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  • ttt34 (INT1)ttt34 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 240
    Onestly, I dont like what GGS have  done with Deep See game, but if I work in GGS I Will not live the game as it was, I agree with them.
  • The core game (3 permanent farms) is what made such avid players out of so many of us.  It is a game of strategy.  The outcomes are certain so you can plan for the long term - what you're going to build and upgrade, how many of each, balancing it for the amount of time and frequency you can play.

    More and more and more, GGS has been making BigFarm a game of chance.  More and more, the outcomes depend on luck (or the amount of gold you buy.)

    Deep Sea fishing began as a game of strategy and has now been turned utterly into a game of chance.  As a strategy game, it was fun.  As a game of chance, it is not merely of no interest - it is NO FUN.

    How much would the 3 permanent farms be liked if BigFarm randomly blew tornadoes through your farms destroying your houses, decos and processing buildings?  Or if a plague of locusts could randomly destroy your crop harvests for the past week?  Or if your farm suddenly got Mad Cow disease and you had to start from scratch again?  And you'd spin a wheel to determine how big your lawsuit damages would be?

    The difference between strategy and chance is, to a large extent and for a great many players, the difference between FUN and NO FUN.

    I agree that this should be a game of strategy. When you start it is soo. But playing you discover that some things are not a meter of chanse nor strategy but dont know what.(for example: Wheel of fortune is false.of 130 ttoken someone can not get evrithing that is on Wheel. The same problem is with horse competition.)

    With this last game-Deep See it was a strategy, but on 1 place a meter of experience points. No meter how good Fisher you ware if you ware on low level you could win max 10mio/day, midle position (<90 coud have max 30mio/day but big farms (>120 ) more than 100mio/day.

    With this rate of ganing money big farms Would soon finish evrithing- nothing more to build or to play.

    Virtual games are endless they can always create new farms...sure I could visit 100 per day...lol
    davejohnston @ us 1
  • sct (GB1)sct (GB1) Posts: 23
    sct (GB1) said:
    hi Stef7,,

    it is purely because I don't know  how to put the message your replying to into my message,, so I put the name there to allow them I am replying to their reply : )

    @sct (GB1)  

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    thank you CraftyCritters : ),,, I will remember this,, thank you : )
  • Surya54 (INT1)Surya54 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 507
    edited 22.08.2017
    @CrazyBigfarm55 (US1) nice one. I also got 6 contracts at one time and same with you, focusing on 1 item variant because it's easier to do.

    Sometimes if I got more Shrimp/Oyster/Clams pool, I using 2 lvl 6 motorboat and 3 lvl Runabout using Small Cooler on both boats (I know the risk, but it still giving profit than using default equipment) and some fish gear.

    Besides that, I also using Oleg and Mermaid Bay access to earn more profit (or trade-off for DSF loss due to non-dollar contract or using this strategy)

    Currently, I got 1 item variant contract with bonus value of 10. Pay attention as the bonus value increases, the contract difficulty also increases

    Surya54 @ WWW 1

    Keep it up!
  • JVD (US1)JVD (US1) US1 Posts: 2,695
    somehow I built up to getting 4 contracts, but my fishing hole spawning has not changed.... I have a swordfish contract and need 29 to complete... haven't seen a swordfish hole in 3 days...  guessing after about 20 or so more shellfish holes, maybe a swordfish will show up! LOL

    sure I will get there at some point... 

    designed by Michiru (GB1)
    **Everything you want to know about Big Farm click HERE**

  • All 6 pools are now tuna/herring. Have not seen a swordfish or cod since day 1. 
  • stef7 (US1)stef7 (US1) US1 Posts: 460
    Hello my friends, do someone strong enough log in today?
    I still couldn't found my strength to do it, I'm afraid get upset, sorry for my weakness.

    What's going on?
    Is there any "new re balance"?
    Sorry to say, but no, GGS is not listening to it's players, nor are they communicating with us. They are leaving us in the dark, most likely hoping we will get over it.  Ok they are scrambling to find something else screwed up to release so we can complain about that and forget about this.  rut-roh
    They are not leaving us in the dark they have already told us it is not going to change.

    Read what cuddly fox posted. days ago. 
    Hello everyone,

    It is correct that the current implementation of Deep Sea Fishing will not be altered

    There is no ability to sell fish directly and this feature will not return to the game 

    You can read the whole post in the official announcements.

    How much cleared can they get.

    This discussion category is not just in regards to the sell button.

    Other unannounced changes were made. WascallyWabbit said he would check on it, we have received no word.

    For instance:  
    The decrease and lopsidedness of fish in the pools.  
    The lack of specific fish in pools spawning such as swordfish.
    The lack of adjustment for the fishing equipment.

    They can be a whole LOT clearer on this entire subject.

    Do not want to squabble with you and I do not know how to put this without it sounding like I do so please keep that in mind.

    To me the statement Deep Sea Fishing will not be altered mean nothing will be altered not just we will not reverse what we did.

    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]stef7 @ us 1
  •  Where are the lobsters, cod, swordfish, and salmon!!! I can't get anymore contracts to fill until i get these two finished !!!   I don't like the changes but i thought i would fill some contracts to see if it got better BUT NO   lobsters, cod, swordfish, and salmon!!!!!!!!!!! Fix this PLEASE GGS.   I am about to just give up on trying! They need to find a BETTER balance.  
  • stef7 (US1)stef7 (US1) US1 Posts: 460
    off topic here but can anyone log into the game. I was logged in got bumped off and now can not get back. Is it just me????
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]stef7 @ us 1
  • FarmerCli (US1)FarmerCli (US1) US1 Posts: 2,334
    edited 23.08.2017
    Stef7, Is your browser cash cleared out.... uh... oh, I mean cache?...maybe it was done by you know who!  :*

    Photo taken by FarmerCli  (Front Porch View of Elk grazing in pasture) 2015

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