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The meadow is fantastic...but...has some wrong implemented restrictions!?!

Hy guys,
As you know from my other posts, I never post just for posting. I do it only when I have very important things to say that are affecting the entire community from world wide.
I took my tester role very in serious on the Test Server and then I analyzed further the things with my farm on the live server.
I'm a very passionate player with the horses, and that's making me testing more things than the others and help me to make some important correlations.
Here are the facts that determined me to create this thread for the developers.
The meadow is a brilliant addition to the game for horses...but....a small error in my opinion.. got the things in a terrible error.
What we know for sure:
In our horse stable when we breed two horses we have:
1 slot for Breeding Effects (B.E.) from now on on this post, if the foal has at least level 10
2 slots for B.E., if the foal has at least level 20
3 slots for B.E., if the foal has at least level 35
4 slots for B.E., if the foal has at least level 50
5 slots for B.E., if the foal has at least level 70
6 slots for B.E., if the foal has at least level 90
Regarding the quality of the horses (from zero to six) there is also a minimum level required for the foal in order to have the smallest chance to improve quality, but in general, the chance is bigger, with at least ten levels (for the foal) above the minimum limit. The minimum limit is:
Foal level 20 for quality 1
Foal level 35 for quality 2
Foal level 50 for quality 3
Foal level 75 for quality 4
Foal level 95 for quality 5
Foal level 98 or 100 for quality 6. (Q for quality from now on, in this post and the value corresponded - Q6 in this case)
From these TWO important things mentioned before, result that a Q4 horse, will 100% have AT LEAST 5 B.E. at level 75.
In practice, there is a 10%-25% chance to obtain a Q4 at level 80+, and a 40-50% chance at level 90+
It happens some times that even a 96 level foal to remain only Q3.
The majority of the players have a Q4, even at level 120 or 130 (only a few have a Q5 from this levels above)
So, the conclusion is that:
 let's say 10-25% of the players from world wide have a Q4 horse with 5 B.E.
and 75%-90% of the players have a Q4 horse with 6 B.E.
(of course the percents are from the players who own a Q4 horse)
Now, what happens with the admission on the MEADOW...
I will discuss only the problems for the Q4 horses, but the problems are for all the horses, but for Q4 are the worst.
Level 4 and level 5 of the MEADOW says that admits Q4 horses with a max level of 160 and 170, and a MAXIMUM of JUST 4 B.E.
Excuse me, dear developers, but as I demonstrated above, there is not a single Q4 horse on the game that could have only 4 B.E.
Practically, this means that our Q4 horses will NOT BE ALLOWED on the famous MEADOW never ever!!
A Q5 horse will also not be allowed on the MEADOW, at level 6 or 7 of the MEADOW, because a Q5 horse will definitively not have only 5 B.E. as is required. A Q5 horse has also 6 B.E.
Practically, our horses will be able to go on the MEADOW, only at it's maximum level - level 8, but this MEANS level 200 for the village that could be achieved maybe in years.
A good coop will achieve in a reasonable time period, level 40 or 80 for the village that will allow the upgrade of the MEADOW to level 4 or 5, in order to permit Q4 admittance, but PHYSICALLY nobody will be able to submit Q4 on the MEADOW.
In my opinion, the restriction at level 4 of the MEADOW for example, with max level for the horses of 160, maximum quality to Q4 and maxim B.E. to only 4, was designed in order to ALLOW a max of 4 B.E. ACHIEVED ON THE MEADOW!!
At this stage, not to be allowed to have more than 4 B.E. achieved on the MEADOW,  is a FAIR RESTRICTION, BUT it was wrong implemented related to the B.E. achieved on our stables.
My request is to seriously analyze my post and to understand that in this format, the MEADOW is practically UNUSABLE and to allow Q4 horses with 5 or 6 B.E. achieved on our stables to have the right to enter on the MEADOW.
Please understand that a Q4 horse with only 4 B.E. from our stables DOES NOT EXIST.
The only manner to make a Q4 with 4 B.E. on our stables is to make a love between a Q4 level 94 for example and a horse with level 44 and the resulting foal to have level 69 and not to be able to chose more that 4 B.E., and this thing nobody is so ignorant to do such a mistake.
Please ALLOW Q4 horses with 5 or 6 B.E. to enter on the MEADOW at it's level 4 or 5 as I'm surely it was designed to happen this, but for some unknown error this is not possible anymore.
Best regards,

clinn @ ro 1
Retired since September 2020
Leader of "My time"


  • MeelaMeela Big Farm Team Posts: 13
    Hi clinn,

    I will look into it for the next update.

    While you can create a horse with an arbitrary high level without raising its rarity by using only the horse meadow (improving only the basic attributes to increase the horse level without ever breeding in the stable), I agree the current way is very restrictive for horses who were previously only bred in the stables.

    Thanks for pointing the problem out,

  • clinn (RO1)clinn (RO1) RO1 Posts: 198
    Thank you very much Meela for your time, for reading and understanding my post.
    I know that for many other players my post could look like a S.F. and did not expect some replays...
    Clearly, I wrote it for you, the developers.

    PS. We aim for Meadow level 4 in our coop, we are currently at level 2, and we have the village level for level 4..we just need to upgrade first the factories in order to produce the materials needed for the Meadow upgrade.
    But when we will reach Meadow level 4, we could in theory send horses up to level 160, Q4, but only with 4 breeding effects and as I said before, this is practically impossible, as all our Q4 horses have 6 B.E. (breading effects).
    Thank again,
    Best regards,

    clinn @ ro 1
    Retired since September 2020
    Leader of "My time"

  • MeelaMeela Big Farm Team Posts: 13
    Hi Clinn,

    If all goes well, this should be fixed in our next update.

    Best regards,


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