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Forum Contest: Big Farm in real life!

This contest was based on ideas from anvesh.pathak (IN1) and Tshandi (DE1)

Hey Everyone!

Its summer time so grab your camera and head outside!! For this contest you will need to take a picture of something in real life that is also in the game. Anything from the game will count! For example, you can take a picture of any Big Farm related animals, food, buildings, etc. You can also make Big farm things & take a picture. You must include your Big Farm username written on a piece of paper in the picture. You can submit your entry by posting it in this thread.  You must take the picture yourself. Pictures sourced from the web and/or photoshopped will not count as a valid entry. We may use the winning pictures on social media.

There will be 3 winners for this contest. 
1st place will receive a touring theater decoration!!
2nd place will receive a community bonfire!!
3rd place will receive a tractor decoration!!

Alright, head on outside & get creative!! We're looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with! Have fun!

This contest will end on Monday, June 13th @ 13:00 CET


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