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Tractor Issues

chicaachicaa Posts: 437
Is anyone else noticing that their tractors are not working properly?? Especially the powerhouse??? It seems that the special press is working okay. I have no idea though about the Earthbreaker and the Multifarmer though. There's really no way to be able to check those two tractors.. Unless there is something I am missing.

I cannot begin to explain the frustration I am having with all of these glitches that continue to compound whenever GGS decides to roll-out a new feature to the game. First its a couple of issues, then GGS tries a hotfix to correct the few issues, which in turn causes more issues. Not to mention that it always seems that these roll-outs seem to always occur on a Thursday.. which leaves us here all weekend long with no answers, and just TON of frustration.. which just keeps building and building and building.

Is there anyone out there that can help to shed some light on these tractors for me please? Anything you can suggest will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
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  • RunsWivScissors (GB1)RunsWivScissors (GB1) GB1 Posts: 6,633
    edited 31.01.2015
    When you complete a mission, you can hover ur cursor over the blue info button and it shows the amount of certs & RP that you got from the Multifarmer & Earthbreaker.
    I haven`t used the Powerhouse since the coop challenge, so I don`t know if anything has changed there, but it was working ok last time I used it.
  • Brian RobertsonBrian Robertson Posts: 25
    edited 31.01.2015
    My Earthbreaker is working fine.
  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
    edited 01.02.2015
    Thanks for your responses. I appreciate them.

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