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BF 5th Birthday!! - Flash Contest #4

RowdyRac (FormerMod)RowdyRac (FormerMod) Posts: 1,250
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Here is a chance at some more birthday gold!

Rowdy  (that being me) loves dogs.
I have more than one of them but for this contest I would like you to guess the age (in months) of my first and oldest dog:

The contest will run for 3 hours exactly and the five posters who get closest to the correct number during that time will each receive 300 gold.

Anyone able to guess the age precisely correct will get their 300 gold doubled !

(But, just in case you are all amazing guessers, we will have to limit the number of people who can get their prize doubled to: "the first 5".)

PS.  Just in case it is not well known, our moderating names are just pseudonyms and not attached to player accounts ;)
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