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  • Dara (SKN1)Dara (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 2,638
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    (...) question, what happens when I get 100% of an animal?  Do those chips stop dropping, and the game will only give me chips that I don't have finished?  And will those animals get removed from the booster wheel as well?
    Very good questions, I'd be very interested in an answer as well :) 
    I'd like to know too. There are many players, who keeps asking it, but i don't have the answer.....

  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
    I got the fireworks too, also for 6 minutes. Immediately bought myself a booster for cash (pig) and could harvest a LOT. Immediately my points decreased from 745 to 113! WOW!

    Some of my members got the fireworks twice already ..... (but I am often away from keyboard)  ;)

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  • MRG1 (US1)MRG1 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,553
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    I am still not sure about this event.  However, I do not want that deco!

    Ditto. Another huge deco is not something I care for. If it was a smaller deco I might care but as it is, it is ugly and huge. I see there is an option to reduce the size by 1X1 if I collect enough Pig zodiac signs. Well that's a start, but why not make it a 4X4 deco to start with? I don't want a 7X7 deco, nor another 6X6 deco or even 5X5.  Oh well, at least there are activity rewards like the hard work rewards.
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  • Brave Ana (GB1)Brave Ana (GB1) GB1 Posts: 254
    If I understood well we are still in Day 1 of 15 (14days and 6hours).
    Usual at midnight 11PM will start Day 2.
    Activity challenge for this day is to collect zodiac chips.
    If you collect many of them you will have rewards to be won.
    I suppose that in day 2 we will have another task with another rewards or maybe keeping actual until you will finish.
    This is what I understand from Chinese New Year event
    Brave Ana @ en 1
  • Do the rewards for the activity challenge change every day? Right now, the 20th reward is a decoration, but will that disappear tomorrow? I was really hoping to get it.

    About the problems with the videos:
    Has the new code been applied yet? The code that supposedly 'fixed' the videos?

    I've had the exact same thing show up every single time I try to watch a video for the past week. Before that I would be able to watch only one properly before getting this. It shows up every time I re-open the game, and then it switches the "cinema" off.

  • Kamilcom (GB1)Kamilcom (GB1) Posts: 1,499
    Well well well. I'm comming with some praise today. Concept of the event is excellent, layout, graphics, help ....... everything is clear, well organised, intuitive. Don't even need to re-read anouncement as the game interface explains itself. Great job GGS, really. Very pleasantly surprised. Thumbs up. :)

    I could do without your secrets though: Show me number of chips needed for all daily rewards, not just current one, show me chips needed to fill in each zodiac, not just vague percentage.

    Balancing is another story. Very casual player is likely to end up with useless 7x7 10 happiness deco. About 7 % for each zodiac needs to be done daily to get anywhere. And the balance seems to be towards less important zodiacs. Target users are clearly those with permanent address at Big Farm again. :) We'll learn from them at the end how far they got and at what price. :) Also daily rewards could be a bit better imo.

    Overall I think I'll enjoy this event much more then Santa, although I'll probably get nowhere with this deco. But will try within my casual playstyle, throw in a few mils on boosters, and just have fun. I'll probably be back with some more comments on balance later. So far it looks like even with limited play time I will be able to complete at least some zodiac signs. :):):) So as I said, good job GGS. :)
  • Damaria3 (US1)Damaria3 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,737
    Those videos are wacky  seriously they should not continue to be offered with all the trouble so ineffecient.
  • Kleine Jan (NL1)Kleine Jan (NL1) NL1 Posts: 283
    It would be nice when we had a sort of a explonation what the meaning is what we have to do.
    But we are suppose to find it out by ourselves.
    The same with that upgrade from that new pick-up game what will be there after tomorrows upgrade. The only thing Latten awnserd at a question to Jiesta was that it will run for 3 days and we need to use spec-seeds.
    No thanks i save them up for the C-C wich will be there soon again i guess

    This is getting more and more to be a daytime job with extra-hours
  • Raven68 (US1)Raven68 (US1) Posts: 101
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    I understand that the goal of GGS is to make money; but, not providing options for those of us who won't, don't, and/or can't buy gold is extremely unfair.

