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Update Dec 13th/14th - New Themed Events and More!

Welcome one and all, to the latest update! Set to take place on Wednesday the 13th, let’s dive in and see what’s in store:

New Themed Events

For a long time you’ve been asking to see events dedicated to the Gourmet and Flower Farms, and we now have some for you!

  • These 2 new events will have similar mechanics to those you know from other Themed Events

  • Both events will consist in 6 steps and have 7 difficulty levels.

  • Some of the steps can include multiple requests

  • Completing the steps will grant you different rewards, completing all the steps will reward you with a new decorations with 7 appearance stages and higher Happiness and Village Happiness values based on the difficulty of the event.

Food Truck - Gourmet Farm

Did you know that Eva Apple and Greta are business partners? They already have several loyal customers that regularly visit their Food Truck, but they would like to expand their customer base, visiting new areas and offering a wider variety of tasty dishes.

They will need your help though, make sure to provide them all the products they need to obtain the final Food Truck decoration rewards! The Food Truck is set to arrive on the 2nd of January.

Wedding Planner - Flower Farm

Daniel does many different things around the farm, but maybe you didn’t know he is also a Wedding Planner. In this role he is often under a lot of stress and pressure and he finds himself now with a very exclusive wedding to plan for some local celebrities, on top of 3 more assignments he’s dealing with. He will need your help and he’s ready to offer you a beautiful wedding altar decoration! The Wedding Planner is set to arrive on the 10th of January.

Après Ski Happy Hour

For 2 weeks, beginning December 17th at 23:59, we introduce a special Happy Hour to get you in the winter mood! This Happy Hour is, in-part, to apologise for recent issues with the Christmas events and will provide you with some great bonuses to help you complete the running events! The bonuses provided are also much higher than the usual Happy Hour bonuses, so make sure you collect yours by logging in during your server’s Happy Hour periods to take advantage of them.

Ice, Ice Baby!

Want to give your farm that winter feeling too? We have a beautiful new set of winter themed skins coming to the farm so that your farm can reflect the season! It might look icy cold, but don’t worry, we made sure your animals are wrapped up nice and warm. Check out the new winter skins, which will be available in various ways in the game. Every player will also receive 2 of these skins at absolutely no cost as part of our apology for recent server and event issues. These will be the Snowbound Chicken Coop and Snowbound Simple House skins.

New Order in Farm Management

The farm management menu is an important part of the game for all of you, it’s where you can see what you have in stock, buy more and sell off extra that you don’t need. But as the game has grown and developed, and new things have been added to the pages there, things were looking a little out of order. While any change can be difficult to get used to, especially if you are used to the old order, but we have organised things a little better for you. Now, basic farm products will appear first in the list with products from special seeds and event seeds will appear on later pages since these are used less frequently. We have also placed the two market tabs next to each other and ordered items in many of the tabs in a more logical order for you. It might be a bit strange at first but we are confident that this new ordering makes much more sense for players and how you play the game.

Horse Season I - 2018 - Best of Big Farm

For our very first Horse Season of 2018 we asked members of the team to choose some of their favourite avatars and rewards from previous horse seasons, giving you a chance to get some of them again. All the rewards from this horse season were selected by the team, some have been given a little facelift as well! Saddle up and best of luck!

I Choo-Choo-Choose You

As many of you are aware, some of our events come with decorations that have different visual stages dependent on your event progress. An example of this is the Snowman event. Players gave us feedback that often they would like to take part in the event but would like to be able to decide which appearance of the decoration they would like to end up with. We have now included this system as part of the Snowman and O-bon events! That means that if you would prefer, for example, the third appearance of the snowman but still want to carry on playing the event you can! As long as you get the minimum required points to reach the visual stage you want, you will now be able to choose any of the decorations up to the one you have enough points for, then carry on playing the event without having to stop to ensure you get the deco you want. We hope this gives you more options as you play our events and gives you the ability to choose what you play for!

Compensation for recent issues

Recently there have been some issues on various servers with downtimes, along with issues with our Christmas Preparations event, which was shut down last week due to the problems. Some of you have already received a chapter 1 decoration but with no value - this was not intended and was not provided to players as compensation. Instead we have a few plans to help you all get back on track with the event and to apologise for the issues:

  • The Christmas Preparations event will be started again with the update, beginning with the third chapter of the event

  • The requirements for the second and third phases of the event have been lowered by around 25%

  • We will provide players with the decorations from chapters 1 and 2 with standard village and farm happiness points for all players, to be determined by the team

  • As already mentioned, every player will receive 2 free Snowbound skins along with some seaweed humus and decoration parts

  • The Après Ski Happy Hour, originally intended to last only one week, will be extended to 2 weeks and the bonuses increased

More information on bug fixes to come. You can discuss the update HERE

Happy farming! And whatever holiday your culture or family celebrate at this time of year, may it be a time of peace and harmony!

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