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Update Nov 30th - Christmas Reloaded! - Discussion



  • I agree that it's more like 2 hours, I've lost a lot of progress and the time is critical in this event.
  • bdreish (GB1)bdreish (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,341
    edited 06.12.2017

    I think that this 'hotfix' has caused more problems than there was before.  I had collected apples, pig feed, aloe vera  and aloe vera gel - all quite long processes - and now have to do them all again. 

    Edit  -  just noticed that I have also to collect ALL the lambs lettuce I had harvested, 2816 of it.


    bdreish @ en 1
  • I seem to be one of the lucky ones...still at the same place before the hot fix.  Many others in my coop are not.  Not nice.
    Cnj_fnr_cPlayer @ us 1
  • Morgane (US1)Morgane (US1) US1 Posts: 83
    I had 3 of my Santa list items roll back to zero!! Long run items that took hrs to make. This is total BS.
    SS's, humus, time, all lost. Long runs of barley, wheat and all the cow silage I had made for 5 or 6 hrs...Summer Bouquets that was a 6 hr run...Can you please get one event right without major catastrophes occuring? I am in utter amazement at the inept methods you utilize to try to 'fix' something. 

    Smooth Rollin'

  • IceeMimi (US1)IceeMimi (US1) US1 Posts: 136
    Same here. All across the board. My people, myself included, lost valuable time, gold, product, some items were completed now numbers back to zero, some items took hours to make, where is the fix. What is happening. Now we have things turned back to zero, we were not reimbursed our time, funds, or gold. 

    In addition to the above, we did not receive the deco from chapter one. We have one person who did not show and I was assured her absence would not be an issue as long as she did not enter. She is rebuilding her home from the hurricane in Texas and has not returned, everyone else did 100% and was working on the third part for well over a couple of days. We were assured this would not be an issue and that if she showed up for example during the third chapter, the first two chapters would not be affected. 

    Fix the bugs before you go any further or add anything else. I am starting to see a greedy side in the amount of time, amount of events, the need for funds real and fake, the amount of gold if any is spent, and the amount of product required to complete any given task. The prizes are less, the amount more, and non stop, stacked events is becoming more of a chore than a joy. 

    Wake up and smell the coffee before people catch on and start dropping like flies.

  • HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!:D Have a blessed Christmas day!
  • stef7 (US1)stef7 (US1) US1 Posts: 460
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!:D Have a blessed Christmas day!
    No kidding just want everyone needs GGS to make is more stressful! 
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]stef7 @ us 1
  • GrammaLeah (US1)GrammaLeah (US1) US1 Posts: 601
    My granddaughter is on a different co-op from mine...

    She filled her list, and donated quite a bit to others.
    Right before the change to chapter 2, someone innocently came on and harvested just enough to make 1% and mess the entire co-op up.
    She wants to know if she should bother playing the Santa List, as it sounds like she won't get even a single decoration now...

    Does anyone know if that's how it works?
  • artful (US1)artful (US1) US1 Posts: 6,606
    GrammaLeah (US1) said:
    My granddaughter is on a different co-op from mine...

    She filled her list, and donated quite a bit to others.
    Right before the change to chapter 2, someone innocently came on and harvested just enough to make 1% and mess the entire co-op up.
    She wants to know if she should bother playing the Santa List, as it sounds like she won't get even a single decoration now...

    Does anyone know if that's how it works?
    That's how it works.  Rather than boot members, we chose to just skip it.  Not worth all the agro for a cheap deco with low happiness value

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  • You don't need to harvest anything to have it start counting.  I have one person who came online to say that she's been having internet trouble and posted it and was gone.  Did not harvest anything that I can see, yet she's now at 0% and it's the same tan color as mine.  Not greyed out at all. 

    So just logging in makes you a participant.

    Last week we were working on a measy 40-0 deco that hasn't shown up.  This week we get a 15-0 deco that if it ever shows up will just to to greta.  Really, a heck of a lot more work for a deco that's worth 1/3 of the first one.  Wow:(  Not gonna kill myself on this one.
  • Its Me (US1)Its Me (US1) US1 Posts: 266
    My co-op finished Chapter 1 but didn't receive the deco.  Are we supposed to get the deco after the Chapter or at the end of the event.

    I also had my santa list restart after this hotfix, so all my progress is back to 0 -- ridiculous
    Its Me @ us 1
    Keep It Real Co-op
  • noisy (US1)noisy (US1) US1 Posts: 210
    We haven't received the Chapter 1 deco yet. Has any one received it?
  • dchen1 (US1)dchen1 (US1) US1 Posts: 993


    We don't get them right away, correct?  I was not credited with the "Elves Workbench" and I was definitely done with my list days ago.  So do we receive the decos when the event ends?
    All members of my coop had 100% progress.  As soon as it became midnight, one player dropped down to 51%.  I have not received the decoration.  

