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Forum Contest: Halloween #2 - Spooky puzzle

RowdyRacRowdyRac Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 1,250

Hello fellow farmers,
The next contest in our Halloween series is another jigsaw puzzle !

Click here to go to the puzzle.

You may complete the puzzle as many time as you like until the contest ends.
If you already have an account from the last puzzle, you can use the same account. If you did not sign up before, you can create a new account using your Big Farm username with a different password. You do not have to create an account to play the puzzle but you will need an account for your score to be recorded.

Post your time on this thread. If you compete the puzzle again with a faster time, you can post again or edit your original post. 
Very importantOnly the times on the scoreboard and posted here with the same name will count as a valid entry.

There will be 5 winners for this contest for the fastest times.
Each winner will get to choose a decoration from the list below.

There are a few tools located on the black bar below the puzzle that may or may not be helpful to you while doing the puzzle.

This contest will end on Tuesday, October 25th @ 16:00 CEST.

Stay tuned for more contests to come! 
Remember, anyone who participates in this contest and/or the other upcoming Halloween contests will receive the brand new Halloween Contest badge!

Have fun !


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