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Happiness points

Hello everyone..I'm a new player and I wonder is there a way to see happiness points on decorations before buying them? I just don't see any purpose on wasting of money on some small "happy" items, which takes so needed in the beginning money and time to build them..? Thank You for Your time.

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  • That "You've asked question that now have answers. Make sure You accept/reject the answer" really pokes my eyes painfully..especially when NO answers were given, so..I'm gonna march happily to the fridge and drag to my self out some "happy points" in the shape of a chocolate ice cream, HA!  ...must not forget my cherry..must not forget my cherry..
  • OMG it works! Thank You sooo very much! My mistake was when looking at the pictures, I never clicked the image itself to get a better preview, but now that You explained I'm a bit wiser lol Thank You again! :smiley: 
  • Are decorations the only way for happiness points?  Do they have to stay out on the farm, or does it count if they are in storage?

  • Decorations, the fence and gate, the dog, and one of the farm tractors count for happiness.  The decos have to stay on the farm, and the dog has to be fed for the happiness to count.
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  • Thank you for the reply, very helpful!  

  • I keep putting my decos in inventory so I can rearrange the farm some.  I need to make a list of everything I own with their footprint and start graphing everything.  I forget to put them back out where there is room if I just blindly harvest, the immediately reseed a field.  I usually have a V-8 moment when I start putting them back out.  Fortunately it's usually just a flower garden or tree.  Wish I could trade them around to different farms.

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  • CookieHugs (US1)

    you may find this usefull for arranging your farm. there are 2 tools in the posts you can use, the anno designer layouts can be saved to your pc

    Made by  farmerjohn 22 (US1)  Thank you
  • Sadly, the link above gave me a 404 error.  Can you confirm the link, as that would be such a handy tool.  :)

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