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Important: Photo Your Inventory, Farms, etc.

Cyndi33 (US1)Cyndi33 (US1) US1 Posts: 18
With new  Big Farm updates, come glitches/bugs on Farms, Inventories, Inboxes, Gold, etc. Software engineers understand anytime there's update software, glitches show up, but they won't know where it'll happen nor which (farm for example) it'll happen on. Each time software engineers find and fix a glitch on the software program and run it, new glitches/bugs show up.

I've heard farmers who've lost all of their Inventory, etc. etc. GGS can't guarantee they will replace what you have stored  on your farms, in our Inventory Inbox, Drop Box, etc. It's up to you to protect your farm.

Solution: Each day..in the morning and in the evening, if you value your farm, take a cell phone shot of all your Inventory, all of your Farms, your Inbox, which have your username viewable, so you can [prove] to GGS Customer Service you experienced [an authentic loss]. 

More glitches/bugs are going to show up in the next few weeks. It's a guarantee! Spread the word: Learn how to protect your farms.

Cyndi33 @ us 1
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  • I love the idea, who do we send the screenshots to ? support ? the almost none existent support. I can assure you that having screenshots does not guaratee anything, but its a good idea.Think though of GGS excuse that you Dismantled your missing buildings/deco, how can you prove them wrong ?  Checks up on my 327 screenshots of big farm.  o:) i need more brownie points so i can be a moderator   <3
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  • Cyndi33 (US1)Cyndi33 (US1) US1 Posts: 18
    edited 22.09.2016
    I'm not an Administrator for this forum. I play Big Farm. Contact Big Farm Support for questions.

     My recommendation is to daily take a photo of your farms, Inventory and Drop Box , with your name displayed on the photos.

    Software technicians often find bugs/glitches, which when fixed, it'll off-set more glitches--and it's impossible for them to foresee how it will negatively affect your farms. 

    Google how to take a screenshot . 

    I will no longer make comments on this topic. 
    I hope this info. is helpful.

    Cyndi33 @ us 1
  • Thanks for the tip.  It might even help for the tangible items.  It will not help for the gold or missing money if any.

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  • SteveUser (GB1)SteveUser (GB1) GB1 Posts: 70

    how do we take a screenshot of problems encountered on our farms?

  • Southern (US1)Southern (US1) US1 Posts: 3,268

    how do we take a screenshot of problems encountered on our farms?


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  • SteveUser, in case you can't figure out things by the link Southern posted, here is what I do:

    1.   use the PrtSc button on your keyboard to take a Picture Screen Shot.
    2.   Go to Paint, if you have that function on your computer, usually an App, looks like a painter's easel and says " Paint ".
    3.  Click on the Paint App and it will come up and will have a little box.  Click inside the box and hit Paste.   Your picture of your farm should pop in.
    4.  At this point, if you want to Crop something, you can hit the Crop button and click on where you want to crop, and you can draw a box with your mouse.  If you are cropping a portion of the picture, do this and when you have the " cropped " portion the way you want it, hit Crop again and it will put the new " cropped " picture in the box.
    5.   If you are satisfied with the whole picture before cropping, just skip this step.
    6.   Then you need to save the file.  So hit the File, then Save, and name the file, Like FF with the day's date.   And that would stand for Flower Farm.
    7.   Then you need to find the picture on your computer.   This part " might " be a little tricky, but on my computer, there is an icon on the bottom that looks like a manilla envelope.  I click on that, and then click on " Pictures ".   Your saved picture of your farm " should " be in here.
    8.   Now, at this point, you " might " be able to, once you find the picture, do a copy/ paste ( by right clicking).   I can, (on my computer) and then you can copy the picture into a word file.    But to send it to Support, you might have to do this next step.  Again, this is what I do.  Hopefully " someone " has an easier/faster way.   And there might be a way at this step to copy the picture into an email to Big Farm support.
    9.   For me, at this point, I use this function to be able to copy the image into the Big Farm Forums.   So now I open a window with the Imgur.com site.  This is totally free, and you don't have to sign up or anything.  If you don't know how to drag a file, this might be a little tricky, but if you can do the " fishing " thing with Oleg, you should be able to do this.
    10.  So first be sure your file is in that manilla envelope place under pictures.
    11.  Then open the Imgur.com site.   It should have a bunch of pictures that other people have posted.
    12.  At the top you will see " New Post " in Green.  Click on that.  It should have a box thing, little white dots forming a box.  This is where you are going to " drag " the image into.
    13.  Now, keep that window open, flip back to the manilla envelope window, and click on that photo of your farm.   Keep your finger on the photo, don't let the finger/mouse up and then the picture will drag.  Continue holding down your finger/mouse, again, don't let it off and move that picture into the next window with the Imgur and place it into that  box, and then let your finger or mouse up, and the picture will drag into there.
    14.   At this point, you right click and you will see " copy image ".   Now, this is where someone else hopefully can step in and help.   This is how I post pictures in the Big Farm forum, by doing a " copy image " and then pasting into the Big Farm Forum.   But I'm sure there is another avenue for sending this image to Big Farm Support.  Or perhaps one can do something after it is in the Manilla Envelope stage, for copying the image to Big Farm Support.    I hope that was helpful for you.   And hopefully someone else with more technical expertise can assist here.     Seems like a lot, but when you do it a few times, it becomes very methodical and goes rather quickly.   If you are copying your 3 farms/ and or horse farm twice a day, you will catch on rather quickly and it will go rather fast.

    SandraFarmGirl @ us 1
  • Link Southern posted.   Pretty good link, I learned a few things, doesn't really tell you though how to get that image into an email or the avenue to send it to Big Farm Support, which is the part I'm a little fuzzy on and have had problems doing this in the past.  Hopefully someone else can assist in  this area.

    SandraFarmGirl @ us 1
  • SteveUser (GB1)SteveUser (GB1) GB1 Posts: 70

    thank you for your help Sandrafarmgirl. It's a great help. I will print it off in the morning.

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