  • Can not open "Christmas Preparations Event"

  • dchen1 (US1)dchen1 (US1) US1 Posts: 993
    edited 07.12.2017
    Why not GGS make a quick change so that when there are less than 2 days left, players at 0% harvesting something can no longer prevent everyone else from getting the decoration.  
  • funambuleke (FR1)funambuleke (FR1) FR1 Posts: 11,772
    Can not open "Christmas Preparations Event"


    It's the same for the french server...  :/
  • bdreish (GB1)bdreish (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,341
    Going to have to do a ROLL FORWARD to clear this mess up.  Since the hotfix I am unable to add sparkles to other players farms ..... Grrrrrr !!!
    bdreish @ en 1
  • gavinfarms (US1)gavinfarms (US1) US1 Posts: 2,273


    We don't get them right away, correct?  I was not credited with the "Elves Workbench" and I was definitely done with my list days ago.  So do we receive the decos when the event ends?
    Hey @gavinfarms (US1) The decorations should be given when the chapter ends but since chapter 1 ended early for some, it's possible that the decoration may arrive when the chapter was meant to end.
    The time it was meant to end is now also past, and still no elves workbench has appeared.
    gavinfarms @ us 1
  • I have not received Chapter.1 Deco.
    I guess that Chapter 2 dose not start and I can not open the event window and all harvests are not counted.

  • Artmaker (GB1)Artmaker (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,495
    Come on.

    I had a good amount of Chapter 2 done you did a hot fix and now I am back at ground zero. This stupid event is hard enough, cause people to leave coops because they can not opt out and are FORCED to play it or hurt the ones that do want to do it and then to top it off you do hot fixes that mess the whole thing up.

    After 5 years of playing and sticking with you all I have about had it. 

    I am asking myself how much more time do I want to put into a game that causes so much frustration in my life? Why should I spend my hard earned money on GGS who just can not listen. After 5 year they still can not get the fact that fix what dose not work and stop adding until everything works 100%.  Test everything over and over before you put in the game. 

    Oh and I have not gotten the deco from week 1 and my whole coop completed the lists.

    My coop lost 13 member due to this event. That most almost half. WHY NO OPT OUT!!!!!


    I did the math and for the just the amount of apples I need to complete chapter 2 it is going to take 5.5 days if I stay up around the clock and harvest every 3 hours on the dot.  Sorry not doable, I work and sleep and have a life.  To top it off you made it even more impossible by resetting my progress from last night and this morning.

    This is my 3rd year doing this event and it has been a disaster from the start yet you keep bringing a broken event back. First year I went broke because you did not give us cash for donations until half way through. Last year there was error and a lot of people did not get decos. This year you want an unacceptable high amount of good, error, lots of down time, no decos and lets not forget loss of progress of goods collected. 

    3 years and you still can not get it to work maybe it should be shelved and everyone should be rewarded with the decos for all the trouble and time they dealt with and wasted. 

    I am sorry but I am beyond ticked and frustrated. It has gotten to the point that NO event is working right. All we get is error after error and hot fix after hot fix that makes things worse all the time. 

    GGS need to understand people that buy gold pay for it by working and there time is worth money, so when we do an event it needs to be reasonable amounts for the time given and without errors. 

    Hint::: if I take 5 days off from work to get the apples I need I am not going to have money to buy gold. 
    EXACTLY!!!!!!  THIS.  NO need for me to repeat it.  This stupid event just about killed my coop years ago. Some go head long into every competition and some (most) just want to come here and have fun.
    It costed my coop about a dozen really good players and we never quite recovered. 

    Now this year, picked up a few good ones, who just left because again, not enough players are all in with this.

    Just give leaders an opt OUT option.  Turn it off, make the icon go away right from the start.
    Then watch your stats and see just how many do.    GET A CLUE!
    See what I do when not playing silly games.
  • GrammaLeah (US1)GrammaLeah (US1) US1 Posts: 601
    Sorry greygal,
    There is no way for her co-op to finish the 1% person's list.
    The event will not accept anything at this time for farms under the Chapter 1 tab.

    She is still playing, but confused.
  • Southern (US1)Southern (US1) US1 Posts: 3,268
    Hmm... My Chapter 1 Deco has lost a happiness point during today's hotfix(es).

    Prior to the 2 hotfixes this morning:

    You can see the Deco was 58 Happiness, +4 Happiness from Personal Quests, and +1 VHP from the Co-Op donations.

    POST-Hotfix(es), it now looks like this:

    For some reason now it's down to 57 Happiness (but the other numbers stayed the same).

    I also lost 1,034 Aloe Vera Gel during the Hotfixes.  I had harvested 1,034 prior to the hotfix and started a new batch, but when I checked it after the hotfix, the 1,034 I had already collected was gone, and the batch that was growing in the Distillery still had 11+ hours left (so it was the batch I had just started).  That alone is going to cost me an extra 12 hours to recover from.   (Course I'll probably STILL finish that before I finish these damn pigs. I really really really really really REALLY hate pigs.) :)  I also lost a batch of Romantic Bouquets in the same manner, but those I don't care much about.

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  • Sorry if this is the wrong spot .. but couldnt find anyother christmas talk anywhere else .. so here is my concern ... my christmas tree is not opening ... i did the first cycle ... but now that the second cycle is supposed to start, it wont open ... i tried reloading ..nothing ... am i missing something ... did i miss an update .. or bulletin ... 

    JB (INT1)

  • Surya54 (INT1)Surya54 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 507
    Now can't login. Is it 'normal'?

    Surya54 @ WWW 1

    Keep it up!
  • Now can't login. Is it 'normal'?

    Same here I got logged out, now the site does not even want to load
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