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Missing Rewards List (For events during Christmas break)



  • I was not receiving the cyan snowflakes, I made a post on the forum 5 or 6 days about it, no response received.

    Just now everyone received Gift Catcher decoration from Christmas tree - I received an offer from Santa to buy for gold Decorations for weeks 1 and 2 and 3.
    I have the decorations from previous weeks, some of them in 2 or even 3 sets - when GGS was gifting and re-gifting them over and over.
    However, Santa wanted me to buy another set of same decos and spend my gold for something I should NOT.

    Could someOne  PLEASE look into this issue?
    It would be nice to receive the deco I had worked on just like every one else.
  • For the last two days, almost ALL searches for new missions has taken all the time up to 5 minutes. This is no good when you have started the farmmachine that allows you to dismiss missions for an hour. Much too muck wasted time used there. Sorry if this a wrong thread. 
    Same thing happens during big holiday weekends all the time, I've noticed this before.  It's because there are less people online during those times, and the search can't find people to match you up with for missions.  During this COOPCHA, I noticed I was the only person in the mission at least 7 times, in fact.
  • cavsfan (US1)cavsfan (US1) US1 Posts: 63
    Tree is gone. My INT1 farm got the reward, but this US1 did not get the wish machine.
  • noisy (US1)noisy (US1) US1 Posts: 210
    still no snow men here & snowballs are still falling as well.

  • JustMe (US1)JustMe (US1) US1 Posts: 491
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    the silver coins i agree - only 3 of the 4 weeks but can't even tell you which week now was missing and now we are 3 days from a new WWCC .. boo!

  • ninjahuman (AU1)ninjahuman (AU1) AU1 Posts: 2,525
    Hello, like a lot of other players I have not received my snowman decoration from the 20th day of Rudolph. I am also still collecting snowballs from my main farm. However, I am not sure what happiness value my snowman decoration had.
    ninjahuman @ au 1

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  • GazFarmer (AU1)GazFarmer (AU1) AU1 Posts: 92
    My co op apple orchard was in my drop box but has now disappeared, all the bells and whistles are nice, but perhaps if things were simplified a tad.
    I really enjoy this game but I am growing tired of it ,that has nothing to do with not enough things to do , quite the adverse if things don't work don't include them.
    There is nothing worse than trying to do something that doesn't work!
    I don't like complaining without something positive to add, unfortunately I am unfamiliar with the system you use , I can only assume you use a spreadsheet base for the mechanics, which is fine ,except the ability to check formulae is limited to the input. some lateral thinking and expansive thinking would be warranted.
    Please I love this game but challenge me with innovation and continuity , the later being the most important !
    Yes we can help test , but with out the resources its a moot point.
    let the players know how they can help , not an us and them attitude thus the game will progress. Unless you include divergent thinking and diverse analytic synopsis  ( Sorry could not work out the plural ) i think synopsis is both , Vary rare word.
    Last point , if you include us in the games development you may end up with dedicated players, but make it real!
  • So many thing going wrong in this game so I am not sure what all I have gotten and what I have not.

    Know for sure that I did not get the Snowman as the event doesn't seem to understand it is over on my farm and I have snowballs flying around everywhere.

    There was at least 1 Wheel, where I should have gotten an additional 48 hour XP booster, but only got a error message when I clicked on it.

    Happy Hour on Thursday failed to log me in, so I lost out on the weekend booster, doesn't do any good to send in a support ticket as no one is in the shop that can do anything and the poor smucks that got stuck taking support reports are useless and by the time anyone gets back that could do anything, the event will be over, so why waste my time.

    Pretty much by Friday I was totally fried on this game and ended up pretty much ignoring it for most of Friday & Saturday and I plan the same for today. It is bad enough when you schedule in so many events, but when you couple that with all the current bugs & glitches that are going on in the game, you are burning out your players and making it so the game is not any fun.

    When a game becomes a chore, instead of being fun, players leave. You are driving us away, is that what you really want to do??
  • The fourth chapter of the Christmas Prep ended early and I would have completed it!  So therefore, I did not receive my decoration, thus preventing me from receiving the main decoration.  Even though I kept collecting blue snowflakes for the co-op, it did not let me collect cyan snowflakes for my personal upgrade.  I believe that everyone who participated in this game should obtain every reward.  This game was flawed from the beginning and when you spend the time on obtaining the requirements to win the prizes and put off other things at the time and the game does not work correctly, it makes a person not want to compete and any games.
  • My Farm 7 (US1)My Farm 7 (US1) Posts: 12
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    Gift Factory - Wish Catcher is the proper name I suppose, I do not have one !
  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
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    Everything went quite well, nice choice of many things to do in the month of December - pity that the Christmas Event was broken, but after the update it went well again, at least on our NL1 server ...

