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Building and Upgrading

Naima8988Naima8988 Posts: 4
It would be nice if we were able to build or upgrade more than one thing at a time. It gets really time consuming waiting to do these things one at a time. That is my only annoyance with the game. Hopefully that can be changed in the near future.:D
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    I agree, I spend a lot of time waiting for construction to be complete and it inhibits playing the game. Please allow more than one upgrade at a time or space out the tasks so that it isn't only upgrades.
    Mary Mastro @ us 1
  • PhatToke420PhatToke420 Posts: 1
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    thats the whole point of a FREE game is to trick you into spending money on the game
    PhatToke420 @ us 1
  • Naima8988Naima8988 Posts: 4
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    They aren't tricking me, I refuse to spend real money on an online game. I'll quit playing before I do that, lol.
    Naima8988 @ us 1
  • Oliviaa101Oliviaa101 Posts: 12
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    I am extremely frustrated. I like the game however, I am close to quitting. A free game indeed! Only if you intend on playing the bloody thing into your golden years! I am still a low level of 31 and hardly getting anywhere! Then you add additional farms . . . which is very cool, yet trying to get them built is another story. You can only build one at a time regardless of which farm. Yet the inventory is individual! If we can't cross inventory then we should be able to build at least one thing on each farm at the same time too. Cake and eating it too comes to mind.

    The Planting, building, upgrading, other farms, tasks, missions they all have incredibly unbalanced issues.

    Planting: a 2 min, 5 min then jump to 45 min then a leap to 7 hours. The yields of the nursery, in the 200+ for wildflowers, corn and cabbage then 14 for wheat! Yes the growth time is less, but the stupid thing only then gives 1-2 plantings. The drop rate for water is. . . WOW! forever

    Building: The cost of the land is amazing at the rate of income/turnover of the various barns/coops and one at a time is stressful.

    All the horse stuff and upgrades should just be separate building from the rest. All the horse stuff should just use horseshoes for currency. Fuel purchases included.

    Upgrading: This one really gets me. You give us a task to upgrade, they cost a fortune, take forever, then payout 12 XP and some piddly other reward. Granted the benefit of the upgrade is great, however the windmill for example, for a level 3 upgrade its 18 hours $350,000 the reward is 60 XP!!! Lets take into account that all production is frozen. For a whole day of basically doing nothing you give us piddly XP! Unless we can stockpile feed, we can't do much!

    Other farms: the NL farm for example, we drain our MF of cash to finance the other, then everything is outrageously priced, can't expand enough to build whats necessary for the tasks therefore setting us up for failure. The runestones collected can't be used except on the mainfarm because the trader apparently can't fly or take a bloody boat so the deco I purchased for the stupid NL farm is sitting in my MF inventory and wasted a good chunk of hard earned runestones to no avail!!!

    Missions: WOW! you have us competing against so much higher levels! Example:This morning I was competing with a level 101 now really, with that level whats the point! There is not any way to win accept spend our hard earned gold. You force the issue of purchasing gold in order to get anywhere!

    The in game gold we earn comes so slowly compared to the cost of everything you can purchase with it.

    Sorry to be so long winded, but if you chose to make the game free then it is only right to balance it out for those of us who either can not or will not spend live cash on the game.
    Oliviaa101 @ us 1
  • CM MargoCM Margo Posts: 272
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    Hi Olivia,

    Thanks a lot for the feedback! And to everyone else. I understand that the game tends to get slow paced unless you speed things up with gold. I will forward this on and see if any changes can be made without damaging the game balance.

    ~CM Margo
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    I agree changes need to be made about building, upgrading, and demolishing. We should be able to destroy on flower farm even if something is upgrading on main farm or gourmet farm. Each farm should have a seperate cache type of thing I'm guessing is what you call it programers wise. I ain't a programer but surely something of the sort can be done I'm sure.
    Bamboo12345 @ us 1
  • Oliviaa101Oliviaa101 Posts: 12
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    The new update. . . But alass nothing improved to basic issues of balance. If you are going to continue to add additional farms without changing any of the costs of building, upgrades and expansions, will you please for the love of everything holy to everybody open the inventory to one main inventory usable on all farms, add some small amount of xp per field harvested, and add some small amount of gold to each task. This would at least give some sort of improvement and hope. Not being able to buy gold myself I will venture that I speak for all of us when I say that without gold this is horribly imbalanced. Between the time building, upgrading and/or demolishing takes in combination with cash costs and only being able to do one of the above at a time is becoming impossible to get anywhere. Please I really enjoy this game, but it is becoming VERY frustrating.
    Oliviaa101 @ us 1
  • TessAngel (US1)TessAngel (US1) Posts: 29
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    I'd be happy if each farm had their own construction timer.
    TessAngel @ AllAmericanFarm Deputy (us 1)
  • Naima8988Naima8988 Posts: 4
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    I totally agree with you Olivia, I am close to quitting myself. It takes the fun out of the game
    Naima8988 @ us 1

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