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Coop Championship: Taking away Gold flowers and mining license prizes?



  • hopefully after seeing CC this time they become aware of and re-consider or more good returns again goldflower / GML or even increase it. so we're excited to welcome the CC. I very much hope on their concerns
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    my contribution to ggs's bank ballance this challenge is  zero i only have 10k rp and that was because of  wheel of fortune, havent played a single mission  :), and wont play any missions in any future challenges
  • Arwyn (RO1)Arwyn (RO1) RO1 Posts: 385

    Hi @jules314 (US1)
    I fully agree with you about the overall results being much more reasonable than ever. Of course every now and then there's someone popping an incredible amount of whatever, but when asked in private messages, that person admits not reading the forums so not being aware of the current stand from players towards GGS. That player means well for him/herself and/or his/her coop. He/she is just playing without noticing much about his/her surroundings.
    You can only hope they'll eventually read the forums daily, as much as a coop's tree should be watered, but realistically you're lucky when that happens constantly and without reminders :wink:
    I wonder if that'll be enough for GGS to reconsider undoing what they already undid (?!) or if we'll have to re-open this thread in a few weeks...
    We faced the same problem, a lots of coops didn't read the forum so they didn't knew that the rewards have changed, but some of us have send to all  heads of coop league gold and silver a message  about our intention on boycottying the CC .
    ~Coop Monique~
  • Please put the "Fun" back in this game..."Play" means having a release from tense moments & stress...this is not happening when the Big Suits take away a prize such as Gold Flowers or Gold Mining...some in our COOP just got their first Gold Certs after 2 yrs of playing! For myself... I will  not buy Gold & continue to play as long as it pleases me & helps out my fellow team players...nuff said!...
    RiannaPlayer @ us 1
  • ME14 (US1)ME14 (US1) US1 Posts: 47
    oh wow
    ME14 @ us 1
  • If all of the players who buy a SMALL amount of gold a month left the game, GGS would soon find out that it was these players who kept the game afloat.  Why on earth would a business shoot itself in the foot (as others have already stated) unless this is a way to wind down the game?  Maybe it has run its course and is destined to go the way of many other online games :(  

    Edit:  our small coop doesnt take part in the challenge - I dont do missions AT ALL, and only 2 members do missions in order to get certs - so we have no interest in the coop challenge changes.  HOWEVER I THINK THAT COOPS WHO DO PARTICIPATE IN IT SHOULD BE TREATED FAIRLY, AND THE SAID CHANGES ARE ANYTHING BUT FAIR !!!

  • I Think BGS is all about money and must be designed by bankers.  Good Job!  I will look for a new game when this one gets boring becasuse I cant play without going into debt!
  • Ashtray (IN1)Ashtray (IN1) Posts: 11
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    I fully agree about the dandy duck prize...either it should be scraped or an option should be given to choose between DDC & coop apple orchard.

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            Please guys, don't post all in capital letters   

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  • tessa17 (US1)tessa17 (US1) US1 Posts: 106
    Buy gold as much as you want joe3453 and chandanagun  , but we want gold flowers and mine license back in the coopmissies
    Yes but as I stated earlier many people who spend a lot of money to buy gold don't care about the prizes, they just want to win, even if it means getting a useless duck pond they no longer need. To be fair with the amount of money they are spending to win  it is reasonable for them to want prize at the end that they can actually use.
    It is similar to our request that if we are going to be cannon fodder in missions to help them rack up the points then at least we should get something to make it worthwhile to us as well.
    Without us little guys participating they would be pitted against each other and soon after complaining about how expensive the event has become and that is why they should care and why they should support us.

    The stinginess of GGS just astounds me.  They could give away 10,000 in gold every month and it isn't anywhere near enough to do much with.  Ask anyone who has a blue barn, houses, fertile fields, water towers, etc. and, don't even get me started on Steve the Architect.

  • Arwyn (RO1)Arwyn (RO1) RO1 Posts: 385
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      There may yet be some hope of the rewards being changed back to the goldflowers and GML's.  In the past, GGS has made changes when there is a consensus of negative feedback from a majority of the Big Farm forums.  I just took a look through the forums of several different countries, Germany, Italy, France, Hispanic, and Portuguese.  There are threads in all of these forums that are much like this one. The players are unhappy and are speaking out strongly against the change in rewards. 
    We had a topic too about boycotting the CC and also we have no moderator but someone has erase that topic yesterday without saying anything. That very annoying! 
    ~Coop Monique~
  • Damaria3 (US1)Damaria3 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,737
    Arwyn  that is very alarming that someone is doing censorship on your forum pages.  Hang in there  spread the word someone must be a little scared if they are message other players in game if you have to.
  • Gold flowers and the GML were the main, and as it just turned out the only, reason why our co-op was doing the champs. We are not doing this one, which basically means that players who buy gold and play with gold don't do it anymore for champs.
    Lisa B. @ WWW 1
  • I agree, taking away these wonderful incentives makes the CC not useful in my opinion. 
    Chappier @ WWW 1
  • I will also not play as much as I used to if I do not receive gold. Especially since some cannot afford to purchase it themselves. Thanks for starting the Thread, Jules!
  • Dark Underworld (AU1)Dark Underworld (AU1) AU1 Posts: 2,829
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    our co op has gone from winning gold level to silver level as protest to duck pond, this time we are going to bronze and if the gold flowers and GML are not brought back look like going back to rookie, this is the only level where gold flower rewards can be achieved.  Meaning a co op that has won GOLD level will be up against rookies. 

    BTW my duck pond is still in storage, not worth building
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