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Info for the Dev's @ GGS ...Meant Nicely :)

Wons (AU1)Wons (AU1) AU1 Posts: 223
Hi @WascallyWabbit I was wondering if you could pass the following onto the GGS guys, that would be great. :)
Just things we can't let them know in the surveys they send out. Though, I'm sure you and they have heard it all before. :)

(From reading the forum) I think everyone is seriously over all the probs with bugs & glitches, not getting entitled rewards and most of all.... having to incessantly complain here on the forum before we eventually get a little compensation for all the problems caused by the changes that no-one even wants, let alone have asked for. 

We NEED a break from the amount of events that are being pushed out!! Almost all players can't be on the game 24/7 so having a CC every week or two is more of a pain than enjoyment. One thing, once a month is plenty. We need time to spend on our farms to upgrade/build etc. so we feel good about an upcoming event. From my co-op experience for example, it's something like: "Oh look another CC...goody" (Sarcasm) Would be nice to look forward to something coming up :)

They should have just left the HWE alone and tested something new (on the test server) if they wanted to do more co-op oriented things. All that did was use our resources up and then you put the CC straight after so our produce was depleted right from the start.
And GGS should not be taking things away from the farmers, that are already in place,(Goldflower Seeds, GML) just things that make it worth the work, that's BAD PR!!

We need reachable goals, in real time, not impossible ones...eg: cat tree...4.5million charms. This needs to be changed for sure.
Fishing Contracts: The $34 million GGS says we can make a day, well, I don't know anyone who has achieved this or anywhere near it.

I know a lot of people think the rewards for things are outdated as are the wheel of fortune prizes (EG: cow & pig wet feed) and need to be changed. No point in doing the same event for the same reward/deco every time it comes around. So people will just not do that event anymore. I know there are new people joining all the time, but GGS need to think about the Farmers who have stuck with them all this time as well. Loyalty is something us farmers have been giving all this time & we would like the same in return. I don't think that is too much to ask :)

I know there are a lot more detailed things that us Farmers would like to see improved that we can't tell the devs about in the surveys they send out, so if anyone wants to add things here, feel free to do so......to be continued.....
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  • dchen1 (US1)dchen1 (US1) US1 Posts: 993
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    It will be possible to make 34 million a day if the contracts require less clams, shrimp, oysters, ask for enough swordfish, salmon, cod, and lobsters so it takes the same amount of time to catch the required amount as all lower value fish, and ask for more herring than tuna.  Chum is still loss making and takes very long.  

    Rewards for reaching rank 100 or 500 is already very difficult for most mid level players.  Special buildings such as sweet apiary, dandy duck coop and cooperative cherry orchards are only for 1st place.  Almost all players would just say it is unobtainable or is not actually game content.  The extra production rate from these buildings to the best players would not help them gain new content as much as lower level players.  The best players who unlocked all the main content from leveling up would more likely want trophies for the leaderboard or large amounts of dollars and gold for extra items such as the laboratory, Lesters secret stash, farm academy, and expansions.  

    Many gold offers cost way too much, some offers costs hundreds of thousands of gold for one decoration worth 10-20 happiness.  The small size should not cost that much and small decorations should cost more per happiness point than per unit.  
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  • Any new as well as older prizes that remain, Should have village Happiness. Ann Agree with the above. :)

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