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CC & CHWE Issues (from Dec 9th weekend)



  • its  just a game people ...just a game
  • FarmerMarkD (US1)FarmerMarkD (US1) US1 Posts: 119
    Ooh. You said a bad word seeking. Never use the "b" word in a post. GGS doesn't like the "b" word.
    FarmerMarkD @ us 1

    Brat Pack
  • artful (US1)artful (US1) US1 Posts: 6,615
    See what happens when there are too many CCEs  GGS.  You've worn out the programme !!!!!  Time for something new.
    All the "something new" things is probably what created this mess. LOL!

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  • Ooh. You said a bad word seeking. Never use the "b" word in a post. GGS doesn't like the "b" word.
    well, something has to be done -- i lost a lot of gold/money, time, etc. on the Christmas list and have to wait to hear about the compensation pkg we are getting on wednesday -- then this happens -- i'm being not to trust anything -- i'm afraid to touch anything 
  • its  just a game people ...just a game
    yes, it is just a game -- a game a lot of people enjoy playing -- but, don't like loosing a lot a money on gold, etc. -- i'm hoping they are going to compensate rightfully on this -- 90% first list was done, then 100% completed and started to donate -- so i spent a lot and lost a lot 
  • edited 09.12.2017
    Just get a blank screen in the corner.  Anyone else?

    That's what I get also when I click on the tent.  And then I have to refresh the game because it freezes up

  • vbillyboy55 (AU1)vbillyboy55 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 214
    Same thing here  ,  not funny   ,   not funny at all
    First it was Santas Wish Lists now this
    Starting to lose interest in game
  • Hey guys,

    The issue with the CC has been forwarded to the team and will be taken care of as soon as possible.
    at least this restores some faith knowing that somebody is there -- i did post on your facebook page as well -- why is all this stuff happening -- the game never was like this -- it is beginning to take a toll -- maybe slow down on all of the adding of "new" stuff -- please keep us posted by posting -- i will not touch anything until i know everything is 100% working -- thanks
  • Same here! I don't like having the championships almost weekly now. There is no time to do all the other things going on, and rebuild your feed and stock! Once a month is plenty! 
  • bdreish (GB1)bdreish (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,341

    Announcement by Cuddly:-

    Hey guys,

    Due to the current issues with the cooperative championship the event has been removed. If you still see the CC tent please reload the game.

    bdreish @ en 1
  • This is part of the "ongoing problem" that they are trying to fix....so stop the madness & end all events until you guys (GGS) get it figured out, but you know what it is, the added phone app to "play on the go" big problem with out the band width growth  and your servers need to be expanded ...it is like added water lines, you start to lose water pressure.

    We...ok I speak for myself...I love this game and want to give you the time to fix this.. it's the perfect time of the year to do it. We are busy at home now and could use the break...so use it to your  advantage,  I for one would rather you fix this problem than try put a bandage on it, you know it will only get worse until you do.

      I promise I will not leave you  <3
  • didah (SKN1)didah (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 1,246
    Event cancelled - at least we stayed in the liga - and got the final prizes..or some of it at least.
    First time an error goes our way - bravo, you're improving :-p
  • farmermim5000 (US1)farmermim5000 (US1) Posts: 118
    edited 09.12.2017
    All I  can say is  wow

           Signature created by: farmerjohn 22 (US1)
  • Coopcha tent is gone.
    Brat Pack Family
  • well last message from Cuddly says  the tent has been removed

           Signature created by: farmerjohn 22 (US1)
  • farmermim5000 (US1)farmermim5000 (US1) Posts: 118
    edited 09.12.2017

    CuddlyFoxesCuddlyFoxes Posts: 710
    Hey guys,

    It's your favorite fox again  
    The cooperative hard worker event will start at 2:00am CET as a replacement event. 

    and this event is broken too can click the task but  nothing happens

    edit: after multiple refreshes now it seems to be working. but why not just take the weekend off

           Signature created by: farmerjohn 22 (US1)
  • grrr (NL1)grrr (NL1) NL1 Posts: 664
    Whahaha, 2 hours worth of coop championship, at least got the work rewards along the way, now a hard worker that won't open. (and I'm glad it won't, horrible event, assuming it's the coop one)
    Are we heading for a New year's Eve meltdown? :D:D:D:D
  • Val C (GB1)Val C (GB1) GB1 Posts: 277
    Yep, tent's gone and replaced with the co-op hardworker
  • Southern (US1)Southern (US1) US1 Posts: 3,268
    If you have trouble loading the silo, and the button in the task list doesn't DO anything, close the browser and do a full reload - that worked for several of us in our Co-Op. Just changing farms didn't work.

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  • vbillyboy55 (AU1)vbillyboy55 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 214
    Now they have brought back George ,   and they can't even get Co-Op championship right
  • grrr (NL1)grrr (NL1) NL1 Posts: 664
    No thanks, I'll leave it for now and maybe, only maybe open it tomorrow.
    (it's two in the morning here ;))
  • 0MrsB (US1)0MrsB (US1) US1 Posts: 25
    what happened to the co op challenge? I don't even have the tent!!!!!
  • Cyndi33 (US1)Cyndi33 (US1) US1 Posts: 18
    Take cell phone photos of your valuable BF stuff (gold, etc)!

    You will need proof of loss to send to Customer Service! Lots of stuff is disappearing.

    They can check to see what you own on your farm, but what if their system has a glitch in it?!?
    Cyndi33 @ us 1
  • Just Kar (US1)Just Kar (US1) US1 Posts: 340
    edited 09.12.2017
    So let me guess....the cooperative rankings are not showing up and to fix this you will do a "hotwreck" and then our line-ups will reset. 

    Does anything work in this game anymore??  (aside from your buy gold ads)
    Post edited by Just Kar (US1) on
  • Yahoo2013 (NL1)Yahoo2013 (NL1) NL1 Posts: 67

     All CC tents have been burned. :D

    It is always a problem with Big Farm

  • marywisc (US1)marywisc (US1) US1 Posts: 176
    CHW coop rankings blank.  This is getting to be a joke!
  • 24-KL0V3R (US1)24-KL0V3R (US1) US1 Posts: 2,464
    Uh Oh, even the CC HWE has got broken parts.  We bought boosters and when I check the coop ratings, the rating chart is blank.  Did we spend $$s for nothing?

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