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    "The penalty time is equal to the growing time of whatever MAIN CROP was harvested & the timer will only run down when something is being grown in the field/garden/meadow, unless a mechanic is used to remove the penalty."

    ^ Is this stated incorrectly?

    I sow corn, then 2 minutes before the corn is ready to harvest I sow an edge plant.
    My penalty time is 2 minutes and NOT the 5 minute from the corn.
    The penalty time is equal to the growing time of whatever EDGE PLANT was harvested.

    ^ Or another GGS error?

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    My fields on all 3 farms are still been penalized from edge crops I planted yesterday over 24 hours ago . On FF timer is not moving . HW wants field crops. No chance getting stuff for HW while this is happening . 

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    There is still a background overlap with the background from a different farm. Can't do screen shots to show.
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    JVD (US1) said:

    In the job center you can hire your specialists. Pic above shows the pump mechanic for wet fields. You have 6 choices all cost based... some will give more by-product, some will use less time to clear the field, etc.

    Each season is listed on the right. So season 1, it will take 2:30 hours to clear the field, he will give you 15-18 by-product, you can use him 3 times and he costs VD71,739.

    So guessing, here, if you want him for season 2, you will pay again and get another 3 jobs out of him....

    Note: Once you have hired in the job center, your specialist will show up in the field ring just like the edge plants do etc.  if you use a specialist, you will not be able  to plant in the field til it clears. If you plant in the field before you activate the specialist, you won't be able to use him on that field.

    I have only used once and then tried again after planting something in the wet field which is how I found you can not use him then.

    I have lots more to learn I am sure, but this is a start.

    I do not know where the numbers come from, but I do not have any at this price.  I have none under 161,000.  I know about VHP, but perhaps levels effect it as well.

    There are not enough village dollars.  I transfer 5-7 times per day.  I can't get enough of them.  The transfer rate of village dollars must be changed.
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    I do not know where the numbers come from, but I do not have any at this price.  I have non under 161,000.  I know about VHP, but perhaps levels effect it as well.

    Me too. My cheapest is 146,000 village dollars!
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    Thanks for the calculations woodenskull. I was starting to think making the bronze mystery box seemed like a waste of time and money and you confirmed that. The costs would be worthwhile for a silver or gold box but there are cheaper ways of getting seaweed feed.
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  • gavinfarms (US1)gavinfarms (US1) US1 Posts: 2,272

    So I did some math on the new bronze mystery box that can be made with chum at the laboratory.

    The 54 required chum have a production cost of $8,424, and a production time of 38.7 hours.

    You will need 54 oysters, 342 clams, and 450 shrimp to make the chum. The total sell value of these is  $2,715,498.

    Collecting required 54 oysters, 342 clams, and 450 shrimp is harder to add. It depends on the boats and equipment used. But I think a fleet of trawlers could do it in about 12 hours. Assuming enough fishing holes are available.

    The lab cost to make the bronze mystery box is $10,000, and the production time is 6 hours.

    The equipment you'll need for the trawlers:

    Large Freezer - $31,200 each - you will need several on each trawler ( and you will need several trawlers)

    Roy - $15,000  each - you will need a few of him on each trawler.

    Victor - $26,000 each - just one should be enough per trawler.

    So at least 56 hours, and around $3,800,000.

    That Bronze mystery box better have 100 gold mystery boxes inside it.


    I forgot to add in the lost 'opportunity costs'. Not having your fleet harvesting high value swordfish, salmon, and cod for 12 hours could easily add another $ 10 million + to the cost of the mystery box.

    I am making those chums for those boxes with incidental crustaceons collected.  Once you have larger boats as a fleet, there is no lost opportunity to collect swordfish or other fish, that I can see.  The financial costs remain, but by gathering the crustaceons, I am not ever losing out on swordfish, and by emptying the location, the crustaceons go away, and I might actually get swordfish faster.  So in my fishing, that opportunity cost is not present.
    gavinfarms @ us 1

    The penalty time is equal to the growing time of whatever main crop was harvested & the timer will only run down when something is being grown in the field/garden/meadow, unless a mechanic is used to remove the penalty. 

    This is not good news - I think there will be many unhappy players.  It makes using edge crops overnight a thing of the past, unless you want to spend 6hours planting/harvesting wildflowers or corn - planting anything else is money down the drain.

    Oh, and where are we to find these mechanics ??   If we are to hire them from the job centre then my previous post explains that it will take forever to even BUILD the darn thing let alone hire mechanics! 

    Totally agree with above with one addition: The reality as many are finding out is if you go the corn/wildflower route to save money it takes a lot longer than six hours to clear because most folks can't/won't sit at their computer for 6 hours ready to harvest/replant every 2-5 minutes. It currently makes trying to get the HW, weekly event, and village challenge all finished implausible. Too many events that hit your fields heavy all at once.
  • two big updates one is so good i cant begin to say how much i love the new dock yard this addition to the game is most welcome and for a week showed GGS in a totally new light to me,
    before the dock yard came a long my dollar balance  used to  be around 30-40 million dollars which was fine  with me gave me money to spend on a few upgrades but now with the dock yard my disposable dollars that i  can play with are in excess of 200 million dollars, this  was a very generous addition and i love it i really cant stress that enough....
    they go and ruin my opinion of GGS lol i hate the new way edge crops work and have zero interest in the job centre i just dont have time to do this, the whole village idea just doesnt do anything for me,

    i enjoy the village league it promotes team work with in  our co-op and if you dont want to defend your position you just dont  collect and let the other team win hey ho nothing lost,

    village stables i now dont bother with i can breed a better horse in my own stables.
    village boat sucks to be honest what it costs to repair or stuff i need to donate for personal reward is too much plus i sometimes miss the  time  when i should collect it anyway.

    so how can GGS get one thing soooooooooooooooo right  ( dock yard ) and another thing sooooooooooooo wrong.

    i will  just continue as i have over the yrs and pick and choose but being part of a great co-op and a great team some players will start to feel that they are letting down their team mates this is sad,

    congrats on the dock yard GGS absolutely brilliant addition to the game :))))))))
  • dami2008 (RO1)dami2008 (RO1) Posts: 17
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    Finally I've produced one bronze mystery box, but, surprise, I cannot collect it :)   It tells me that the storage is full and I have to sell one mystery box for make place :) ... I assure you that I have no other mystery box in my inventory (of any kind).   Did anyone get the same message ? ... And notice the money offered for it ;)

    WascallyWabbit and @Pichu ... can you, please, help me with an advice on this issue ?  I have my laboratory blocked since noon because I really don't want to sell the mystery box (for which I've worked so hard ;) )  with 1.000 dollars.  Which storage is it about ?
    Thank you!
    dami2008 @ ro 1
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