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SUGGESTION: Transfer to contracts / Contracts buttons displaying all contract contents, needed

Transfer to organic market and/or individual contracts:

I would like to suggest that the transfer button that shows up when harvesting items and the bard is full that could be transferred to the bakery also give the option to transfer to the organic market, and/or to particular contracts.  It is tedious and time consuming to be in the middle of harvesting (especially during missions) to have to stop and click each of the contracts to see which needs the least products that you are transferring and add that item to contracts.  Harvest would be more efficient to be able to have the option to transfer ALSO to contracts and/or in bulk to the organic market.

The transfer button that shows up during harvesting could either be a bulk transfer to the organic market (to distribute to each contract later) or options to transfer to particular contracts, while showing all the remaining contracts needing that item, and choosing the particular contract to transfer the item being harvested.

Farm Management Organic Market contracts main page:

Further, it would be nice to have the contract main page display show every contract contents, and how much it needs all at once. It would be a great deal more efficient when fulfilling contracts to open the contracts main page and immediately see the items and amounts needed on each contract without having to click on each contract box repeatedly to see which needs the least when checking them, adding to them, and fulfilling them. 

There is a big box for each contract now and there is plenty of space in the box to add the contents of the contracts as well.

I hope GGBF will consider these improvements to help the game flow more smoothly and efficiently.  :smile: 

Thank you!
(P.S. If there is a suggestion area, I would post it there, it seemed there used to be one but having trouble finding it .  P.S.S. yeah my apples were near empty from fulfilling contracts and baking for contracts! :smiley:).


  • My suggestion is flagged "Abuse,"  how so?
  • Really hoping that GGBF could consider adding an option to transfer to contracts... it is such an interruption right in the middle of a mission to stop and open each contract to see what needs what I am harvesting and transfer to get back to missions!   You want to encourage missions, but it becomes annoying to do this over and over.

    Please consider this suggest GGBF designers.  :smile:
  • hemmy1 (US1)hemmy1 (US1) Posts: 174
    edited 03.08.2016
    Like many others i sure love the idea but, it would be no need for for the barn would it? what about the blue barns nice and with a lot of space and cost a lot of gold. Nice idea but its not on GGS best interest to improve the game in any way that would make our life easy and hurt their profit.


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  • Damaria3 (US1)Damaria3 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,737
    I am not in favor of this idea as city girl said I can alway hit the bakery button and I dont alway put my apples in the least amt place this would not work well for me.
  • It would make our lives easier for a couple of seconds, that's true...but how many minutes, if not hours we are wasting already on daily basis in CC's or HW events while waiting for cabbage/corn/pigs/chickens/cows/rutabaga to be done?...So theoretically it doesn't matter.
  • Thirtyplus (US1)Thirtyplus (US1) Posts: 190
    edited 04.08.2016
    @CityGirl (US1)  Very well said and demonstrated!    As if it weren't enough trouble doing missions as it is without stopping during harvests to click on potentially click 6 contract tabs to determine which contract to apply the item when the barn and bakery is full to get back to the mission.

    It just doesn't make for smooth farming and makes it very tedious.  I suppose to those who do not keep their barns and bakeries stocked, its not a problem but for those who do it's just annoying during missions.  :)

    There would be no loss for GGBF to help the game and missions run smoother! by adding a transfer button like transferring to the bakery to later apply the products as you see fit.   This would not eliminate the barns of course, because the barns stock for feed, etc.  If we sold it all or had no barns, we couldn't make feed.

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  • Damaria3 (US1)Damaria3 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,737
    I am way more interested in an easier way to use my premium feed which is all I use now on main farm and the premium fertilizer is is so time consuming the way it is now
  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,987
    I agree with @Damaria3 (US1) make the premium feed like the regular humus easy to apply or use ;)

  • I am way more interested in an easier way to use my premium feed which is all I use now on main farm and the premium fertilizer is is so time consuming the way it is now

    I think one of the Mods mentioned that this was on the "to do" list.
    its on... 

  • Thirtyplus (US1)Thirtyplus (US1) Posts: 190
    edited 05.08.2016
    I think we can ask for both - a transfer to contracts and a better placement of the premium feed! :)

    I agree it really is a pain using the premium feed and it slows drags out production longer.   Actually, the menu is way, way, to big and could be reduced to 30-40% of its size, that alone would help using the premium feed but I also think it could be placed in a better, easier place on the huge feed menu as it is.

    When the farm is zoomed out, like I play, the feed menu covers a fourth of the farm --- then opening the menu to and move downward perfectly to not accidentally touch something on the way is a pain and no fun!   :neutral:
  • JVD (US1) said:
    I actually prefer it the way it is.... I don't want to commit items to the market like we do to the bakery and have them stocked there.

    During CC I just sell my products so I can keep moving quickly and don't even look at the market unless there is time between harvests and I can plan it out.

    But will accept whatever GGS does and learn to work it to my advantage.

    Actually stocking things for sale in the contracts would be nice too! lol  But I was thinking about being able to transfer to the market items that the contracts were asking.  But hey, it is a road side stand too!  lol

    Either way, you wouldn't HAVE to commit anything to the market simply because there is a button to transfer to the organic market just like you don't HAVE to transfer things to the bakery or sell them simply because there is a transfer and sale button with an option to do that. :smile:
  • I like the idea of managing as much as possible without having to open and close lots of screens. Right now, it does require advanced management if you are not to slow down in missions. But since you are allowed to do it for the Bakery, why not similar functionality for orders.  Also, I think when you type in a number it should not override what you type in. It can error if you type more than you have, but otherwise, don't have numbers jumping around. As soon as someone selects the qty box, remove the "1" and let them type what they want.
  • Please, Goodgame Bigfarm!  :smiley:
  • Rusty Farmer (AU1)Rusty Farmer (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,686
    I agree, I made a similar suggestion some time ago. You could also have options to automatically overspill into a contract, the bakery, or to sell. We could set the priority.
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