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Update August 16th - "Deep Sea Changes" - Discussion



  • JVD (US1)JVD (US1) US1 Posts: 2,752
    @farmerjohn 22 (US1)  love the new sig for @contrary (US1)    :D

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  • artful (US1)artful (US1) US1 Posts: 6,496
    Artful, not necessarily, using gold only to gear up specific boats is not bad, because at least the fish I do catch with ungeared boats would still be a money-maker if I could sell the amounts I do get from ungeared boats...it would definitely be an improvement over what I get from it now...NOTHING!  Besides that the fishing HWE gives rewards in DSF gear...it may not match the boat you have but even the wrong gear on a boat will give a bit better return on fishing...(Note: I have tried this before on my boats...all before this debacle and know it to be true.)
    But, you're removing the ability to gear up boats for a lot of people.  That's what i'm saying.  If they need more gold purchases, there are more equitable ways of going about it.

    It could have been tiered, much like the doghouse. First 3 or 4 levels for farm cash, the rest for gold. I think we spent more gold doing it the way they rolled it out, however. I fasted a lot of trawlers to high levels. They knew exactly what they were dangling under our noses. I figured it would result in the Charlie Brown football scheme it turned out to be. Didn't expect them to yank the ball that quick, however. That was a new low, even for GGS.
    Yes, tiering makes sense.  However, people who have yet to purchase trawlers aren't exactly queuing up now, and some people who used to buy gold have put on the brakes.  I doubt if there will be any significant changes coming.  My fledgling fleet is in mothballs for all intents and purposes.
    I didn't get to trawler though I have/had 6 runabouts, 3 motorboats 2 Norfolk wherry and 1 skipjack, all those boats were bought with hard earned farm dollars and upgraded with hard earned gold and know they sit not being used. I didn't make billions but I have quite a few millions at (former prices) sitting in inventory, and I will quit this game before I sell them for next to nothing. I refuse to send them out empty just for the sake of doing it.... I will not buy anymore gold, I will not participate in CC and I will advise the members in my little co-op to do the same till GGS corrects this mess...
    Oh, I hear ya, @Thorim (US1) !  I do believe this will be the final straw for some.

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  • JVD (US1)JVD (US1) US1 Posts: 2,752
    Artful, I am hearing folks complain about not having the $ to gear up boats because of not being able to sell fish....but if the gold prices were kept minimal, many would use them...many do buy the gold from GGS even if it is very small amount...I would recommend to those players then to wait until the Fishing HWE comes and then use their bit of gold to buy only the very essential boat specific gear.  Currently the rods, lobster cages, nets, etc can only be bought with $ (no gold) and I would recommend that be not changed.

    And yes, like I said in my disclaimer: Not everyone will like my idea....I think we all know, that GGS will not go back to the way it was...so we truly need to think creatively about how to be able to sell our fish (even at a much slower pace)....It is obvious GGS needs help in getting solutions.  So if we could re-channel our energies to creative solution-type thinking instead of totally being swallowed up in the category 7 hurricane and venting....Heaven knows I have done enough of that!....I would be a perk if GGS would give a bonus in gold to the best 10 solutions to the problem.  Hint, hint, hint.
    I know.  I love all these posts "if you don't change it back by such and such date, I'm out of here."  Folks, they ain't changing it back.  LOL!
    you got that right @artful (US1)  LOL

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  • vere (GB1)vere (GB1) GB1 Posts: 20
    all too bad ..and this mess is the reason why a lot of people don't want to be here anymore. well done  GG  you've turned a good game into a heap of guff ...you clearly are not operating on the same planet as us.  Good Luck in retrieving your reputation from the mess you have created 
    vere @ en 1
  • JustMe (US1)JustMe (US1) US1 Posts: 491
    edited 19.08.2017
    Hm, I must say i really like new fish market. It is kind of more about how to prepare boats to get from sea what is needed and when it is needed :)) It was just rutine for me till now....now I am interesed more about boats, it is fun :) And when I will upgrade ma market I think it would also brings nice amount of dollars and gifts (that I love so much) as the normal market does. 

    I am surprised but I am ok with this update.  o:)o:)

    Still waiting for updates that would restrict direct purchasing points of course :p
    have you tried to see if you are 1) making money or 2) losing money or 3) you don't care and you just like to make things work - I know there are a significant # of people who like #3 -- work as in play around and send them out etc. 
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