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Suggestion: How about a Deco Park for our Workers to Visit? ☯️

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We have so many nice decos and no room to display them. Might you consider increasing the size of the farms and/or maybe making a park for our workers to visit where we could display all our nice decos? Nice if we could work some credit for them into the game too. It's so fun to decorate and change things around. I could make a nice park full of decos! I know we have the Landscape designer and that is good. Hard to let go of my favorite decos though!
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  • Yakoska (US1)Yakoska (US1) Posts: 1,631
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    Isn't that what the tower is?

    Yakoska @ us 1
  • Chalaryl (US1)Chalaryl (US1) Posts: 132
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    The tower is all well and good, expecially for seeing the nice detail on some of the deco. But a park where we could choose to display our favorites in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement would add to the game's enjoyment for me. Then if it added something to happiness...maybe at a hugely discounted rate...who wouldn't love that!
    Chalaryl @ us 1
  • rocnrobn (US1)rocnrobn (US1) US1 Posts: 259
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    Yes I would like a Decor Park if only decors can go there. No production buildings at all.
    rocnrobn @ us 1
  • chikenduck (US1)chikenduck (US1) US1 Posts: 63
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    Maybe replace the deco tower with a deco park then use that spot for one of the temp farm to make it like the 3 regular farms to make it permanent
    chikenduck of Ohana Farm @ us 1
  • Mouseslb (US1)Mouseslb (US1) US1 Posts: 62
    I would like to see a separate area for large deco's like the video area that doesn't work!!Any one else would like a separate spot?
    FarmerHoneybowm @ us 1
  • SamiJ (US1)SamiJ (US1) US1 Posts: 29
    Just came across this old thread - 

    I like this idea! We all end up with so many decos we can't use. This would really be a fun way to do so. We could even do it in our own themes or seasonal  (I, for one, HATE having random holiday decos on my farms all year round)

    I agree with not having production buildings, however, maybe we could work in some mini temp farm ideas - seasonal, holiday, celebrations, the "scavenger" hunts.... nothing big, just two or three small fun games to tackle here and there
  • CM_HunterCM_Hunter Posts: 448
    Some of the concepts described here have in fact been considered and we recently mentioned we will implement something like this! Check out the Upcoming Highlights for the rest of this year and a little into next year to see what's in store ;)

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