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Update - May 21st - Friend invite and foreshadowing events - Discussion



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    Never mind!!!!!! found it!!!! OMG I love this game!!!! hahahahalolol.........thanks y'all!!
    SophiaLorraine @ us1
  • best friends3best friends3 Posts: 3
    edited 14.06.2015
    I have problem with one task '' meet new friends''.
    my friend has join this game.so what have i to do??(
    best friends @ WWW 1
  • CM MargoCM Margo Posts: 272
    edited 15.06.2015
    Hi guys!

    Glad you're enjoying the feature :) Do you have any feedback on how it works?

    ~CM Margo
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    My friend isn't farming as much as I'd like her to be farming!! I still have only earned 5 pennies!! How can I know what she's makin' off me? I stay on the game A LOT, so she should be rakin' in the rewards, right?......and too much time between "checkin' in" on her!!........Thanks for a great game!!
    SophiaLorraine @ us1
  • ijrosh (US1)ijrosh (US1) US1 Posts: 1,325
    edited 16.06.2015
    i think it was a good idea but i dont like the way friendship pennys are givin out you should get a friendship penny for each person everytime you can click on there name i for one do not have many friends and in order to get the friendship airport that would be 10 friends coumpleting all of the stages wich i dont think i will ever get if they dont change the way you get the pennys right now you just get a little bit of cash for them joining and a little bit of friendship pennys wich i dont think is worth the trouble of trying to get people to play
    ijrosh @ us 1
  • Frank66Frank66 Posts: 2
    edited 17.06.2015
    Please tell me you're not going the Facebook route. Meaning that you can'y get anywhere without a 100 friends. I left Facebook games for just that reason. Thank you
    Frank66 @ us 1
  • srogerssrogers Posts: 1
    edited 18.06.2015
    Does anybody know what level they have to be in order to have friends ?
    srogers @ WWW 1
  • CathyD (INT1)CathyD (INT1) INT1 Posts: 958
    edited 18.06.2015
    The find a friend task starts at level 23.

  • Catherineuser5RCatherineuser5R Posts: 1
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    hello i need help
    Catherineuser5R @ us 1
  • Ladair51RookieLadair51Rookie Posts: 1
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    ya you go boy
    Ladair51Rookie @ us 1
  • Helga7 (US1)Helga7 (US1) Posts: 24
    edited 23.06.2015
    I've had two friends accept my invitation and join. One friend gets a LOT of rewards from me on a daily basis. I have gotten nothing for this friend. My farm friends box at the top of the page shows I have 2 friends, but under the box with my name to the left, they aren't showing up. I show up on their pages. What's wrong?? I've had zero rewards for successfully getting two friends to join. :(
    Helga7 @ us 1
  • DeeDee58DeeDee58 Posts: 1
    edited 23.06.2015
    please add me deedee58 i dont know what im doing lol
    DeeDee58 @ us 1
  • crazed (US1)crazed (US1) US1 Posts: 32
    edited 25.06.2015
    what if you dont have freinds or family that play these kinds of games, all of mine play, matching, cambling, of fighting games
    crazed @ us 1
  • angel410angel410 Posts: 5
    edited 25.06.2015
    hi, Sophia I'm Nancy. Call me Angelwolf. I'm new at this how do I get a cooperative I have not one friend playing so far.
    angel410 @ us 1
  • angel410angel410 Posts: 5
    edited 25.06.2015
    HI, I'm Nancy or Angelwolf410. I don't have any friends playing either. I'm not to sure I know what I'm doing either LOL:rolleyes:
    angel410 @ us 1
  • lilyrose04 (US1)lilyrose04 (US1) Posts: 11
    edited 25.06.2015
    I have tried to get people to be friends on facebook and other places. Its a waste of my time it should be so any friend playing or not can be your friends. You are just using the player to do your work for you.
    lilyrose04 @ us 1
  • ArizonaCatsArizonaCats Posts: 5
    edited 25.06.2015
    How can you have 10 ferilizer and you can use only one of them ???
    ArizonaCats @ us 1
  • Cheri59 (US1)Cheri59 (US1) Posts: 6
    edited 26.06.2015
    When my friend clicks the link it takes him to my farm. Is it because we share a computer? It even happens when I log out of my Big Farm account.
    Cheri59 @ us 1
  • Sweety8Sweety8 Posts: 1
    edited 26.06.2015
    It's really very nice game..I'm at level 26 :-)
    Sweety8 @ us 1
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    yes i would love to
    nonuandglory @ us 1
  • Missy2020Missy2020 Posts: 1
    edited 27.06.2015
    sure, How do i get there
    Missy2020 @ us 1
  • Micha2323 (US1)Micha2323 (US1) Posts: 6
    edited 27.06.2015
    All of my Coop says the same thing, there should be a change on that!
    Micha2323 @ us 1
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    add me
    to your farm
    pat white @ en 1
  • elizabethlee012elizabethlee012 Posts: 1
    edited 29.06.2015

    hi I'm Elizabeth I am joining your group this is my profile
    age:16 I have boyfriend I'm party girl
    and I love farms I own 2 of them with pigs and cows and well horses

    -Elizabeth lee

    CM Margo wrote: »
    Hi everyone!

    Here you can discuss the upcoming update which as a matter of fact, is a huge update :D

    Lots of great content including the new invite your friends feature. Take a look and let us know what you think! Also if you have any questions they are of course welcome.

    ~CM Margo

    elizabethlee012 @ us 1
  • Melissa WorthyMelissa Worthy Posts: 1
    edited 29.06.2015
    Hi I'm am new and I just recently joined this game and I am stuck. I need to know if anyone can help me with a couple of things.
    1.) I need help getting past level 4 with the lady who asks you to destroy something. I already destroyed something but she is still saying I haven't done anything.
    2.) I need help knowing how to build a coffee shop.
    If you have any information or are willing to help, just quick reply down below.
    Melissa Worthy @ us 1
  • rshagrshag Posts: 5
    edited 30.06.2015
    good morning
    rshag @ us 1
  • katlenkatlen Posts: 1
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    good morning how are u?
    katlen @ us 1
  • EllGirlEllGirl Posts: 1
    edited 02.07.2015
    hello i love this game. i was gutted when cityville went on Facebook.
    EllGirl @ us 1
  • TripperTripper Posts: 1
    edited 03.07.2015
    I was just wondering if there is actually a moderator monitoring this thread. Seems like a lot of people have asked questions about the friend bit and no one is answering them. I would also like to know if BF will be updating the friends addition so we can add existing farmers as friends? I have several that I introduced to the game before the friend link came out and we want to be neighbors as well as being in our co-op.
    Tripper @ us 1
  • Shawkatullah MShawkatullah M Posts: 1
    edited 03.07.2015
    Shawkatullah M @ us 1
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