    The only award I did not receive is the so called "Gifts Bakery" from "Santa'sToy Factory" (the middle machine).
    All other rewards I received twice, first time without VHP, and a bit later wíth VHP (So Greta got the first ones of course ;)), but I never ever received the "Gifts Bakery". As requested I'll send a ticket to Support also.

    Thank you for opening this thread @WascallyWabbit

    EDIT: see the request from PicklePaws in this same thread on January 4:
    I remember when opening the Rudolph Event and saw it was the Snowman Event, I closed it to start it later on a for me more convenient moment, I think that was the next day... This Snowball Event ran fine for me, when it ended the snowballs stopped dropping and I got the end reward (could choose the one I preferred) ... but I heard of many Dutch players on NL1 who did not get the end reward and snowballs are still dropping on their farms.

    BUT: by checking things right now I saw I got 2 Snowman rewards with VHP:
    - "Bevroren Vrienden" 34 HP & 4 VHP
    - "Fantastische Bevroren Vrienden"  38 HP & 8 VHP
    I assumed I received the first one without VHP and this was replaced by the second one (as happened with all other Christmas event rewards); but by checking things a few moments ago, I discovered they both do have VHP.
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  • grrr (NL1)grrr (NL1) NL1 Posts: 664
    You say you've got the deco's for week 1,2 & 3, but do you have the one for week 4?
    Your coop needs to have finished week 4 for you to be able to play for the week 5 deco.
  • laryam (US1)laryam (US1) US1 Posts: 55
    did not get the snowman from the advent calendar.

    Happy New Year!
    laryam @ us 1
  • My Farm 7 (US1)My Farm 7 (US1) Posts: 12
    edited 31.12.2017
    You say you've got the deco's for week 1,2 & 3, but do you have the one for week 4?
    Your coop needs to have finished week 4 for you to be able to play for the week 5 deco.
    Yes, I have decos for EVERY week including week 4 ( that  one was Recognized by Santa)  that is why he wanted to sell me only weeks 1,2,3 for gold

  • grrr (NL1)grrr (NL1) NL1 Posts: 664
    Oh, that's very strange, I'm afraid you'll have to contact support for this, although I read in another thread that someone on the dutch server had the same problem.
    Hope it gets solved for you.
  • Still getting snowballs and they are causing the game to freeze. I  already cleared cache and java as I know this is the standard answer

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  • carjola (AU1)carjola (AU1) AU1 Posts: 252
    I also did not get the snowman from the advent calendar and the snowballs are still falling...extremely annoying & they are slowing the game down. Many other members from my co op are having the same problem.
  •  The only award I did not receive is the  "Gifts Bakery" from "Santa'sToy Factory"

    Made by  farmerjohn 22 (US1)  Thank you
  • JustMe (US1)JustMe (US1) US1 Posts: 491
    just saying the earned happiness lvl vs the "re-calculated" after-the-fact happiness is pretty out of balanced nor is all the happiness working correctly - pretty sad for all the work that co-op's and individual players put into this event
  • Not sure this is the forum, but the Worldwide thing coming up is already hosed.  The current horse season doesn't end til a day after the new one starts.  Same with the Themed Event and the Hard Worker event.  C'mon guys, get this right.
  • Chapter 4 ended early for us in the UK so we didn't get chance to finish it - and then couldn't get the rewards etc for chapter 5.  Santas workshop gave me a different decoration than the one it landed on - was supposed to get a Koi Island thingie but ended up with something else - Cult Stone from memory but may have been a Pavillion (didnt write it down sadly but did spend gold trying to get it!) and spent gold trying to find a candy to find it hidden behind my water wheel on the gourmet farm!  Plus the goldfish thats already known about.  Thats it for me - nothing too major I guess but the wrong deco. made me curse a bit!

  • I did not get the cooperative apple orchard and dandy duck coop.My fellow farmers got these prizes after the last cooperative championship
  • hi on my farm the snowballs are still coming out , also have no snowman in inventory some of my co op got theres but not everyone . snowballcracker
  • jeg har ikke fået snemanden, men får stadig snebolde
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