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is it possible to donate money to someone


  • I a word: no. You can use "naughty and nice" bonuses and improve the current yield of fields, animals, etc. - or you could go outside and paypal them money
  • People should have to work for their own dollars anyway

    it's part of the fun of the game :)
  • I heard that Graycat Ashes S (US1)                       

    If you don't play your own game "ON YOUR OWN"  you will grow tired of it quickly and expect everyone to carry you all the way.  Then the "who ever" will tire of you quickly.  Just sayin'   :# 

    What is that saying...Anything worth having is worth working hard  for   :)
  • SteveUser (GB1)SteveUser (GB1) GB1 Posts: 70

    Hi all. I'm wondering if anyone else has discovered that they have unlimited storage in their barns.

    For instance the capacity in my barns is 1650 yet I have over 22,000 alfalfa stored

    I'm also having trouble with the forum a little bit as it keeps switching the language back to German, which I can't read or understand even though I made the switch when signing in to United Kingdom.

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