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Suggestion: wheel of fortune

ok so if you BUY yourself in to rank 1..5 for g*d knows how much money, you get the Irish chicken farm.
But we are not even allowed to see how much you need to pay cuz we can not see the rankings ?

Imagine you need a new car, first you must pay, and then after you payed you're told it is not enough, you need to pay more ? How much more ? Can't tell you,just pay ! You pay some more and it still not enough, pay some more and... oh come on !

This can not possibly be legal...
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  • Porkies (INT1)Porkies (INT1) Posts: 103
    edited 29.08.2015
    lol...Definitely not worth the money when all is said and done unless of course you have so much you dont have anything better to do with it other than burning it for a bunch of irish clucking chickens...better to just save it for a rainy day.
  • Wendytsj626Girl (US1)Wendytsj626Girl (US1) US1 Posts: 190
    edited 29.08.2015
    I agree, which is why I am ignoring the wheel of fortune until the reward is equal to the expense. At my level I don't need the deco or much of the feed, but I do like to at least qualify for the 48 hours of double xp's. The last time I played I spun the wheel 56 times and still was about 1,000 points from reaching even the bronze level. It use to take only 8 spins to reach the bronze level but now its almost unattainable. Can't imagine how much people spend to get the irish chicken coop.
  • bikeboy (GB1)bikeboy (GB1) Posts: 486
    edited 29.08.2015
    Aha, I have almost stopped doing the wheel, I have asked if we could have the players names in the ranking, even if not the amount of tokens they have used. Do we see any proof how many play ? or who is in the top 500 ? all we have is the wheel and ranking that GGS show us. It is a little bit like an auction, you do not know how many are bidding against you, or if in fact its just the seller making up bids ! I used to take around 6 -8 spins to get in the top 500, here in the UK, yet now that only gets you in the top 1200, I cannot believe that 700 players have suddenly decided to use more than the usual 8 tokens, but the more tokens we use the more tokens GGS sell and the more gold they sell. Is it worth all them tokens just to get double xp for a few hours, and then go through it all again in 6 days ?
  • Porkies (INT1)Porkies (INT1) Posts: 103
    edited 29.08.2015
    They had the same set up with their game Empire..could never see who the real money bags were that were spending stupid amounts of money...Just need to look around at a few of the big boys and girls' farms to see who has more money than they know what to do with. I personally just use enough tokens to get into the bronze to get the double xp's...if i dont have enough tokens i just wait it out till i think i have enough saved up..usually 16 will get you the 48 hour dbl xp bonus...Now if they could somehow animate the irish chicken coops to have the chickens on the roof drunker than a skunk and chucking empty whisky bottles and yelling obscenities at the farm workers walking around then i might decide to spend the money to get one, until that day comes i will be irish chicken coopless
  • Wendytsj626Girl (US1)Wendytsj626Girl (US1) US1 Posts: 190
    edited 31.08.2015
    Maybe 16 tokens will get you in the bronze level on your server, but certainly not the US1 server.
  • Porkies (INT1)Porkies (INT1) Posts: 103
    edited 31.08.2015
    Glad I picked the International server when i first started playing BF...played Empire on the US server for 2 years...had enough of the testosterone and ego's...Giddy up!!!!
  • It is possible to hit the Jackpot on the US1 server tho. That is the server that I play on. I had 37 tokens saved up and then one of their "Hot Deals" popped up and offered double the gold if you bought some, and then a few seconds later another "Hot Deal" popped up and promised 50 tokens if you bought 15,000 gold. I had to check it out.... I could buy 11,000 (22,000) for $9.99 and that also got me the 50 tokens. I have only bought gold a couple of other times on this game, but that was too good to pass up. 

    So I started with 87 tokens. During the spinning I won another 55 tokens. That left me short by 2 from my 18th jackpot, so I bought those 2 for 360 gold each. As nearly as I can tell this is what I got from all those tokens and jackpots:

    About 1,600,000 dollars
              2 Gold mining licenses
             1,750,000 corn
             3,100,000 cabbage
             400 wheat
             1,600 dung
             400 fallen leaves
             1,200 Premium/Super Chicken/Pig/Cow Feed 
             10 Rose seeds
             20 Sunflower seeds
             25 decorations: 10 big ornamental trees
                                       1 hammock
                                       5 cozy picnic areas
                                       3 barbecue areas
                                       1 duck pond
                                       3 tree houses
                                       2 playgrounds
    When I stopped, it said that I was at Silver Rank, rank 6. There are still 28 hours left, so I hope that I still have a fairly decent ranking when it ends. I am only level 44, so wish me luck!
  • jess_d (US1)jess_d (US1) US1 Posts: 3,515
    @Lil Chicken (US1) Good luck!! Keep a close eye on the rankings up until the end. There will be some that wait until the last few minutes & seconds to move up in the ranks & bump you down. If possible, try to have a some extra tokens on hand in case you have to spin some more in the last seconds to stay in silver. ;)
  • Yeah, that is what I am afraid of. Unfortunately, my company totally closed out my route (I am/was a courier) so I am rather out of a job at the moment and therefore rather low on funds. So spending the $9.99 this morning for the gold and tokens was like a one time sort of deal for me. But I can still hope that I at least get the XP.
  • gizmo22 (AU1)gizmo22 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,720
    Revealing live rankings during the wheel of fortune event would be a terrible idea in my opinion. Only thing that would happen in that case is the "win at all costs" players buying rank and spoiling the game for everyone once again.
  • @gizmo22 (AU1)  I agree, it would be like the buy an orphan for charity thing, where you can see right away that the top spots are way out of your league, so you just don`t bother to play. The WoF relies on you thinking that you could be just one more token away from your goal.

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