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The Horse Racing season ended with 28 days left!!!

I checked this morning and the racing season still had 28 days left.  Now I log in and it is already over?  What happened?


  • Me too
    Slasher360518 @ us 1
  • I was wondering the same thing.  I was playing the game and suddenly a end of season message popped up saying what awards I had won.  I was still showing 28 days left as well.
    Snibbor @ us 1

  • For a second there I thought that I forgot how to count or had lost 28 days somewhere...........
    Janisss @ us 1
  • I do not like this short season at all - it ended too soon, and without any warning and the end was a nasty surprise. I made it only to the class IV gold league when I usually make it to platinum IV with the same level 62 horse, by challenging the same number of players' horses per day as I usually do to make it to platinum. The season shouldn't ever be this short - this demands too much dollar and gold use to get a good and fair class standing. This is not fair at all! :s
    Solmar @ us 1, Founder, Leader, MalSol

  • Fawners (US1)Fawners (US1) US1 Posts: 421
    Has to be a glitch!   :/
  • Me also.   Came here to see what was up.     I cant get where I want to be if I don't have time to get there.  
    What Gives?????
    lelkilroy @ us 1
  • Really annoying when you have lots of time in the +1 gas tank to loose all that money and now get to wait all weekend to see if they are going to do something about it
    kujhawkfan @ us 1
  • Well I am glad to see it's not just me --- misery loves company.  :'(  
  • i also logged on to find that it had finished, just before it was saying 28 days left !!!!!!!!  gave me gold, 
    oh no it did not, i got nothing, so it must be your end, had 100 gas to use as well . feeling sad :-(
  • Not real happy about this either, however I hope that they will not "roll back" to correct the issue.  To many other events running which would suffer as well.  Island Farm, Hard Worker event, Fairy Tale, Landscape Architect .......   Not sure what can be done but I would rather sacrifice the horse tourney than lose all my Island improvements. 
    davidt @ us 1
  • I would be happy if they gave everyone a reward one level higher than they earned. Not perfect, but I think most people would get at least one more level in 28 days.
  • wow..okay..so it isn't just me. I have a decent horse this time so was hoping to get a mining cert. Now there is a 30 day break too. Wow...but I agree..don't want them to "roll back" and mess everything else up in fixing this but they do owe us something. So glad I didn't spend money on this.

    Darnchts @ us 1
  • Soo glad it's not just me :D I also thought I had gone crazy, or lost all ability to count. 

    We'll see what they'll do about it, I definitely HOPE they won't do a rollback, because that'd mean they would do it on monday and roll back to friday-evening somewhere. I would not be a happy camper if they would do that. 
    Gwendolen @ US1

    Proud leader of Success Team
  • What is going on????!!!!  Now it is back on and saying there is 28 days left.....I was doing well too.  Now I have to start all over.
  • rocnrobn (US1)rocnrobn (US1) US1 Posts: 258
    Horse season ended earlier. I want my gas tank gold BACK...
    rocnrobn @ us 1
  • My husband, BabaZeba53, just checked his notice board and his has re-started too.  Only he is back at Bronze3, and he had worked his way up to Gold3.    Mine still says the next season starts in 30 days.  I hope they get this one worked out.
  • Rats! For Herbs a "new season"  already started too. This might mean they will do a rollback on monday :S 
    Gwendolen @ US1

    Proud leader of Success Team
  • fadedjean (US1)fadedjean (US1) US1 Posts: 151
    edited 12.09.2015
    My horse season ended today as well (US server). At least 2 others in the co-op I belong to have same issue.
    fadedjean @ us 1
  • My horse season ended too and started all over again. Lost all the small refill cans I had purchased. US server
  • phoenixO727 (US1)phoenixO727 (US1) Posts: 32
    edited 12.09.2015
    Honestly I'm surprised so see so many people on here voicing their wishes against a rollback. I thought I would likely be among the few in that regards. There are far too many other events going on and frankly infringing on the many (other events) to fix this one (event) would do more harm than good to my farm. Ill unhappily take my gold III and start fresh with a new season and just move past it but at least be content. If they wanted to compensate everyone just let them keep the rewards received and start the same horse tourney again to have a chance at higher rewards. We are essentially getting an extra 300 gold/license for this since we didn't dedicate that much time to it. If they want additional compensation then so be it but personally I'm ok with just moving past this bump in the road. let it be and no rollback.

    I do however feel that those who purchased gas tanks etc. should either be refunded or should start with them in the new season. I'm not entirely sure how possible that would be to achieve but it is something I had neglected to mention originally as I do not buy them myself. Regardless- a rollback would be bad for the vast majority here and I'm willing to venture a guess that even the tank buyers would move on if compensated adequately.
  • Some in our co op now have a new season and are starting over again at bronze while some of us are still waiting for a new season.  Don't understand how some were not affected, some have a new season and some of us are awaiting a new season
    DxrxbillingGame @ us 1
  • Well this is a mess, is it not.  But I have the answer for Y'all that should make everyone content.  Cookiie4me and I lived in Sicily for three years and the best panini I ever had was a horse meat panini.  So do what I did, I'm sure Y'all know what that was.  BURP
    BabaZeba53 @ us 1
  • I am not happy about having to start the season over and can even live with losing the gas I had accumulated BUT I am NOT happy about losing the 14,900 gold that I spen to get the large gas tank!!!  
    Have more fun at the Bar K
    Proud Member of the Bar K Coop
    Contact Sophie423 or FarmerRobin3 to apply
    DixieDeb @ us 1
  • MRG1 (US1)MRG1 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,549
    Grrr!  Was in the middle of Gold level, and now I am starting over at bronze level. This is another reason they should not have so much going on at the same time. If they did a roll-back to correct this, everything done on the Island, Fairy Tale Event, Hardworker event, etc. would be lost as well.
    Nice going GoodGameStudios. (NOT!).
    MRG1  (US1)
    Former avid player... and long-time Outlander fanatic

  • They ripped us off by cutting the horse races short the way they did . Mark M
    Mark M @ us 1
  • its like they moved on to the next one. I always get the next trophy 'cept now - I got an empty stand as part of rewards.  Rewards went out for this one - where ever people were when they closed it early.  Now there is a name for this next competition too.      Plus - when they started over, I start lower than where I did last time.  Usually where we end up gives us a little bump up for the next start.   Everything about this says they have moved on.   I don't like this at all.  I want my rewards I would have got had I been given full time!!!   
    I also amNOT happy about this.   To start new one is the worst they could have done at this point.  IMHO
    lelkilroy @ us 1
  • Crud im in silver then to bronze
    Slasher360518 @ us 1
  • lambcake (US1)lambcake (US1) US1 Posts: 343
    will never get anywhere with horses this way. started us over at beginning again but countdown of days left has continued
  • My tournament season ended also at 28 days.  I leave yesterday afternoon and come back. The season starts again at 27 days and  I dropped from #5 Silver position to back to bronze #4.  I worked hard to advance and now it is all gone.  Do we begin to work again or wait for a fix?

    JanieE7 @ us 1
  • phoenixO727 (US1)phoenixO727 (US1) Posts: 32
    edited 12.09.2015
    @JanieE7 (US1)  I would work on it again. Consider that if they fix it then you will just revert to what you had before but if they let it be then you would be losing potentially days worth of advancement while waiting for something that may not be coming. Hoping for no fix but knowing this will be a mess to resolve regardless of what they plan to do about it.
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