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unbalanced xp from contracts

dchen1 (US1)dchen1 (US1) US1 Posts: 993
It should be 4300, not 43

In the update when all xp multiplied by 100 and introduced Matildas farm academy, the xp in contracts did not multiply, this is way too little for any player.  

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  • dchen1 (US1)dchen1 (US1) US1 Posts: 993
    I completed the contract and the xp only increased by around 60.  It does not make sense when making 10 wet pig feed gives almost twice as much xp than a 30000 dollar contract.  Normally all xp should be a multiple of 100 so the 1% from Matildas farm academy can be added in.  
  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,903
    Not all contracts will award you xp with or with out Matildas Academy

  • Autumnferret (US1)Autumnferret (US1) US1 Posts: 1,058
    I have never had my market contracts include Matilda's Academy when looking at that screen, they always been the same range since before we got the Academy. What it pays out varies. The fact that it pays in horseshoes will cause the xp to be lower. More then half of the contracts that I get only pay in cash, while others pay any combo of cash, xp, gold, karma, horseshoes, deco parts.......
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  • dchen1 (US1)dchen1 (US1) US1 Posts: 993
    The problem is that xp payout is too little, 100 times less than what it supposed to be.  it made sense in an old version, but after the update, all xp requirements for level up is multiplied by 100.  All xp producers were multiplied too except organic market contracts.  Did the developers forget to multiply it?
  • MeelaMeela Big Farm Team Posts: 13
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    Hi dchen,

    I believe you are correct. The market reward system is automatic and tied to other systems, so this slipped by us during that update. That's also why the fix will need a lot testing, so it might take some time before you'll see the change ingame.

    Edit: Actually, we have already changed it during that update, but we will evaluate raising the XP given out nonetheless.
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