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Feedback: Architect's Recent Schedule Changes

harduphardup Posts: 125
Hey, GGS
It is too bad that Steve is visiting us only once during the day recently.
I am at PST time zone and am in the office when he comes,
so have NO CHANCE to upgrade my farm with Arhitect's new schedule.
Please tell him to show up several times per day as he used to.
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  • Chalaryl (US1)Chalaryl (US1) Posts: 132
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    Totally agree - once during US workday is unacceptable!
    Chalaryl @ us 1
  • Dark Underworld (AU1)Dark Underworld (AU1) AU1 Posts: 2,723
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    Last few times Steve has come, we in Australia are sleeping. So now it has been approx 2 months since most of us have seen the Architect for main farms. The only way we see him is if you are awake at midnight or logged on before 7AM. Most Aussies are sleeping or getting ready for work. Then when we do log on we find out Steve has been and gone AGAIN.

    When can Aussie get to upgrade using Steve AGAIN? Looks like NEVER.

  • Dark Underworld (AU1)Dark Underworld (AU1) AU1 Posts: 2,723
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    At least he is coming during ur daytime. On Au Server he is only here when we are sleeping

  • Gwendolen (US1)Gwendolen (US1) Posts: 1,268
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    Last time round he was here again a few times during the day.
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  • Amanda Maye4Amanda Maye4 Posts: 39
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    So, I'm not sure if this is even possible for GGS to do, but I'd love for the architect to change from a random, short event, that I can never seem to catch, to a constant feature, but with a long, very long if necessary, cool down. So you "activate" him and do an upgrade, then he must cool down and you can't use him again for say a week, or two, or whatever GGS feels is appropriate.

    I understand that GGS wants Steve to be elusive, to make us spend gold, and I know he was a major profit driver two years ago, but with islands and coop challenges now, can he actually make enough money for the Developers to justify keeping him so elusive, and to have made it worse with the latest scheduling change? I still, still sadly have quests on my Gourmet Farm that I haven't been able to fulfill since the whole GF reworking god-knows-how-long ago because of Steve's elusiveness, and now with market, I need that extra production capability but haven't been able to use him for at least 3 months now. Getting very frustrated by the whole architect thing, would gladly take a very slow, but steady upgrade pace over this current architect upgrade pace of never using him.

    If such a change is not possible, then I'd like to request that they at least make Steve stay for 18 or 16 hours at least, instead of the 4 or 5 he does. Those of us that can't play every minute of every day are tired of missing him.

    Thanks for the consideration,
    Amanda Maye
    Amanda Maye @ us 1
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  • RunsWivScissors (GB1)RunsWivScissors (GB1) GB1 Posts: 6,633
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    I think its unfair that the GF has tasks that go to architect level, I found them very hard to complete without using gold, especially the one for 4 gardens, which needs you to catch Steve 4 times & then 3 Almond orchards, another 3 times... He was coming about once a month when I was trying to complete them & it was starting to look like it would take me 7 months to complete them, so in the end I did use gold to speed them up, so that I could do 2 or 3 per visit.... I assume that was the plan by including them, but I was glad to see they didn`t do the same on the FF.

    His latest schedule seems very unfair on some timezones, especially those on AU1, I have no clue how they would be expected to do those tasks, even if they had gold, if they have no architect. So I agree with you that something needs to be done, but I don`t like the idea of a cooldown after 1 upgrade, most people do a couple of houses & then a big upgrade or at least they used to when Steve came 3 times with each visit.
  • Amanda Maye4Amanda Maye4 Posts: 39
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    Well, I offer the cool down as incentive for GGS to actually follow this suggestion, if it were a "skippable" cool down, through the use of gold, I think many folks would spend gold still, or perhaps even more, but those of us that like to play this 24/7 game on our own schedules, as opposed to GGS' schedule of when we should play, would still have the option of upgrading.

    I was never able to catch and use Steve more than once when he would come 3 times in a 24 hr period, maybe on the rare occasion twice, but never all three times. Now I don't ever get to use him even once, it seems. At least with that schedule I knew that if I missed him during the day, and was told by my coop, I could make sure I got online at a time when he was known to be back. This schedule is impossible for me, I'm desperate for a change.
    Amanda Maye @ us 1
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  • Wendytsj626Girl (US1)Wendytsj626Girl (US1) US1 Posts: 189
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    I'm also on Pacific time and have also missed the last several visits. To be fair for all time zones and to cover everyone's unique schedule on every server, the architect should visit at least 4 times in a 36 hour period. It's obvious that ggs benefits from making the architect visits few and far between, since build time for this level almost guarantees that players use gold.
    Wendytsj626Girl @ us 1
  • bustaa (US1)bustaa (US1) Posts: 126
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    Yes I totally agree . I only get one hour of rec time a day, Bye the time I get out the cell and fire up the computer it really turns out to be 45 minutes. I'm not stressing on my homies schedule but just tell him to drop by Bustaa's farm between 1:15 To 2:00 Eastern time... It would be greatly appreciated ... ;)
    bustaa @ us 1
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    Since this question has been answered already by Latten on the main Architect thread this one is being closed to avoid confusion.


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