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Is it right for people in a higher co-op (like [Name Removed]) to poach other co-ops members when there are plenty of people looking for co-ops to join?
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  • Jinxy (INT1)Jinxy (INT1) INT1 Posts: 165
    Morally, no. Unfortunately, it's not against the rules either.
    Happens all the time I'm afraid. 
  • I agree with Runs.
  • Well said, Runs

  • Well i don,t agree completly with runs!! 
    I have just started up my farm level 32 now. But i never recive a invitation from a coop.But i know when i reached level 40 i will enter a certain Coop.
    A friend of me plays also in that coop and recives time after time from the same player from the same coop the invitation.A high ranking coop we can call it.
    That is very annoying even after a few,No Thanks messages that player keeps on sending those invitations. Even to the Deputy,s from that Coop that player is sending invitation,s. Only because that players have a level above 125 they are interested for a gold throwing obligated coop.
    IMO opinion when a player enters at a low level a coop like i will do,That player will not be attempted by those magical offers
    But is long i don,t have clicked the;i am looking for a coop; button all those poachers go under the ignore button without thinking 1 second about that offer
    I do agree when a player is not happy in acoop that they are more easy to walk over to another coop.But there are players they change ofter from Coop then i do change my socks.
    But those players are not happy for a long time in a coop. They are restless like a traveler or they are blinded by the trophy,s of that new coop and after a while they see the light that the trophy not will beserved on a silver platter.
    And they leave to another coop and again and again
  • jules314 (US1)jules314 (US1) US1 Posts: 399
    I don't agree with poaching, however, I do find that it is a lot easier to invite whole coops to join mine, instead of sending invites to individual people. Historically, I've sent thousands (likely not an exaggeration) of invites to people searching for a coop to join, and not get a single response.

    But when I invite a whole coop to join mine, and not exclude any of their members, the process of finding active people is a lot easier.

    Often, people try to build their coop up and will stay committed if not all members say yes, and I respect that. I wouldn't push leaders or deputies to abandon their groups. The choice is up to them though, to be honest. If they are putting in a lot of time and seeing their coop members aren't helping out, then hopefully people that lose them will understand that they want to, and chose to, move on.
    Deputy of the Green Giants Coop

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  • Niryn (INT1)Niryn (INT1) INT1 Posts: 255
    Unfortunately poaching isn't against the rules and in my opinion not entirely immoral either. After all, it happens all the time in real life as well and is considered normal corporate behavior to keep competition alive. Otherwise one company would have all the good workers and dominate the market forever because the workers have to be unhappy in order to quit if poaching was illegal.

    I do think most poachers in this game could stand to hone their skills a bit more though. Treating prospective members like they're stupid by for example lying that the poaching co-op is bigger when it's like 40 levels lower with half the members and then pestering the same person over and over with different members is nuts. I wish poachers at least did their job right and kept a list of the players they've invited who've said "not now, not ever, thank you". It makes most poachers just seem incompetent, lazy and dumb with the way they handle it. XD
    Also, having multiple poachers in one co-op who all approach the same person several times just makes them all sound desperate. They ought to like... work together or something maybe? Otherwise it's almost like they're not even in the same co-op even though they are. ;o
    The non-cooperating poachers make the whole co-op look like it's probably equally unaware of what its members do, which makes the poaching co-op look like an unfitting environment for someone looking for activity and... cooperation, duh.
    Niryn @ WWW 1

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