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Update August 16th - "Deep Sea Changes" - Discussion

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  • "Additionally, some contracts may reward you with rare items such as Wheel of Fortune coins, Shinkei Suijaku tokens and Mystery Boxes to name a few"

    Oh goody, tokens, the thing that farmers really love >:)
    This is like to say we get gold from the current market. There are many other items in the game which give lots of tokens, such as the lucky coin dealer, the WWC, and the farm lab.
    sadegh6383 @ en 1
  • Some things are great and somethings are a true bummer....for one thing the Deep Sea Market IS NOT LIKE the Organ Market in the main farms because we still have the option to sell directly or to fulfill the Organic Market requests....If the Organic Market requests are lucrative we will strive to fill them....the same would be true for the Deep Sea Market....GGS just make these requests truly desirable and we won't be tempted to sell outright, but give us the option just like we have with the Organic Market.  Thank you!  In the meantime, I have sold off all my deep sea fish and chum.....I just can't imagine a coin or two as rewards are as valuable as selling outright.

    It is obvious that they want to decrease the selling prices of the fish to maintain the balance. So it doesn't matter whether they'll give us the option to sell directly or not.
    sadegh6383 @ en 1
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