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Problem Login

here i can not to login, i dont know if problem only here or all servers


  • Fawners (US1)Fawners (US1) US1 Posts: 436
    Same with the US Server.  So the issues continue and continue!   :s
  • Same here, I got on this morning just fine. Logged out to go make breakfast and get my husband off to work and now I can not log back in. When i type in my player name i get a big fat red O with the line through it.
  • yes, same me too can't to login  :'(
  • marywisc (US1)marywisc (US1) US1 Posts: 176
    We did not get coop CHWE prizes, so I refreshed, and not cannot get back in.

    I hope someone tells them in Germany
  • farmgirlmimi43 (US1)farmgirlmimi43 (US1) US1 Posts: 414
    edited 22.12.2017
    US1 is back up. .

  • Same here .
  • Kennetha (US1)Kennetha (US1) US1 Posts: 111
    Mary I told the coop wayne is having same problem
  • International server also not logging in. The game froze, after reload it just get stuck on the login page. 
    My coop members fare the same. What's going on??
  • Maybe they should make less events on top of each other and put effort into making everything work.
    Last year when the farms were covered with snow I remember a lot of bugs too. 

  • US1 has come back up and they have started the Not of this world event. Finally able to log back in
  • AHA! Now I have a maintenance box up.
    We make progress
    I think the "out of this world" started too early
    I already collected all the corn. 

  • holidayrox (US1)holidayrox (US1) US1 Posts: 328
    Out of this world deco event started at the SAME TIME all deco events usually start.
    holidayrox @ us 1
  • AND we're back online


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