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Happy Hour Question Please

How do you know or how can you tell when HAPPY HOUR is running? 

Please n thxbia


  • When you look at the above, it's 7am to 10am,  noon-3pm, and 6pm-9pm.  But that's centra time US.
    If you are in a different time zone, you will have to adjust it.  Hawaii, subtract 4 hours; Alaska, -3hrs; Pacific, -2 hrs: Mountain, -1hrs;  Eastern, +1hrs
  • Well, i'm on Arizona Mountain time which I guess would mean I'll be missing most of the hrs.  I was online before 10 am this morning but it seems that between 7 and 10 am had already expired.  It's around 11:30 here now but I don't think happy hour is going.

    TY for the help

  • I start work at 7 mountain time so I figured I'd be hosed for all eternity.  I just logged on (at 1pm mountain), it gave me morning credit (I was on before 7 but not after), but not afternoon credit.

    I've had this inconsistency since they started the event.  It doesn't seem to matter when I log on, I've logged on and off before, during, and after the same allotted time a few times to test it out.  I verify my local time, "game time", and wether or not the event is running.  It seems to be a total crap shoot on wether it gives me credit.
  • For Arizona Mountain time, just subtract 1 hour.  So it's 6-9am, 11am -2pm, and 5-8pm.  

    When I know I'm gonna be gone from the game, I usually just log in and leave the game running.  I get credit, unless I loose connection.  

  • TY for all the info

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