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THIS POST IS MAINLY DIRECTED AT THE GOODGAME ADMINS.   Or at least the moderators who read the forums every single day.   I would hope you have their ear.

Ok, so I have three farms.  ONE sent the new satisfaction survey and OH MY GOD.... SO repetitive... SO boring.  And SO SO USELESS!

I'm not taking the other two surveys.   Now this post, and I know it gets long, (so is your survey)  Is to give more complete answers.   

These are my answers, and I understand other people will like different aspects of the game.   For the other readers, post what you like, agree with, or don't agree with right in this thread.

Again, GOOD GAME developers.... your answers to all your questions are, and have been right here in the forums all the time.   What people complain about, are confused about, like and don't like

ARE RIGHT HERE!!!!!! You really don't need to send out an incredibly repetitive survey when your answers can be found right in front of you.  Also I'm SURE you can monitor what gets played and what gets ignored.  Maybe rethink the stuff no one touches.


I will summarize YOUR questions but posting them in CAPS.  To save space, I won't be repeating the same question multiple times as you did.  

USEABILITY... easy to navigate;    For the most part that's fine.  I do wish all the stuff wouldn't fly out of everything I harvest. Especially when trying to go fast.  It gets in the way.  Same goes for those annoying pop in your face specials that come up from time to time.  Get them OUT OF THE WAY please.

Condensed several here,  

VARIETY,  FULFILL EXPECTATIONS, HOW IMPORTANT IS VARIETY, (and why ask that twice?) HOW IMPORTANT IS PRESENTATION, (mentioned twice.) and is the game FUN. 

All these can be answered pretty simply.   The game is cool.  It's always interesting.  Your graphics are dandy.  (Sometimes a bit childish, but that's ok.)  Basically I find this game fun or I wouldn't have stuck with it so long.


ME?  No.  But only because I know my family and friends and this isn't their sort of thing.  Some people probably do.  This is more about who we know and not the game.

BUGS,  STABILITY.... and RELIABILITY  (again why ask this three times?)

Of course a game that doesn't work, periodically can't log into, crashes, math that is totally off, etc... the list goes on, are not a good thing.  I think everyone knows they happen.  But some I would hope would be worked out BEFORE rolling them onto the world.

Math issues spring to mind here.  More than a few times a new thing was rolled out so off, that it sent people packing.  Gees, buy a 3.00 calculator and figure out the numbers first.

One issue, not really a bug, more of a design blunder,  is all the CRAP you blast in our faces the second we log in.

Listen, I am on high speed internet and still after I log into this graphics heavy flash based game, I have to sit and wait for all the graphics to load.   INCLUDING THE JUNK that pops up right away.  Like the news letter.   

I can't turn that all off fast enough.   It's like those annoying inserts in a magazine.  First thing I do with any new magazine is carry it to the trash and shake those things out.

A better design would be to just have a spot on top where WE can go read the news, or see specials or what ever.

BTW…. I WOULD like to know when an event starts.  And I WOULD like a heads up when the architect shows up. 

How about a place in tools where WE can decide what pops up and what doesn't.  YOU could monitor what gets turned off the most and what is the most used.   Wouldn't that be more helpful than this survey?


You guys really drop the ball on this one over and over again.    To this day I don't understand the horse racing.  What is that number buy the three players we can pick to challenge?   WHY is it I can beat a level 70, but lose to a level 20.   Unless that's not a level at all?  I have no idea.  It makes no sense.  Never has, no one has ever answered this in the forums, so all the whole horse racing thing is for me is a click fest.   Click, skip, repeat.  Till spent.   I always manage to make it to high gold or platinum, never any further. It's a snooze.  

FIshing was very confusing.   Many trips to the forum just to figure that one out.   Which also got boring pretty fast.  All I do now is send him off fishing, sell off the fish later.  zzzzz.

That asian event thing.... NO ONE in my three coops has a clue how to do that.  The prize is way too big, and the most mine has ever been worth for a 7x7 space is a lousy 10 happiness.   I don't understand or enjoy that one at all.  

Ok, going to bunch a few together here too.



