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Most Wanted - Community Bugs - Phase 2 (VOTE)

This list is compiled of the top 10 bugs across all BF forums, please vote for the bug which has the biggest negative impact on your game.

Disclaimer for the Community:
  • The priority of these bugs will influence the effort in fixing them.
  • This does not mean that the one with the most votes will be fixed first.
  • Each bug requires a different amount of effort from the team, some might be fixed in a few hours, some might take weeks.

Most Wanted - Community Bugs - Phase 2 (VOTE) 148 votes

Layout Mode - Disappearing decos in all farms
25% 38 votes
Building/moving - Error13 (Bad Position) when placing/building decos and other buildings
8% 12 votes
Ship - You can’t click on the ship, only on the harbor
5% 8 votes
Neighbours - Sometimes they don’t pay when selling products. Fixed only with reload
23% 35 votes
Sell/donate- the sell and donate function doesn’t always work, both for full amount of products and for limited ones
8% 13 votes
Transfer products - error message when trying to move good to the market or the bakery
6% 9 votes
Next harvest panel - Timers sometimes freeze before reaching 00:00:00
3% 5 votes
Timers - The inconsistency for missions, ship, buildings process
5% 8 votes
Farm - amount of Honeydew and Fertilizer keeps varying with no reason. Losses happens too.
6% 9 votes
Clicking on the first village dollars icon in the coop village will bring to the temp farm and unlock it + extra ship slots
7% 11 votes


  • note: I CAN click on the ship in Opera, not in chrome - might point to a fix
  • What bugs me is:   We cannot see other peoples library nor market when visiting their farm. 
  • I wish you had put in a poll where we could rank highest to lowest, or click multiple options. I could have easily chosen 6 of these.
  • What bugs me is:   We cannot see other peoples library nor market when visiting their farm. 
    @AmazinAllie (US1) This is a known issue (along with the garage) so should be fixed in due course. :)
  • Erm - I'd vote, but given BF uses me for this kind of information and then takes away the only valuable prizes there are (gold flowers and such) who really cares anymore, right - do want you want BF.
  • So, according to this list.  AT the moment, my extra slots on my ship I didn't ask to be opened will be shut, asap?  Sounds good :)
  • Most of these were happening to me, but a glitch that upset me the most was when upgrading my GF Doghouse to level 5. After the upgrade, it said I had to "name" the dog. I tried reloading, but it stayed the same. I hoped that the game realized that it wasn't a new dog and it had just been upgraded, but when I named it the game took 2,000 gold from me :(. Is there anyway to get the gold back?
  • Damaria3 (US1)Damaria3 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,737
    yikes sorry that happened to you Cat had a similar experience once with the horses crazy you can do a support ticket but dont hold your breath.
  • There is a constant delay on everything i do, so when i harvest for about 5 seconds nothing happens. Ship today was very bad took ages to  click on things. Get it sorted out asap, its becoming very annoying, and getting very fed up with the game as it is now
  • Hi Everyone, 

    Thank you for your participation & your patience & if the info gathered helps to get the most disruptive bugs fixed more quickly, all the better. :)
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