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Flash Contest - Say What?

Here is a tricky little one for our last St.Paddy's contest!

You will all be familiar with the amusing little phrases that you see on the BF game loading screen

We made that one up, but there are 11 different real ones.

Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to combine 2 of those 11 phrases into a new phrase,
by switching the last word and being the 1st person to post those parts

For example, if you had the 2  phrases:
 Eating the cakes
 Throwing the cabbages
Then your entry could be:
Eating the cabbages
Throwing the cakes

After posting your new phrase, you must then check all the other posts
to make sure that you are the 1st person to post each of the 2 parts of your phrase.

If you posted "Throwing the cakes" & someone else already used "Throwing the..." OR "cakes"
then you will need to edit your post & then check again.

The Timestamp on your post (or your edit) needs to be the earliest time showing those 2 parts 
for you to be a winner. You can edit as many times as you need to, to get a winning phrase.

The contest will last as long as it takes to get 11 winners of 1000 gold each

DO NOT put more than one entry on your post
The time of your latest edit counts as the timestamp for your entry
(if the time changes to a date, you can hover over it to see the timestamp)
Only one post per person is allowed

Have fun & good luck all! - I think you may need it lol  :D

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