Again, different people will like different things here.   Over all I always liked the challenges.  I like the hidden items one.  I use to like the events.  

BUT.....  the being on a time limit really puts the crimp in the fun here.   The event running right now took me several days just to complete ONE chapter.  I have a life, and don't live on this game 24 hours a day.  I see now I need leaves and flowers and the numbers for leaves is just insane.  It's going to be several DAYS to fill that.   And so what's the point?   Once I realize there is no way, the desire to even log on vanishes.  Maybe next week.

And the island farms are even worse.   NO WAY I will EVER get close to the end.  Took me about a week just to collect all the fish on the viking farm now.  Way too expensive, and just when things start to move along, it's over.

I don't know why that can't be saved until the next time it rolls around.  Pick up where we left off.   At least it wouldn't be so darn boring.  (sometimes I just let the whole thing go.  So what if my ship can't be sent off right away.   ALl that means is horse training slows down.  Since that makes no sense at all anyway, who cares how slow they train?


(This is me shouting  OH PLEASE!!!!!!)   The non stop gold digging is a REAL DRAG! Some things are SO outrageous, one has to wonder where your heads are at.  Buying the extra build slot on the temporary island farms. (I just looked, seems it went down. Still 9000 gold for an event that ends and you would have to only buy it again isn't going to happen.)

Back to challenges, it's really no fun when one player is simply planting and harvesting and others spend gold to push things.   I get that this is a business... but it makes competitions off balance.   It's like running a race, everyone is on foot, except a few who have cars.  What's the point?  Why even bother?

Now this one nearly threw me right out of the chair.



I've been at this game for years now.   It's been a pretty constant complaint that gold is too easy to accidentally lose.  

It's been asked for OVER AND OVER AND OVER again to put in some sort of safety.   Be it a pop up "are you sure" window, or a gold lock one can choose to lock if they want, SOMETHING!

You flat out refuse to do anything of the sort.    "Listen to the players?"   

LISTEN TO ME HERE!!!!!   I STOPPED SPENDING ONE RED CENT ON THIS GAME and only because of this greedy, pocket shaking issue.  

Case in  point.   The last hidden objects game.  I sent to support, and posted in the forum a screen shot of one of the hidden items ON an active house.   This was not suppose to be.  Even the forum moderator agreed and posted that the devs would not do that again.    I FINALLY got a reply from support, that everyone was awarded the pink hot air balloon decor because of the glitch.

Well swell.   I spent 290 gold to find that thing that was in a place it shouldn't have been,  I want my GOLD back.  Not some dumb decor I already have one of and it spends most of the time in storage.

If  you took your car to a shop, and the mechanic managed to puncture a tire, would you be satisfied that the shop gave you a free hood ornament as payment?   Cause that's exactly what you did there.

THIS is why you won't be making any money from me ever again.  The gold you kept was gold you gave me in dribbles over time.  I'm sure never going to pick up my credit card for this game if my money isn't more secure.  I've been posting this for a long time now.

Listen to the players my eye!!!!! When will that start?

Another topic you have NEVER listened to and wasn't even mentioned in the survey,


There are some big issues with how coop membership goes.

New players are prompted to join WAY too soon.   I can't count how many have requested to join, I let them in, and not once do they show up again.

There needs to be a price involved in joining.  In order to even apply, one must pay for a research spot, pay into the coop (amounts could be level based.) And show up at least once in the first week or you lost your stuff and are automatically booted.

That alone would help.

Also if players had to write their own application, not just click apply, it would sure show leaders at the very least if that person speaks the same language. 

Finally.... coop projects really needs to be reworked.   

Say there is a coop with all high level farms.   Then suddenly a batch of them leave the game for what ever reasons. 

New young farms join to fill their space.    And now this coop has advanced to the point, the only research left is for flower and gourmet farms, which new players don't even have so why spend resources funding,

and projects are so tough, they need fully leveled up farms to even finish.   

My own coop is just such an example.   It's become impossible to finish even the easy corn project.   So we just dont' start anything anymore.  What's the point?  It's very frustrating for everyone.

