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Frustrated with upgrades

I get so ticked off (to be polite) when I add a field or a stable and then have to do 3 upgrades on a house just to be able to add workers to use it. Not to mention the 20+ hours that it's not being used. Grrrrr
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  • DuffyKid (US1)DuffyKid (US1) Posts: 370
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    Check the needs of the building (field, stable) before you build and do your house upgrades first.
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    For each farm, I have noticed an average of 12 houses is needed in addition to the main house. You may need more or less depending on the number of fields and stables you have. What Duffy suggests is a good thing, but if you forget (like I frequently do), remember that upgrading quickly meets the need for immediate satisfaction, but also means that you will run out of tasks to do more quickly. I often fight the desire to speed the upgrades because I can be impatient to see the product.
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    Also wanda you may want to wait on any long/multi upgrades until your main farm house and/or main cabins are maxed as this will reduce building and upgrade times as well add workers. Your tractors can help too. The Crop chopper will add workers as you get it upgraded. I would suggest to get your Earth breaker maxed first to earn more certs per mission, making it easier to upgrade the other tractors.
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  • If I accidentally do an upgrade I don't have the workers for, I usually just build a temporary lvl1 house and then do the upgrades I need on the houses. 
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  • why does the Nursery require gold to upgrade when it was a dollar purchase to start with?
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    @Nonni Its because they want your precious!

    They made the first level of the nurseries available for dollars so that folks that don't buy gold can still have a nursery. :)

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