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Collecting specific Items when in event.

I am currently doing the Fairy tale event, level 52, i have found the spreadsheet in the forums that tells you what production gives what rewards.. example:

when collecting story book pages, you need 140 for my level, but only certain production gives that reward, so i concentrate on running that production non stop... i have multiple of each production facilities, (3 level 5 pig styes, 6 level 4 fields, 4 level 5 chicken coups, 2 level 4 cow sheds, 2 level 4 cherry fields, 3 level 4 apple fields) yet when the spread sheet is for the most part accurate to how much of that item it drops the actual reliability that it will drop it in the first place is nothing short of cruel, it says i will get 20 (insert item name) per harvest of milk which takes 7 hours, yet i get nothing... for both sheds.. 3 times in a row... i waste 21 hours,60 cow feed and get no collectable items..none... so i focus on the production buildings that reliably produce items.. compost,fertilizer, mill, but even they aren't consistent.. sometimes i get a set number for each 10 feed sometimes 7 out of 12 pay items, I've gotten 3 different amounts from 3 x120 chicken feed productions... and then even more insulting, specialty collector seeds.. roses are supposed to pay out 10 items per crop.. so i plant 6 crops thinking I'll get 60 items.. nope... i get 10.... twice in a row (from 12 crops) 20 instead of 120? ridiculous..
OK I'll try the long term crops... the wheat.. plant 6 crops... takes 6 hours.. waiting waiting,, OK time to harvest 20 x6 =120 right? wrong.. i get 20..only 20.. wtf? 6 hours and i get 20? OK time to use gold... i buy magic beans x3 for 100 gold each... 30 mins later time to harvest for 30 each... nope got nothing.. 300 gold wasted...OK I'm starting to think this is rubbish... I'm loading this game when i wake up, leaving it running all day (I'm at the PC all day) I'm setting alarms to
harvest as soon as ready then plant.. people are saying that it has to be random or it would be too easy.. i don't think so.. it still requires you to have sufficient production, dedicate time, use the time limit productively.. making it random seems to mean (at least to me) 1 out of 3 times.. this isn't fair. i decided to see what would happen if i played from 9am to 12am for the entirety of the event time limit (6 days) just to see if it pays to use all the time.. but due to the majority of times I've harvested and gotten nothing at all... makes it extremely frustrating... to the point i start hating the game..

is there even a way to insure that items are dropped as they are supposed to be? if not why is the "randomness" seemed to be designed to punish the player? i cant be the only one frustrated? if this keeps up i will just stop playing like i stopped playing GG Empire..
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  • CathyD (INT1)CathyD (INT1) INT1 Posts: 958
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    This is how it is supposed to be. No drop is guaranteed. What IS guaranteed is that if it says you'll get 20 breadcrumbs from wheat you WILL get 20, not 10 or 8, just not that you will get them from every field of wheat. That's the way it has always been since I've started playing. The event is 7 days long (thereabouts) it's not meant to be finished in one or two days. With a guaranteed drop on each field/building/orchard the events would not be a challenge.
  • Uncle John (AU1)Uncle John (AU1) AU1 Posts: 8,993
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    and even the randomness is random.
    I've had days like you describe when barely 1 in 5 drop and others when it's 4 out of 5.
    As Duffy says, it's all part of the challenge, prevents me getting bored. :)

  • CathyD (INT1)CathyD (INT1) INT1 Posts: 958
    edited 11.06.2015
    Exactly, Uncle John. I just had to check the spread sheet drop rates to see if orchards are involved in the fireflies. The are, but I harvested 5 apple orchards twice and 3 cherry orchards once and nothing. :(

    Fun tho' isn't it? :)

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