enthusiastic, informative group!
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  • We're ready to welcome you!!

    Farmers R Us is on the move & we're finding we are in need more helpful hands in our group!

    We are a well formed, very active, helpful & informative bunch.

    If you thrive & truly enjoy a fair team environment, come give us a try!  I know you will enjoy our laid back but competitive atmosphere.  We have a great mix of newer & seasoned adult farmers.  Please be ready to do your fair share & only apply if your playing to stay in the game!
  • SuzyQ22 (US1)SuzyQ22 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,472
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    I have a question.  I do have to put forth I am not interested in joining a co-op but I always wonder what "We are a carefree group" means, then list all the things that are required to join the co-op.  If you are in fact a "carefree group" then why all the requirements of those who are looking to join a co-op?  I am not singling you out, I just wonder because there are so many that list many of the same things you are listing as requirements, but then also state they are laid back.  If truly laid back, why all the requirements? 
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  • Chicaa (US1)Chicaa (US1) Posts: 87
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    (This post is in response to SuzyQ22'S question, what is listed about shovels, being a certain level & competing in missions is NOT what is asked of you to join Farmers R Us.)
    Hello SuzyQ22!

    To answer your question, please take a look at what other coops require from their prospective members. In order to truly understand what it takes to be part of a successful fair coop, there are a few staples that have to be required.  Majority of other coops out there require much more than we do as a group.  The reason I list these items, is to avoid confusion & to be completely upfront with prospective recruits.  If I just list.. we want you to join us.. someone will join our team, and then say well why are you requesting things of me when it wasn't in your overview?!

    We ask our members to enjoy a fair team environment, ask them to play daily or at least 4x per a week & pay daily dues (pay what you can.)  Seeing you have not been part of a coop before, I think that is why you think I ask too much of our members.  If farmers don't work on projects, we obtain no points.  If farmers don't apply for research, then we don't make more money for the goods we produce.  If you do not ask the same of each person, it is not a fair environment and who wants to be the one on the team doing all the work?

    We are a carefree & laid-back group.  What that means is that we have fun playing..& enjoy working together in a fair team environment that has minimal requirements. We enjoy doing our thing, and are happy with the progress we make as a team.

    Most coops require daily play (so if you don't play daily, don't apply,) so many shovels for an activity level (if you don't get that, don't apply,) require people to be a certain level in order to be part of their team (otherwise, don't apply,) require specific $$ amounts & gold donations (otherwise, you will be removed from the team,) or compete in so many missions daily (or don't apply.)  I do not do this.  I work together with my teammates & they all understand that being part of a co-op requires you to put forth some effort, its completely different playing in a coop than it is playing solo, it may sound like a lot to ask, but its really not.  :)
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  • SuzyQ22 (US1)SuzyQ22 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,472
    Thanks for the explanation Chicca, I do understand a coop, I was in one and I hated it for the most part because others didn't do their part.  There were few of us who actually followed through with projects and missions, and so on.  I do understand the need to be a team player but others did not in this coop.  I do have some friends from said past coop but do not have any interest in joining another one because the experience was so bad in the first place.  Finally, the constant CC's and Challenges we faced was outrageous and resulted in seat time for weeks on end.  I am not interested in that kind of stress at all.

    I really do appreciate your explanation of those requirements.  I do understand the need to make sure others know what they are getting into.  It sounds like you are a good group.  I was not singling you out, was just curious.  Thank you again.  Suzy
  • I am really sorry you had such a terrible experience.  I can understand that.  I played about 3 or 4 years back, had the most terrible experience ever with this game, and decided to walk away from a level 170ish farm I worked my tail off to make awesome.  I have been in maybe 10 or 12 coops years back since coming back to the game about 7 months ago.  Some of the groups were absolutely terrible!  I can understand how it left a bad taste in your mouth!!  It almost leads you to a point of quitting the game all together as a whole.  I applaud you for sticking the game out,

    I guess, in my travels I learned what I disliked about a group & when I was asked to take this coop over, I decided to implement what I learned.  I think part of the problem is that many players start a group, without a full understanding of how a coop should work & how people who join a group need to have a few working rules to make it all work!  I'm really glad I could explain to you why I chose my wording of "carefree."

    Thank you for sending me sparkly good karma, I've sent some your way as well!   ;)
  • Hi there Active Farmers!

    We have a few spots remaining in our co-op.  We're fair, fun & enjoy to compete.  We are looking for team-oriented players.  Farmers who love to help out their fellow teammates.  Farmers who understand, although this is a game, we depend on you to do your fair share to help our team improve.
    We do have a few rules, that I've touched upon previously.  Not many compared to many other coops.  We offer great benefits and have a great bulk of research completed.
    We may not be a top 10 coop, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying each others company & helping one another better our farms.  We are extremely informative & are here to help you learn about the game.

