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Farmers R Us (US1) Active Adult Farmers Needed--We're Fair, Fun & All About Farming!!

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Hi everyone!

Farmers R Us is looking for adult level 35 & up active farmers to join our team.  We're a growing team, so we ask each member to participate in the following: co-op projects, research, weekly dues, watering of the trees & collectibles.  We have finished several areas in research, which means MAX benefits for your hard work!

What makes us a team you'd want to join from the 100's of choices, lol? We are team oriented.  We all work together to make our co-op continue to improve, day by day.  We all treat others the way we'd want to be treated also.  We have fun here!! We play this game because we enjoy it & love to log in to take a time out from the busy lives we lead. We're helpful & available to help you learn the game & answer questions you may have.

One rule I must stress is that if you plan to be away from the game for 4 days or more, please message our leader Chicaa.  If you go red without prior notice, she has no way of knowing if you will return or not without your communicating so & you will be removed!!  If interested, please in-game message Chicaa.   Why not join us?!  Come enjoy the many benefits we offer!!
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  •       Hi Chicaa
    I am truly sorry I have once more fallen and I had to reregister under every thing new my password is still the same
    but now I went under the name:  violaprottas5. I can not believe this AS you can see I'm on the forum I really needed to get to you to let you know what had happened I just want to thank you for all you have done I am not in a co-op yet if you want to reinvite me I'm open If you do not I would truly understand I have never really been good at these things ( games) and again I am truly sorry for all I had put you under Thanks again.and again Chicaa.  If I do not hear from you it would really be ok and I"ll stay where I am and hope to find another co-op.
    <3  :)  

  • Chicaa (US1)Chicaa (US1) Posts: 87
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    Hey Viola!
    Of course your welcomed back!  I've had really bad wi-fi signals.. so haven't been on the forum until today.  I'll get an invite out to you right away... I have alot to chat with you about!

    Big Hugs-
    We'll get through this together, don't worry so much! ;)

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    Hi there all you co-op less farmers!
    Looking for a new team to join??
    First & foremost--we treat others here the way we'd like to be treated!
    Why not give us a try-- Farmers R Us.
    We are a friendly, welcoming & kind bunch of farmers!
    We have 4 requirements we ask of each member..not too bad, eh?!
    We may not be a top 10 co-op..but we are hard working, competitive & enjoy working together to make our co-op an enjoyable place to come unwind after long day in the real world!
    Come join us--we're waiting to welcome you here!
    Please be level 25 & Up.
    Any questions?  Please in-game message chicaa.

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  • We have a few openings left for active adult farmers who'd like to grow along with our co-op!!
    Main farm research 1 away from being completed & 1 research away from all co-op researches complete!
    In-game message chicaa for more info!

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    Our team is looking for active adult farmers who are team-oriented.  First & foremost--You will need to treat others the way you'd like to be treated here.  Our co-op is seeking daily or semi-active farmers logging in at least every other day.  Main farm research is 1 away from complete which means more $$$ for your production!!  Our main focus here is working on projects, finishing research, weekly dues, watering of the co-op trees as well as filling collectibles.  We also take part in the Co-op Village--Level almost 46!!

    If you enjoy logging in to relax & unwind, while at the same time being part of a competitive (in a healthy way, lol)  group on the move--this is the place to be!!  We help one another! We win great prizes in the CC!  We are well informed by our leader!
    Come see where all the fun is taking place HERE at:
                                                                Farmers R Us Co-Op
    In-game message chicaa for more info or to apply!
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  • Hey farmers!  Our team is looking for a few team oriented,  dedicated farmers to join us.  We love to play & enjoy helping one another learn as we grow.   If interested, please in-game message Chicaa.  Look forward to hearing from you!
  • Actively seeking active, adult farmers level 35 & up. In game message Chicaa for more info. 
  • farmer1st (US1)farmer1st (US1) Posts: 38
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    We're on the move & are in need of some additional help!  Seeking daily/every other day adult farmers who are team oriented & enjoy helping others.  Come apply today!!
     In-game message chicaa for more info. 
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  • Happy Friday!
    Our team is on the hunt for adult active farmers to join our ranks.  Must enjoy working in a team atmosphere & be able to treat others as they would like to be treated.  Level 35 & up.
    In-game message chicaa or farmer1st for more info.

    Have a great weekend!!

  • We have some spots open for daily/semi active adult farmers level 35 & up.  We are a laid-back but competitive bunch of farmers who need some additional assistance in achieving our group goals.  We are steadily moving up in the co-op rankings, are at level 52 in the co-op village & are very active in the CC and working projects.

    If your looking for a new home-with a dedicated leader who keeps everyone informed, has a great group of core deputies & farmers to help you learn more about the game & need to earn more $$$ for your production--come join us!!   FARMERS R US-- We're FUN, FAIR &  all about FARMIN' !!

  • Active farmers-look no further!!

    We have a few spots open & are actively searching again for adult farmers to join us.  Must be ACTIVE, submit your app today!!

  • Tired of your coop that is inactive & no longer helpful??  Feel as though your loyal to your team and have no idea where to go for another home?  
    We Want You!!
    Farmers R Us is actively recruiting!
    We are looking for Daily/every other day active adult farmers.
    We are active, moving up the rankings steadily & are in need of some new members to help us better our team!
    We ask for farmers level 35+, however if you feel your active enough & willing to follow our few rules, please apply!!

    Ingame message chicaa or farmer1st for more info. 

  • Come join our Winning Team!!
    We are a laid-back, competitive, hard working group who is steadily moving up the rankings.
    We are looking for adult daily/every other day active farmers.
    We participate & are active in all aspects of the CC, Co-Op Village & Village League.
    Tired of your non-active group, or fell like your just a number among other players?
    Give us a try-I know you will not be disappointed!

    In game message chicaa or farmer1st for more info
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