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  • It's worse than GGS just allowing security threats, windows 8 reports the session, so the thing they block is the root source of the threats, ie GGS. They will only have themselves to blame for not keeping on top of it, 'it's not my fault' doesn't work anymore.
    Same thing happens with flash streaming content, it's not the stream that's blacklisted, it's the sites that provide the streams, you can't get the problem without a link to the problem.

    As for gold, 1 ad = 1 penny = 15 gold (at current price)
    Since it is a form of payment for people with no form of payment, I'd say 20 gold per ad is a balanced ammount.
    Being in the UK, if I bought in dollars, I'd get 40% more gold anyway, which has something to do with the price of a big mac.
    That said, a better way to gain income is weekly membership, perhaps 2,000 coins and 3 gold mining certificates, but I'm clearly very stupid :)
  • Okay, I tried to submit a bug report, but I got this instead:

    An error occurred. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and try again later.
    Steps taken:
    1. Click the videoscreen under in the menu bar (where the "build in process" plays) or click on the couch under the library
    2. Click the green button "play"
    3. Wait for the video to load
    4. Click on the round button with the arrow in it to actually play the video
    5. Video disappears instead of playing
    6. Get the main videoscreen back again, without the box to claim my reward, only the box to "play" appears again.

    All in all with the latest update I've missed out on at least 10 rewards this way (not as many, maybe, as others, but still.....).

    Because I don't know when this is going to happen, I don't have a video/screenshot of it. But it's very annoying. I understand it's still in a testing phase, but since a similar thing happened regularly (and I reported that through a bug report and I have seen others reporting it here too) before the latest update, you'd think they'd solved that problem.

    Can you guys at least give people the rewards they're missing and actually fix these problem instead of keep saying:
    - empty cache
    - empty local settings
    - make sure you've got the latest browser version
    - change your browser
    - make sure yo've got the latest Flash version installed
    - etc
    (all checked and done by the way)

    As for the rewards, so far they've been quite disappointing. A couple of thousand dollars? Maybe once in a blue monday 10 gold? Come on.... A variation in rewards can be expected for different lengths of videos, but I would expect more when I view videos with a length of 1 1/2 minute.

    Well, that's it for me for now. Since I know it's a testing phase, I'll keep watching the videos, but I do hope:
    - You guys fix the damn problems which have reported here many times
    - You guys give us better rewards than those few thousand dollars we get. Heck, throw in a few decos (maybe related to watching videos or something), or a stack of premium food (like 50 instead of 1), gold (more than those meager 10), give a mining permit for mining gold (the blue ones I mean)

    I realize you guys need to make money, but it would be good if we'd get nicer rewards for watching these 5 videos a day. After all, at least I assume that, you guys get paid for showing us these videos as well.

    Anyway, that's it.
  • jj11780 (US1)jj11780 (US1) US1 Posts: 17
    I stopped trying to watch the videos when GGS downgraded the rewards. It was frustrating enough with all the bugs but the generous rewards made it worth the effort. Now? Muh. I'll pass.
  • karen richer (US1)karen richer (US1) Posts: 37
    edited 22.11.2015
    dont like the movie theater we have now cause the gifts u get r useless dont need the stuff it gives us would like to choose gifts again please bring back other theater so we can choose gifts ourselves

    karen richer @ us 1
  • Brave Ana (GB1)Brave Ana (GB1) GB1 Posts: 254
    Today you GGS forgot to give us that 5000$ and 10 golds to watch the videos?

    Or are you too busy with Santa's wish list?

    Or maybe we can borrow you from our pockets to pay us?
    Brave Ana @ en 1
  • your lucky I watched 5  got 10 gold and a few other very small rewards, since it moved onto farm full time the rewards have changed must be time to release it to everyone lol
  • I donot get the video's every day, and lately when I do get the video's I get the same one 2 or 3 times in a row. Bit boring. Rewards are not worth the trouble imo.
    vikingur1- @ nl 1

    Coop Donia State
  • I keep getting the same car x box ad video over and over again and it doesn't give me a reward - I don't even know why I even bother try...
    I have played another game from another company that didn't have the stupid video ads not workings...wonder what is up with this gg programmers that they can't even put up a functional video ad service...they should consider that maybe their hr is not doing a good job choosing the best and brightest for the job, and they're just choosing their cousins and uncles to do the work...no wonder things don't work properly...
    Solmar @ us 1, Founder, Leader, MalSol

  • Please bring back the movie ads where we can pick the prizes, 1 out of 4. and bring it out to everyone with 20 videos/day, and with the MUCH BETTER PEIZES as they were when we had it before, 9-11,000 for watching a video, 20-40 gold, lots of decoration parts, special fertilizers, and many other great prizes!

    I'm sure everyone would be willing to work with those ads (because the prizes and the gold are worth it) while you finish getting the bugs out of them.

    Please scrap the surprise boxes, LOUSY prizes and they have just as many bugs as the other videos.  They don't work, watch the same over and over, videos are too long, then stop after the video and I don't get a prize, disconnect me from the server, etc.

     They don't even show up using IE 11, I have to change to Google Chrome every night just to get the videos.

    There's one video about menstrual periods that I feel does not belong in a family game with players as young as 8 year olds! Really GGS if you are going to get the ads from a 3rd party, they should be suitable for all, like the toothpaste, doggie car sickness, nutritional info for milk, curiosity, other games-if not bloody or naked, etc. You should have some say in what is brought out to your clients.

