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Suggestion: A Toggle switch above the Rotate button in Cursor Select Called "Footprint"

in the toolbar at the bottom of the game there is a button called Cursor,
when you click this two options pop up, Move and Rotate, i think there should be another button
called "Footprint" it should be toggle on/off when on all buildings/decorations/production fields should disappear(become invisible) but their 2D footprint(how much space they occupy) will be shown in individual colors, this could be green for fields, black for pig styes,brown for cow sheds,yellow for chicken coups, pink for cherry orchards, red for apple orchards, blue for decorations, white for the house/cabin, orange for the mill, purple for the silo/compost, in this mode you can still click "move" and "rotate" but instead of moving the 3d model it will move the 2d footprint.

this will allow the user to easily plan the layout of their farms when trying to maximize use of space... when the button is "on" the grid layout is visible, and hovering the mouse over each colored block shows what it is. right now there are 2D 3rd party tools to help plan but i think this is a way of implementing it into the game, and it would be helpful when re-arranging your farms..
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