See what I do when not playing silly games.


  • MRG1 (US1)MRG1 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,549
    @Artmaker (GB1) I agree with everything you said in your post, except that the questions in the survey weren't asked twice, they sounded almost the same but were subtly different. For example:

    How IMPORTANT is Variety in the game to you?
    How SATISFIED are you with the Variety in the game?

    So for example : Variety might by very important to someone, but they may not be satisfied with the level of variety in the game...

    MRG1  (US1)
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  • Artmaker (GB1)Artmaker (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,478
    edited 04.03.2017
    i think the thing you are missing about the survey is that in my coop of 42 people there are only 2 people that ever come to the forum so right there are 40 people that with out the survey GGS would never know how they feel so the surveys are more to see how the people that do not come to the forum feel about things because honestly i would say a good portion of people never come here to read or voice there opions
    The survey will be sent directly to your inbox.  Now one of my farms got it weeks ago.  This one it only showed up a day or so ago.    So they may not have it yet.   I'd guess they are sending it in batches to more easily evaluate it.

    Edited…. it's late, I'm tired.  Rereading this, I missed your point totally. (DOH)   Just saying, a lot of what they are asking HAS been brought up in the forums.  Like making your gold safe for example.   I'm sure at some point someone in your coop slipped up and lost some money.  I've done it many times.  Clicked finish on the mill when I meant to replant the field right behind it.  Just a mouse slip but poof, money gone.

    MRG1 (US1) said:
    @Artmaker (GB1) I agree with everything you said in your post, except that the questions in the survey weren't asked twice, they sounded almost the same but were subtly different. For example:

    How IMPORTANT is Variety in the game to you?
    How SATISFIED are you with the Variety in the game?

    So for example : Variety might by very important to someone, but they may not be satisfied with the level of variety in the game...

    It is one point.   Satisfied or important, it should be one question.  Satisfied and important could be options for answering it.  IE;  I'm satisfied with the amount of variety, but it's important to keep adding more, or satisfied and this is enough, something along those lines.   Basically variety in the game, do you like it, want more, don't want more, happy with it, unhappy with it. All those could have been possible answers to ONE question. The survey got too long and boring.  I take product research surveys all the time.  Some are better than others.  This one not so much.

    And frankly asking about bugs some what was it now?  THREE times?   Come on.  Bugs and glitches are bad. Always will be.  Understandable, sometimes they fix it by giving away stuff, but bugs are never a good thing. Why even bring it up?
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  • @Artmaker (GB1) I can confirm what was said by both Josh & MRG, sending the survey in game, means that it will reach all players, not just those on the forums & the questions are designed to highlight the players opinions of how important certain things are to them & how well GGS is performing with regards to those particular things.

    Each Friday the survey is sent to 12.5% of players, so after 8 weeks, everyone should have received it & the 8 weeks cycle will begin again. By doing this, GGS will be able to compare the results every 8 weeks & monitor the improvements being made to the game.

    Community Guidelines | GGS TOS | How to Clear your Cache |  Click to Contact Support

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  • Artmaker (GB1)Artmaker (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,478
    Wascally, I never questions why surveys are sent to players.   My point is….  many of the answers GG seems to be looking for HAVE already been asked for, complained about, confused over and so on right here.
    Clearly when things never get fixed or changed, they don't seem to care.    So what's the point of a survey if they are only going to ignore what anyone says?    AND what's the point of a survey asking basically the same things repeatedly, if worded slightly different, still the same basic questions?

    As I went to find this thread, check for updates, I see a "boosters calculated wrong' topic.

    Again????  GG devs have yet to invest in a simple calculator?   Do they really need a survey to see that players notice these things?

