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Forum Contest - Xmas #5 - "Winter Farm"

So much snow on the new winter farm, can you see everything that is there?

All you have to do is post how many animals you can see in the picture below

You can count them or just have a wild guess
Simple eh?

Well, just to make it a bit more challenging for you, here are some rules:
No clues, hints or clarifications will be given, so don`t ask for any! :p
Only one entry per person
Just post 1 number - Your total count of all the animals in the picture
You may edit your entry (for typos) within 20 minutes of posting it
NO EDITS after 20 minutes - So don't post until you are sure of your answer.

The contest will close at 12pm CET on Thursday Dec 28th

Prizes will total 10,000 Gold
& will be distributed based on how many of you get the correct total or the closest too it

Have fun & very good luck everyone!

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