    Please in-game message Barbara52 or chicaa to apply or for questions.
    Generic applications with NOT be accepted.  Thank you!
  • Chicaa (US1)Chicaa (US1) Posts: 87
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    If your reading this ad, you've arrived at the right co-op!!

    Our team is an all for one, one for all TEAM environment.

    We are looking for true team players, people who love to help one another & know how to treat people kindly & fairly.  Players that understand, although this is a game, each and every teammate is depended on to do their fair share in order to keep our co-op very active & successful.

    We do have a few rules, but nothing that is too crazy.

    We are in need of more hands in our group in order for us to continue our trek up the rankings. We're constantly moving up in the general co-op rankings, have just succeeded into the Silver League in the CC & just won our last 3 Village League Challenges!!

    Message us today, come join us for the long-term!
  • Chicaa (US1)Chicaa (US1) Posts: 87
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    Are you looking for a new co-op to call home where you can hang your farmers hat? 
    Are you missing the enjoyment of playing alongside friends?
    Tired of playing in a group were its only a few people chipping in while the everyone else benefits?

    If you answered YES to any of these questions.. you've arrived at the right place!! 
    Farmers R Us Co-op is a growing team that needs more help from adult, very active farmers.
    We enjoy relaxing after a long day in the real world as we better our farms & our co-op.

    We leave both the CC & Co-Op Village as optional to all our members.
    We ask for help with co-op related duties to include weekly dues (pay what you can.) (We've finished a great bulk for max rewards!)

    Come & Join Us.  We have not have one person come & then leave because they don't enjoy our inviting team environment!

    In-game message Barbara52 or chicaa for more info or to apply.  Thanks & Have a Great Weekend!
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  • If your tired of the same ole' boring co-op where you feel your doing all the work for everyone else.. come try Farmers R Us co-op.  We have many long-term members who are here to help you learn the game..as you build your farms YOUR WAY!!
    We do have a few rules, but without rules, there cannot be a successful group.  We have 17 researches remaining..so you receive MAX rewards here just for joining us!
    We do everything together-as a team..we're extremely successful and steadily moving up in the rankings since I've taken lead here.  We love a hard challenge & are competitive, but in a fun way!!
    We currently are in the Silver League for the CC.  We are a VERY active group of adult farmers..if you play multiple times a day & love the game as much as we do, what do you have to loose?!

    Join Us Farmers R Us--We put the FUN in farming!!

    In-game messages only please, chicaa or Barbara52.
  • Farmers R Us (FRU) is recruiting for ACTIVE, ADULT farmers level 25 & Up!
    (That way we know you are interested in staying active in our group as well as in the game.)

    If you love the game as much as we do, give us a try...we have a great core of deputies & long-term members  help you.
    We also offer excellent benefits for all of your goodies!
    We also have our own in-game messaging system set-up for communication, its really helpful!!
    Please in-game message chicaa, no generic apps will be accepted.
  • Bump.. bump.. 

    FRU still has ONE spot remaining.. to join our expanding team.. Give us a try--Apply!

    In-game messages only  to chicaa

    Have a great weekend!
  • Farmers R Us (FRU) has just jumped in the co-op rankings to 199th Place!
    When I took over as leader here, we were waaay back in the rankings.. We have come such a long way!!

    If your looking to take an ACTIVE role in your team.. Look No Further!!
    FRU is now recruiting for Adult Members!
    We have 11 researches left, so that means you receive MAX benefits for all your goodies!!
    Rank is not as important as being a helpful TEAM player.. who treats others as they would like to be treated!

    If your looking for a change in your farming experience, come try us out!  
    Please in-game message chicaa or Barbara52 to apply or with questions.
  • hi can i join
  • Sent you an in-game message, Big Frankie.  Thanks for your interest in joining our team!! B)
  • We have temporarily opened up our co-op.. so here's your chance to join us without submitting an application!!  

    We are the only co-op that has it's own Discord app set-up--this is the best way to communicate in-game.

    Are you looking for a change of pace?  Do you like to be an informed farmer & receive tips on how to play the game better?  Are you looking for a supportive, active team where everyone does their "fair share?"  

    Come give us a try..I think you will really enjoy our atmosphere here.  Please be ready to assist with the small amount of research we have left, projects, weekly dues, tree watering  & collectibles.

    We treat others as they would like to be treated.. Chat if you'd like.. Don't if your not into that..Build your farm YOUR way!

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