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Suggestion: Karma icon after harvesting

Raven68 (US1)Raven68 (US1) Posts: 101
I have BIG request for a tiny, tiny change!

When someone sparkles your field/orchard/pen and you go click on it to harvest, the little ying/yang karma icon disappears so darn fast that I can barely register what has happened before its gone. I know that there is the yellow info box (prior to harvesting) that would show you who just sparkled your field, but when you are clicking through quickly (especially during missions) you miss them completely.

Whenever someone does me a kindness, I have to use the chat to broadcast a general thanks because I didn't see who it came from - which makes me feel like an idiot for not knowing. This happens frequently within our co-op.

The special event icons - ornaments, candy, herbs, etc - all hang around for just a few seconds after you harvest. They're often very detailed, colorful and beautifully designed so I love the extra time to admire them.

Could the karma icon display for the same amount of time? If it could also include the sender info that would be great. (It might already there, but its impossible to tell) With the extra time, I could enjoy the pleasure of the karma rather than feel panic because I missed who did me the kindness.

Thanks much - love the game. 8)
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  • kbahr007 (US1)kbahr007 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,841
    edited 17.01.2015
    same idea as i would like to see, I hate seeing the karma icon disappear and not know who it came from
  • Uncle WillyUncle Willy Posts: 261
    edited 18.01.2015
    We have the same issue. I have tried and many others have tried to get GGS to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to improve the woefully tiny sparkles and do something so we can know who gifted us. They don't seem to care and continue to do nothing about it. X(
    WHY? Why won't they do what seems like such an easy improvement? I don't know :(
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