    The booster game for the Chinese New Year limits the ability of non-gold buyers to take advantage of opportunities to fully participate. 
    I fell into the same mistake GrammaAtDaycare from the 'Hint' on the left which suggests choosing a specific zodiac sign. There is a cash option but you have to let the wheel randomly choose which zodiac sign will be boosted - for $100K cash. Only use the gold when you want a specific zodiac chip.

    Also, if you decide to buy a zodiac booster, do so right before you harvest cherries or cows (for max effect) Edit: (or sunflowers on fields)

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  • Damaria3 (US1)Damaria3 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,737
    I dont understand this booster thing paid the 100,000 got the tiger for three rounds but dont understand the benefit are some signs better than other.  Really this game NEEDS better communication  I should not need to ask this question.
  • Damaria3 (US1)Damaria3 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,737
    Well went back and pointed on the animals and just read raven's post still not sure do these benefits and animals we earn get calculated daily or the event example pig reduces size 1x1
  • MRG1 (US1)MRG1 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,553
    I dont understand this booster thing paid the 100,000 got the tiger for three rounds but dont understand the benefit are some signs better than other.  Really this game NEEDS better communication  I should not need to ask this question.
    @Damaria3 (US1)  I agree, this game is not very good about explaining things. I think the pig and dog boosters are the best because it reduces the size of the final deco. If you hover over each zodiac sign, it tells you what you get if you complete them. More happiness, extra visual benefits, or smaller size. At least that is my understanding.
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  • Kamilcom (GB1)Kamilcom (GB1) Posts: 1,499
    I would pretty much excuse Latten from answering questions this time as the interface is really very intuitive. Just do your homework, read through it and you'll easily find out pretty much everything you need to know.

    PS: Read Help also  - bottom right corrner of the event screen. :)
  • gavinfarms (US1)gavinfarms (US1) US1 Posts: 2,273
    We do need to know if they are going to address the boosters problems.
    gavinfarms @ us 1
  • Kamilcom (GB1)Kamilcom (GB1) Posts: 1,499
    I use boosters only for major harvests, not for every corn field. it would be too costly. And have no intention to use gold boosters. Nearly everything payed in gold is grossly overcharged with GGS. They must live in a kingdom with a horrible luxury tax. :):):) Well, good luck gavin with pulling the prices down. :)
  • Artmaker (GB1)Artmaker (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,495
    Thanks to Michiru for answering my questions on page 3 here.  SO GLAD this is not a coop thing.  I really wanted to ignore the whole santa thing but my coops all wanted to go for it.  This one is another ball of unanswered confusion.  And I think I blew some gold clicking on the wheel before realizing you have to pay.   Won't be doing that anymore.

    Still... too much of this just doesn't make sense.  Even reading this forum thread, OMG you people have no lives to sit here and figure this stuff out.

    completing 100% chips: rat +2, ox/eq/goat +6 each, monkey/rooster +10 each, tiger+14, rabbit/dragon+18, snake+30, 
    so if my maths is right, max happiness is 10+2+6+6+6+10+10+14+18+18+30= 130 
    please do correct me if i missed something.
    and imo collecting dog and pig is most important, because they reduce size from 6x6 to 5x5
    HUH????????  (scratching head.)

    I did see certain animals here have better perks but just HOW one collects more or less is a mystery. Other than perhaps spending what?  290 gold for a wheel spin?   I don't think so.

    Every so often I get a pop up saying I won something, click here to collect it.   Ok, great.  Just what I won I have no idea.  Nothing shows up anywhere.   Kinda like the achievement awards.  I TOTALLY ignore those all together.   When the thing slides out on the right, I click it just to keep the red exclaimation point off my screen.   Don't even look what dumb thing I just filled.  It means nothing. Except for the rare gifts.  

    GG.... please just keep it simple will ya?   Grow corn, feed chickens, use poo for fert... THAT is simple.   This is just programers with nothing better to do than figure out ways we will accidentally spend money clicking stuff without knowing what it even does.  

    Know what?   I'll just farm as usual.  Wait a little longer for all the extra crap to fly out of everything and rain down,   and what ever perks come of it, fine.    Don't really care.