    Bah.   I took one, I'm deleting the others.  Pointless they are.
    See what I do when not playing silly games.
  • xRedeyex (US1)xRedeyex (US1) US1 Posts: 75
    Yes they are pointless.  The one question that really makes me laugh is where they basically ask if everyone has the same chance in the game.   What a joke question that is.  When you can buy your way to the top those who don't have the money can't compete (I never understood people who do spend thousands of dollars, your not playing the game if you don't do the work, seems pointless to me). Just an ex: The "wheel of fortune"  they have Prizes for your rank, now I may be wrong but I bet someone who didn't spend money ever ranked #1 or probably #1-50. There are plenty more examples like that, or like right now they have the "flash sales" where you can buy rep points, makes it kinda pointless to bust your butt in this game.
    I like this game but it is a little disappointing to know most of us will never see some of the things "available to everyone" but only if you spend real money. and yes I know GG needs to pay the bills but do you think by allowing people to buy their way up is the right way to do it.  Seems just like the American (or any other) political system. MONEY RULES!!

    It's not just GG who does this almost every game I've played on the PS4 does the same thing too.

    Maybe I'm old fashioned but I remember games where what was available was available to all as long as you actually played the game and reached certain milestones, (I miss those days).

    I know this point has been brought up many times but I can't let it fall through the cracks and be forgotten.

    btw I have bought gold in the game (less then $100 since I've been playing) but I use it for upgrading and the events like Fairy tale or camping because we all know the events (lvl 3 and higher) are all but impossible without gold  and/or rearranging your farm completely.

    xRedeyex @ us 1

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  • nice thread thank you hope they read and listen to your word but its very hard to found challenge in any online game nowdays in kinda up to 99% $ always win not players
  • Artmaker (GB1)Artmaker (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,478
    Even the playing field???? BAH!  My test farm now is still very young.  I have ONE level 3 cow shed.
    I started a mission today.  First time.   And I'm up against a super farm with 7 level 8 sheds.   Every plot of land bought up.  Had to be at least 20 fields.  There is beyond no way I have any chance what so ever.
    And that's it.  Test or not, I won't be doing any more missions with that one.

    Frankly I don't know what we are "testing."   Except for some odd lumber thing showing up in my mill, (and unless they make it clear IN THE GAME what that does, I'm not bothering.)
    See what I do when not playing silly games.
  • aaabbb1 (INT1)aaabbb1 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 1,049
    In a test server, everybody received a 10 mil of gold +
    Lester that come with another such package if you spend it in 24 hours. Buying buildings with gold and skipping building time is a nice way to spend all that gold and you would end up with a superfarm like that. And that is why there are so many superfarms on the test server. Did you not receive the gold?

    Next, check the village farm, you will find some new things there. And after planting a crop press on a field again. There you will find that you can plant some more crops on a top of what you get. But you must be in a cooperative. Everything that is tested is connected with the cooperative.

  • where is this test server? i can use my active email or i have to go to it with another email?
  • Artmaker (GB1)Artmaker (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,478
    where is this test server? i can use my active email or i have to go to it with another email?
    Log out, then click reconnect.  THEN look at the bottom of the screen. there is a pull down bar with your location, pull that down and you'll see test server in there.   Not sure now if you have to sign up again, if so just use all your same info.  User name, password.  Then all you need to do is switch, log out, reconnect, use that pull down. Easy.

    AAABB1  I switched coops to a busy one, started trying to figure out the new coop village thing.  (wow, developers here must think we are all  psychic.  

    Anyway yea I got all that gold.  Nice.  BUT… in normal game play I won't spend money on any site that makes it so easy to accidentally lose it.  Until they figure that much out and put in some form of gold lock, or an are you sure thing, they wont' get any money from me.   Which means I play a very frugal game.   Blowing huge amounts of gold for a super farm just isn't happening.  I have finally decided I need to head in that direction but it will be a VERY slow process.  Everything is SO expensive and now with another temp farm just starting….. (which I may just as well ignore.  ALl they are good for is special seeds.  I can't ever actually get to the end of these. So boring, yea… I think this one Ill let go.  Wasted a ton on the candy farm for very little in the way of seed.)

    Ha… got another survey just the other day.  (Three farms, they must be dolling them out in batches.)
    Anyway, to the trash it went.   I see no point.  Stuff that has been asked for right here over and over again, why do they even need a survey?   
    Oh well.  It's not my company.  Just my happy little click fest
    See what I do when not playing silly games.
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