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Xmas Prep Chapter 2 suddenly ended.

Received notice saying Chap 2 finished here's your prize. 
In drop box have gift factory - sleigh workshop has no happiness at all
Xmas Prep tree missing from main farm

The bugs are taking over - SNAFU

aussie_mark @ au 1


  • SNAFU is right.
    ChampionHello @ au 1
  • xmass tree disappeared on my farm aswell where did it go?
  • GazFarmer (AU1)GazFarmer (AU1) AU1 Posts: 92
    If the tree re-instates I hope that it has a record of our tallies , plus a reasonable 10 percent added for down time , here's hoping, gaz
  • here also tree disapered
  • rsny (US1)rsny (US1) US1 Posts: 2,294
    Yep.  me too

  • SandiOne (US1)SandiOne (US1) US1 Posts: 138
    Official Announcement top of page

    Hi Big Farmers!

    We need to stop the Christmas Preparations event because it's currently creating heavy problems for the servers. The event will be restarted at a later point (not yet defined) from an adjusted version of chapter 2. Compensation in under discussion and will be communicated once it's defined.

    Sorry for all the inconvenience.

    Your BF Team

  • -willow- (NL1)-willow- (NL1) NL1 Posts: 27
    edited 07.12.2017
    Game crashed here 15 minutes ago untill than everything was working fine here. So I didn't knew it ended and I was stil playing the event.
    All the work I and all the players already have done is now gone. Including lots of spec. seeds, seaweed, humus and stuff. So I really hope that there will be a very good compansation for all the things I/we have lost.. 

    May be this is an idea. You can sent us a mail with a enquete in it. Isn't it possible when something likes this happens also sent a mail to all the players. So you don't go on playing. Would have saved me a lot of stuff and time.
    -willow- @ nl 1
  • You may give us some gratification.
  • Due to a number of reported issues with the Christmas wish list collection event we have decide to remove the event from the game so that we can fix the problems. The event will be restarted at a later date with an adjusted version of chapter 2 to make up for the lost time.

    my response is

    okay -- that's fine -- but, i bought 3 pkgs of gold and used that gold the complete my list to 90% BEFORE the fix at 1pm -- then last night  i purchased the 2 for 1 gold -- and, went and used it to complete my list and start to donate to my teammates -- SO WHAT ABOUT ALL THE GOLD I HAVE NOW LOST  -- and, you can check and see that i HAVE made these purchases -- last night was 29.99 -- and, before that was i believe 19.99, 9.99 and another 9.99 -- I NEED SOME KIND OF REIMBURSEMENT ON GOLD -- because of doing the list twice

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