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Praise: i love this game

gamersue4 (US1)gamersue4 (US1) Posts: 3
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this game is great to play love every min off it
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  • Lilypaddle (INT1)Lilypaddle (INT1) Posts: 614
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    Me too! I having been playing this game for awhile now and just never get tired of it.
    maxiroy @ us 1
  • CM NafaruCM Nafaru Posts: 1,325
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    gamersue4 wrote: »
    this game is great to play love every min off it

    And you seem to like the horses as well!

    What is it you enjoy the most, gamersue and maxiroy?
  • Lilypaddle (INT1)Lilypaddle (INT1) Posts: 614
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    I personally enjoy the strategy of it and the fact you can't get everything all at once, you have to makes choices and work for it. I have enjoyed seeing how my farm has grown and I love the events and yes I even like the island and Viking farms.

    I also love my co-op so that is another benefit to this game that I like.

    I also like the fact that I don't have to pay to get to a higher level, like other games do. They let you play till a certain level and then they cut you off and you can't go any further without paying. This doesn't happen here.

    I am in no rush to finish this game and I really like that I can take my time if I want to. I can level up as fast or as slow as I want. The positives of this game far outweight any negatives of it, at least for me they do :D.
    maxiroy @ us 1
  • Uncle John (AU1)Uncle John (AU1) AU1 Posts: 8,579
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    The last 2 posts say it all for me.
    Sure there are niggles, well written code does not slowly consume cache, or work in 1 mission and not in the next, or lock you out of horse training arenas and I'm sure there are lots of other irks but they are trivial compared to all the good points.
    This is a great game, challenging but not stressful, and constantly extending, tractors, horses, easter egg hunts.
    Keep it coming GGS.

  • Maryann57 (US1)Maryann57 (US1) Posts: 90
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    I love this game. It is unique compared to other farm games. I love doing mission races. When I started this game I was hoping for horses, and yes now we have horses to train and compete. I've tried other farm games and this one is the best. Love having a co-op with good people to play and chat with. I love doing the Island and Viking Farms. Someday all the bugs will be fixed and this game will be perfect. Happy Farming!!!
  • Gwendolen (US1)Gwendolen (US1) Posts: 1,268
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    Same here! Well over 2 years of playing (OMG, that long already) and still love it. Duffy and Maxiroy quite neatly named the things I like about it as well, so I will be lazy and not repeat them :p
    Gwendolen @ US1

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  • Pameow (AU1)Pameow (AU1) AU1 Posts: 266
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    Yes, some praise has been earned. The landscape upgrades have now made an enjoyable pathway to spend the farmcash so it seems like I will stay with the game, unless or until the developers do something really stupid. I really hope that when the new owners of the game take over, ie the public company, some sanity will return and the gold-grab-accelerator policies of the sales department will reverse somewhat, leading to better long term game development.
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  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
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    Totally agree with posts # 1 - 8 !! :D Loving this great game since well over 2 years now! :)

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  • Raven68 (US1)Raven68 (US1) Posts: 101
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    I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this game. I've been playing for about 6 months and it continues to keep me motivated and excited to play.

    It's challenging! I know we sometimes complain about the difficulties in some areas (I did once about the horse farm when it was in the middle of it's multiple stage release) No longer - if it was easy, we'd all be bored and leave. The farms have constantly changing needs (level after level) and you have to figure out your strategies (I need more $, more fertilizer, more apples, etc) What steps will that require, in what order, and how long will that take? What? - an event? The Architect? Now you've done messed up my whole schedule, dang it! LOL

    There is such an abundance of activities - multiple farms, multiple events, multiple tasks, multiple timelines, and multiple strategies for each - this game is rich with complexity.

    There is so much user customization - pens, fields, orchards and DECOS! I admit to spending hours just putzin' around with my decos to get the perfect fit and/or effect.

    My personal favorite - the rich, detailed, beautiful graphics! Whoever are your graphic artists - they do an exceptional job. I love playing with the zoom up so that I can enjoy the beauty, artistry and humor of the visual aspect of this game.

    Everything that's been said above - with addition of my own passionate agreement!

    At the end of a long day, what with server issues & updates & bugs & deadlines & bosses & upset users & everything that comes with the job - put your feet up and grab a brewski, GGS. Know that you do good work and it is very much appreciated! Please pass along our gratitude to everyone in your shop. :love:
    Raven68 @ us 1

  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
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    Well spoken Raven!! Couldn't have said it any better as English isn't my native language - do agree with every word! THX for sharing! :D

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  • CM NafaruCM Nafaru Posts: 1,325
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    Raven683 wrote: »
    My personal favorite - the rich, detailed, beautiful graphics! Whoever are your graphic artists - they do an exceptional job. I love playing with the zoom up so that I can enjoy the beauty, artistry and humor of the visual aspect of this game.

