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Things that should be updated in Big Farm in 2017

clinn (RO1)clinn (RO1) RO1 Posts: 198

Hy guys and a Happy New Year to all of you!

First of all, I would like to appreciate all the efforts made by the developers in improving Big farm...it's really a much better game now and really there are many options , so that boring is out of discussion.

Also I appreciate the number of events, temporary farms and coop championship with a fixed date, because allows us to make strategic planning - that correspond to the definition of Big farm - a strategy simulation farm game.

When there are events you can opt to DO them or NOT to do them//if there are no events...You do not have that option..

So every thing looks fine...But..... there is always a BUT...When there are new things added to the game....some OTHER things SHOULD be updated...... other wise...BIG problems appear. I will present a list now with things that should be updated in 2017 in order to make the game more realistic again:

1. Nursery water capacity storage should be upgraded to 500 units.

When the secondary nursery appeared on gourmet farm, the inventory was not increased, it remained at a max of 250 units.

When you reach that number..you receive no more water. When you go to work and put at max the silo, composter, water mill, wind mill etc.... when you collect them..... you make 250..and receive no more.... while when you have some free time and produce with both of the nurseries...you end up with no water.

At fishing level 46 you unlock a very good receipt... Mahi-Mahi with lemon juice, for which you also need WATER.... that's why this request for increase the storage capacity for water.... while at higher levels.. more water is needed for fish receipts.

2.  Contracts at the organic market should be updated with products from the fish restaurant !

In the context of Lester tree and Laboratory which have prices that not in 50 years of playing you wouldn't reach the last level, we need more farm dollars in order to achieve a reasonable level for these 2 elements and with temporary farms every month with no brake.. the dollars need is at maximum!

PS: Please remove that huge amount of pigs at the contract.. is definitively nasty to complete 130000 apples and 90000 milk and to wait for 40000 pigs in order to deliver that contract

3. Make a better incentive to upgrade the laboratory - give more normal catalyzers

You have to work a lot, sacrifice some temporary farms and put even some gold to reach laboratory level 12 to unlock green house humus.... and for what... for nothing...big money invested... for nothing

With 2 normal catalyzers at making a mission and 1 normal catalyzer to activate a farm machine... you need 3 days in order to get 9 normal catalyzers to make 10 greenhouse humus.

So, you need exactly 30 days (1 month) in order to make 100 greenhouse humus to put on a special pineapple seed for example.... that's truly unrealistic and BAD...please do something

4. Give more attractive prizes for the horse championship

You wonder why there are such a few players who reach the diamond league?..that's because there a very few passionate and that's all. All the others consider (and they definitively have right) that there is so much work.... for almost nothing.

You encouraged the non performance by decreasing the deco's quality level and allowing it to be gained in platinum league, instead of stimulate the involvement in the horse championship.

You should put a special deco for diamond league and give special prizes for top 1, 5 and 10 like in the cooperative championship. The dynamic will be really different!

5. Change the rewards or allowing more options for the weekly events (nature, hawaii, not from this world, Asian event etc)

Like in the coop championship, please allow multiple choices...at higher level we DO NOT NEED any more that deco's... we need catalyzers, fish consumables and things like that.

These are only 5 basic requests.. maybe other players identify more..

Thank for reading and listening to us :)

clinn @ ro 1
Retired since September 2020
Leader of "My time"


  • great suggestions Clinn
    for nursery I would like unlimited water if possible, because as you said, we will gona need lot of water  and not only for nursery but also for  receipts of fishing restaurant
    I totally agrre also with horses championship were deco for diamond should be greater , with bigger satisfaction and smaller  sizes
    I like deco that we get as reward for weekly events, but would be great if we could have some small sizes ones
    it become boring to get same deco every week, it could be great if would be added some 3x3, 4x4 or even 2x2 deco's 

  • Pietral (US1)Pietral (US1) US1 Posts: 163
    Regarding #2, this is a very bad idea.  The high level restaurant recipes are much much better than the low level restaurant recipes.  Adding them to the organic market would mean we either need to run low level restaurant recipes (and thus losing out on the higher profits of high level recipes) or we would just need to reject any contract asking for low level restaurant items (which is bad, since rejecting contracts wastes time and potentially lowers the level of contracts).  Either way, it will have a negative effect on us.
    Pietral @ us 1
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