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Update Nov 24 - Happy Holidays!

CM LattenCM Latten Posts: 542
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Hello Big Farmers, 

this week's update will be festive! We're kicking off the Holiday season with a bunch of surprises ;D

Big Farm Advent Calendar

A lot of players asked for it during the previous winter seasons, and we couldn't say no any longer: New suprises await you every day in our brand new Advent Calendar!
Santa's coming to town, and he brought a lot of presents - but he also has a problem: Rudolph, his famous reindeer, has disappeared. Can you help out?

Starting from the 1st of December, you will be able to enjoy a fun task, prize or one of various other surprises every day! Free rewards, little games or small tasks will keep you excited for the entirety of the month, until the 24th of December.

  • Every day, you can find Rudolph the Reindeer on your farm! He will change positions daily, but once you've found him, the daily Advent Calendar door will open up as a dialogue window with the current date, presenting a small task, prize or other surprise.
  • If you miss a day, no problem: You can always go back and collect a missed reward with gold. This is only offered once per prize, as usual.
  • Look forward to a festive holiday story, being told across various days in the Advent Calendar 
  • Rewards will depend on the player's level. The prize pool will consist of many different items or currency, including the new currency, Festive Stars, which you can use throughout our holiday events.

More holiday events coming!

  • As part of the Advent Calendar, you might encounter very special micro events - Do you want to build a snowman  ♫ ♪ ? 
  • Chipmunks try to overtake your Farm! Can you find them all, before they steal all your sweets?
  • Festive and cozy: A special holiday version of the winter farm awaits you! Enjoy festivities, snow and .. lurking monsters!?
  • Special deals and offers might also surprise you during the holidays.
  • Trade stuff in, get presents out: In Santa's Workshop you'll make your own presents! You can visit Santa's Workshop from Dec 25th on! More info about the Workshop will follow, of course!

Other changes & bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the happiness value in the Santa's Wish List event
  • The color system for "Last Chance Sunday" wouldn't work correctly and has been fixed
  • Hard work rewards will now be marked as achieved after, well, achieving them

Disclaimer: Please take note that events hinted at or presented in this announcement may start at a later date!

This update will be brought to your screens on November 24th and you may join the discussion here. 

your Big Farm team


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