    I'm just gonna quote one of the artists now: *ego has reached maximum level* - hehehe
  • Yakoska (US1)Yakoska (US1) Posts: 1,631
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    Nafaru wrote: »
    I'm just gonna quote one of the artists now: *ego has reached maximum level* - hehehe

    I suspect, like many games... I am sure that your artist will soon create new levels for ego... :)

    But definitely a kudos deserved.

    Yakoska @ us 1
  • cheshi (US1)cheshi (US1) Posts: 135
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    I love my co-op!

    I love Greta!

    I love my ducks!

    I love rearranging my farms whenever I want!

    I love free money from Omar!

    I love sparkles and pranks!
    cheshi @ us 1
  • LuckyNoran_Aly2LuckyNoran_Aly2 Posts: 1
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    Iam happy and happy :love:
    Iam very happy :love:8)I Love my Big Farm ^^
    LuckyNoran_Aly2 @ WWW 1
  • bikeboy (GB1)bikeboy (GB1) Posts: 486
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    I love the game, or else i would not play, but there are an awful lot of "bugs" , errors and sometimes we do not get the chance to breath between "events" , something 2 - 3 event type things going on together. Like while the islands are here, many do not get the chance to upgrade their other farms. But at times i just ignore certain stuff, like an event and concentrate doing my farm, knowing another event will be along in 7 days. Personally i would prefer an event every 2 weeks instead of weekly, but i can do that by ignoring the odd one, especially the ones that have difficult to find drop items. I suppose i have a few years to build my farm and train my horses so there is no rush :):):)
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  • bally9bally9 Posts: 2
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    I so thank you and very happy
    bally @ WWW 1
  • ghostrider13ghostrider13 Posts: 1
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    1. :) hello may name is ghostrider the big farm good game the big farm(= des the game cooperative ?( ???
    ghostrider @ WWW 1
  • bally9bally9 Posts: 2
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    hello i so is happy bigfarm
    bally @ WWW 1
  • PrishaFarmerPrishaFarmer Posts: 1
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    I love playing game Big Farmer
    PrishaFarmer @ in 1
  • havenhell (GB1)havenhell (GB1) Posts: 4
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    Hello Everybody, I love Big Farm, i'm making lots of new friends internationally, I love events, and excited about the up coming candy event. I really enjoyed the Easter egg hunt and cant wait for this one.If I can help anybody feel free to ask. :);)
    havenhell @ en 1
  • ghafoorahmed (INT1)ghafoorahmed (INT1) Posts: 2,912
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    hi big farm is so good game
    Saleet-ul-ain @ www ghafoorahmed (US 1) how romanric  ???

  • kennetha3kennetha3 Posts: 57
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    I too love this game.. The BEST farm game ever,Ive been playing over 2 yrs as well. I really love it when the islands are here. I love the horses.. well I love all the additions to the farm. all this week ive been waiting for the Island to start. At least we got our horses now.After we have the extras to do it seems just running 3 farms is getting somewhat boring sometimes so anything that you give us extra im lovin it. I wish we had a hunting game EVERYDAY. when the easter egg hunt was over i really did miss it. Now I get to hunt candy having a great time.Thanks GGS OI love me some BIGFARM :):)
    kennetha @ us 1
  • saba sattarsaba sattar Posts: 1
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  • casey27casey27 Posts: 1
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    Great love it amazing
    casey2 @ au 1
  • ghjdgfyhvfghjdgfyhvf Posts: 1
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    hello my name is sintijalase i lake to play big farm it a nas game to play i thing thatbig farm is the best game ever
    ghjdgfyhvf @ en 1
  • TheZiad2000TheZiad2000 Posts: 1
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    i love the goodgame big farmI'm wishing I astray Play it and I tyro in the game wishing I became a faultless with safety^^
    TheZiad2000 @ WWW 1
  • MaddyRookieMaddyRookie Posts: 1
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    lol I love this game
    MaddyRookie @ us 1
  • hayleigh10hayleigh10 Posts: 2
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    Hi, what do you love about Big Farm?
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  • Pipperchen (IN1)Pipperchen (IN1) Posts: 35
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    Well, I love playing big farm whole day long but the best thing I like about this game is unlocking decorations at deco tower. smileys-happy-427623.gif
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