    Just like with the horses (which still doesn't make much sense,) maybe after this rolls around several more times, I might be more interested.  Let all the bugs be found and dealt with by then too. Wait till you other folks figure it all out and I can find here what it all means.  Or not.  Still don't know why my horse wins against people with real high numbers yet loses to lower ones.   I just click through till I can't and am done with it.
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  • Nemej (CZ1)Nemej (CZ1) Posts: 220
    kamilcom - the amount is the same for all 20 daily tasks. 
    so amount from task 1x20=daily amount of chips. 

    i use jokers only for special seeds (rice now), cows and cherry orchards- best when fireworks is active (cherry orchards 300-500 chips) 

    Nemej @ cs 1
  • I completely don't get this pig/snake/cow thing. Instructions in the event interface sure would be nice.
  • Anyone know if when you finish a particular chip, if that chip stops dropping?
  • The way I understand it is:
    The left side is for the 14 days. We have to collect the chips every day and slowly the animal zodiac signs will fill. Each filled zodiac sign will give a certain reward (more happiness, a certian something added to the deco). here we only see how much percentage we have filled the chip. It would be handy to know how much we need in total, but at the moment I don't regard it as a necessity. I think the necessity comes when we're close to the end of the event and we need to decide if we want to spin the wheel and risk it with paying dollars or be certain and pay with gold.........
    The right side (where it says Day 1 of 15) is the daily thing. It states very clearly how much we need for the next daily reward. I do wonder, though, if these rewards change daily too. If I understood it correctly, the chips we need to collect can vary and we could get a deco that's related to the chip, so I do assume the rewards will change daily as well.

    Overall, I like the event. I doubt I'll get (all) the deco's from the daily tasks, since I simply can't be at the computer 24/7. But it will be fun to try :) It's an interesting concept and definitely something that, perhaps with some tweaking, might be very interesting for new, future events as well. Thank you, BF for this concept. I like it :smile: 
  • Kamilcom (GB1)Kamilcom (GB1) Posts: 1,499
    Thanks @Nemej (CZ1) I was thinking that it doesn't increase much, just missed that as I never looked right after I got the reward. :) Now if that is so, nonstop gamers should have no problems to reach reward 20. Another good feature I guess. :)

    @Artmaker (GB1) That pop up you get is one of the daily reward and it shows clearly what the reward is. You'll never notice though if you just click things mindlessly and never pause to have a look :):):)
  • lthrrr (GB1)lthrrr (GB1) Posts: 1,665
    I think I read somewhere, they keep dropping, and you earn more happiness.
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  • Hmmm, thanks, guess I'll just have to wait and see...
  • Kamilcom (GB1)Kamilcom (GB1) Posts: 1,499
    Possible answer why we only have % instead of number of chips needed for zodiac signs and why some zodiacs seem to fill much faster: Each of the 12 signs has different amount of chips for completion which GGS decided to hide. I don't have time to watch and count all chips flying so can't verify if that's correct, but seems more probable then heavy disadvantage of drops for important signs.
  • Kamilcom (GB1)Kamilcom (GB1) Posts: 1,499
    Read event screen / "?" bottom right / last paragraph.
  • I don't know if it's a glitch or if it's intentional, I had over a min left in the fireworks, and clicked on my other 3 farms (bakery/flower/candy), which only took a few seconds, but when I went back to the main farm, the fireworks were gone.

    In other words - don't go to other farms while the fireworks are happening, otherwise you'll lose them.

    don't know

    AndyTwobeats @ skn 1
  • stef7 (US1)stef7 (US1) US1 Posts: 460
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    Do the rewards for the activity challenge change every day? Right now, the 20th reward is a decoration, but will that disappear tomorrow? I was really hoping to get it.

    I think seeing the clock states there will be a new offer in so many hours it changes daily. But I am with you I would like the deco for the 20th reward. I hope I am wrong and it is still there tomorrow. I also hope we do not need to start at level 1 each day. 

    I hate any of the events that require you to spend ALL DAY on the game in order to complete them. I have a job and I need to sleep so for 16 hours a day I can not play.
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  • adoptapet (US1)adoptapet (US1) Posts: 1,760
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