    NONE OF THE VIDEOS SHOULD EVER OPEN ANOTHER TAB, AS THE BANK ONE DID WITH EVERY VIDEO!!! NONE SHOULD EVER REQUIRE ANY OF OUR PERSONAL INFORMATION IN A SURVEY!  All videos should be short as we have games to get back to!!!  Some with the surprise box ads are over 3 minutes of more and for what! The prizes are terrible, $1,000, 1 bag of humus, maybe 10 gold every few days if you're lucky, etc.

    Really GGS, you are making a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY from the advertisers.  Bringing the better 1 in 4 prize videos -WITH THE GOLD AND OTHER GREAT PRIZES into the game, was really making things look better and more exciting for all. 20/day was just right too!  Gold buyers will continue to buy their gold and others have some to do some of the gold only fun too--and may even buy some themselves.  You've known for a whole long time that players want a gold safety system build in to, but still you do nothing.......

    Just make a bank vault for us to keep our gold in and then let us take it out of our vault to the game gold place to be used immediately as needed. Just like the currencies on the temp. farms. Then all of it is not at risk of accidental clicking!!

    IMO, you really need to get your technical staff and development staff together and either get some new staff or fix the things that are broken in this game. More testing needs to be done before new things come out to all. I'm tired of all the bugs!

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  • theater isnt working today so i can even get the crappy rewards
    karen richer @ us 1
  • Kamilcom (GB1)Kamilcom (GB1) Posts: 1,499
    I haven't played a single movie since my last post here several days ago. And yes, now my "TV screen" serves it's original purpose - displayes upgrades. :) Lovely.
  • If you play the videos and get an objectionable one, or one that wants to run for a long time, just X it out.  The game has been loading videos until the 5 per day quota is accomplished, so no loss of the "wonderful" rewards - wonderful because we wonder how chintzy they will be.

  • I watch the ad video over and over, but it never goes to the next screen to click on the gift box.  I am missing out on a bunch of money, gold, certificates, etc.
  • karen richer (US1)karen richer (US1) Posts: 37
    edited 26.11.2015
    Movie theater is still not working whats goin on :(
    karen richer @ us 1
  • For the second day in a row I'm not getting any videos either......
  • Dara (SKN1)Dara (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 2,638
    For the second day in a row I'm not getting any videos either......
    Same here.... Wonder what is going on?
    I have cleared everything and so on...
    Have tried different browsers.

  • Maybe they have finally stopped the test ... and realized that the videos are not a good idea?
    And therefore removed that video thing again? (one is permitted to hope :smile:  )
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  • CM NafaruCM Nafaru Posts: 1,325
    It's perfectly normal, that there is some fluctuation in amount of available videos. Nothing to worry about.

    Even if one day you don't get any videos, the next day with more ads should come. It all depends on how many videos are currently in the rotation and how many clips our partners provide for you guys to watch on that given day.
  • i still havent gotten any videos yet

    karen richer @ us 1
  • and yet still no videos guess it should be removed since no videos
    karen richer @ us 1
  • If you've never had the option (showing one available in build slot), it is because it is still being tested. Many are not getting them yet. Otherwise, it may be just not a day they come in from the providers of the video ads. If so, try another day your build screen says that one is available.

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  • Kamilcom (GB1)Kamilcom (GB1) Posts: 1,499
    I thought they released it to everybody already. And yes, 2 or 3 days no video - and not complaining.
  • dont need to check screen i can see that there is NO videos for 3 days ty :(
    karen richer @ us 1
  • I am on US1 using Windows 8.1, Internet Explorer 11 and Google Chrome.  My new movies come out about 9PM PST each night.  I have not had ANY new movies the last 3 days, clearing cashes, rebooting the computer, changing browsers does not help.  They do not come at any other time either. This is the first time since the testing began that I have not had any movies, so I think it is a bug.

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  • Gin7 (US1)Gin7 (US1) US1 Posts: 256
    For the past 2 days I've gotten no videos.  Is something going on that I don't know about? They had decreased to 5 per day.  Now I receive none. 
    Gin7 @ us 1
  • karen richer (US1)karen richer (US1) Posts: 37
    edited 28.11.2015
    still no videos 4 days now  and u say its workin ok
    i dont think its workin at all

    karen richer @ us 1
  • I tried to sumit a report as I'm yet to even get the video screen on my farm but it came back with an error. Have tried clearing my cache etc but it doesn't seem to appear and yet everyone else in my co-op has it
  • I tried to sumit a report as I'm yet to even get the video screen on my farm but it came back with an error. Have tried clearing my cache etc but it doesn't seem to appear and yet everyone else in my co-op has it
    There is no point reporting it to support, because the videos are still in test phase & not everyone has them yet.
  • Same story here. It's been about three days in a row that I dont get any videos. I've had videos before, so if they should show, I should get them now. But unfortunately, nothing.

    I know the rewards aren't great, but hey, anything is better than nothing, right? Granted, I wish they'd give us more gold, some deco's or anything else, but still.....
  • Mouseslb (US1)Mouseslb (US1) US1 Posts: 62
    I also now receive none ???
    FarmerHoneybowm @ us 1
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