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Production Costs

Is it better to have a negative production cost or a positive production cost???
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  • Flittermouse (US1)Flittermouse (US1) Posts: 436
    edited 24.03.2015
    If your happiness is in the green, the "production costs" will show a negative number, which is good. That means most of your costs are reduced by that percent.

    A few costs have a fixed part that is not affected by happiness. For instance, corn costs at least 50 to plant, no matter how much happiness you have.

    I try to stay in the -50% to -70% range. Below -50% a tiny change in happiness means a huge change in production costs, and over 70% it takes a big change in happiness to change production costs much.

    Adding or upgrading houses increases the number of workers, but also increases unhappiness. Decorations increase happiness. Doing certain events gives a reward of a decoration that gives a lot of happiness for its size.
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  • As complementary info, you can also use, when it's there, the "Purple pickup" that offers to either demolish or increase the value of your decos.  I'll be honest with you and tell you that it requires a LOT of money and therefor, you should ONLY upgrade decos that you plan on keeping for good.... like high level event decos.    

    With that "deco pickup truck", I was able, after spending a few hundreds of millions in game money to have my 3 farms running at really low running cost while maintaining a very decent amount of production units.

    My farms are -85%, -80%, -93%.  Makes a BIG difference in running cost and money output by the farms.

    Hope that helps.

  • kbahr007 (US1)kbahr007 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,841
    The purple picku is called the landscape architect, the architect does cost a lot of money if you are doing the higher upgradesa to the cost of each deco but if you do less than 5 upgrades to each deco it is not too bad, what i try to do is increase all the decos value for all of them on each farm initially and that will help out a little with production valuem the problem is that when you do more than just a few it can indeed get extremely costly

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