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Can we have more variety

At the moment the game needs to be made more interesting, what with the number of sideshows etc it's become very boring uninteresting and tedious to play. This I feel is what needs addressing maybe the premium seeds such as sunflowers etc can be put on the flower farm, maybe carrots, potatoes, kale etc can be given to us to grow, or we can unlock them at certain levels, maybe we can have wheat in the CC as it take 30 mins to grow from special seeds. We really need the variety in the game now to keep it interesting for us players. Something needs to be given back to us players now that will excite us again and to keep playing. At the moment my boats are being demolished as I'm not getting enough variety of fish, let's have more variety of fish too, like monkifsh, squid, red snapper, grey mullet etc. Constant days of shellfish, tuna and herring isn't good for anybody.


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    Crazy people thinking they need to police others I agree  they need to be behind bars it is ridiculous. @artful (US1)   I totally agree with most of what you said art I could stand a few more products but they have never fully integrated the rutabagas and alfalfa, could use some new recipes for bakery and flower farm  candles were mentioned  there was a ton of things they could have done to enhance  but they went with the village which as you posted somewhere and you were so right they ignore their epic fails and continue on with more bad ideas and when they did something really good  they yank it away with an ill prepared  fix that was not needed or wanted  to add insult to injury  tell us this is for our own good so we will like the game more and not get bored. Dont think anyone was bored  tweek would have been fine  but no they landed a nuclear bomb of fishing region and no official word from office well there silence says suck it up  well a lot of people aren't and what leader is going to recommend new players bother with this aspect of the game. 
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    Aren't the mods able to tell who is doing all this flagging?

    I really wish they had did a little more for the rutabagas and alfalfa besides just receiving it from the dog.  I grow it during CCs, VCs, and really no other time, except maybe for fast points on some event.  But it stacks up in my inventory. My feed for them is also always full because of CCs.  It would be nice to be able to sell it in the OM or use it in a recipe.  I honestly don't think we need any other crops at the moment until they do something with those 2 to make it a bit more interesting.  

    Breakdown on the Lab
    126,321,371,000 (lab cost) ÷ 5,000,000 (Average daily earnings) = 25,264.27 days
    25,264.27 (days) ÷ 365 (days in a year) = 69.22 years to fully upgrade the Lab
    That's if you use the daily earnings to upgrade the Lab ONLY, no spending on other upgrades, islands, boosters, or anything else.
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