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Update - December 11th - Horse breeding and other surprises

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Hey everyone!

We've got a lot of stuff coming for you, and the biggest part of it is, of course, the new horse ranch functions. Not only can you have lots of new horses now, you can also breed even more new horses from your existing ones, managing breeding bonuses and talents, and making sure your farm has the best horses in town!

Additionally, there are more tournaments waiting for you, and some more surprises await!

Horse Ranch - Additions
Now that you've learned the ropes of horse training and feel more and more safe in what you are doing, Rose feels you are ready for the next challenge: horse breeding and bigger competitions.

Upgrading the Stable

Your horse has been feeling a bit lonely recently. Upgrading your Stable will make room for new stalls so your horse can have some friends move in with them. :)
  • You can now upgrade your Stable up to level 7 using competition horseshoes
  • More stalls: You can now store up to 7 horses
  • Each level comes with more stalls for new horses to live in.
  • How many boxes are unlocked with each building level can be reviewed in the Stable building info.

Purchasing horses

Your Stable will feel really empty once you've expanded it. Our horse shop will enable you to obtain new horses to live with your already owned horse(s).
  • With each unlocked stall, you will be able to purchase a horse.
  • You need competition horseshoes to purchase new horses.
  • Horses can be purchased from empty boxes only, just click on the box and choose a new horse to purchase.
  • To free stalls, you may always decide to select one of your horses and set it free. This process has to be confirmed.

Breeding process

Now it's up to you to decide where your horse ranch is going. Do you want to own the city's most recogniced stable for racing horses? Or do you want to focus on a professional jumping heritage? You direct the outcome of your ranch, by breeding your own horses. Choose the best traits of your horses, select new ones, and be sure you find the parents that are just right for your plans.
  • A new tab in the stable menu allows you to access the breeding menu.
  • You can mate 2 horses in order to get a new foal. The parents will leave after this process, in order to make way for the new generation.
  • Breeding creates a new horse with different potential advantages over their parents, including attribute increases through breeding effects, decreased amounts of training points needed for an attribute level-up and a chance to increase their breeding quality.
  • 2 horses need to be selected in order to be able to breed. Their name, breeding value, breeding quality, attribute levels and breeding effect slots are displayed near their portrait so you can make sure to choose the most compatible parents for your desired results.
  • On the right, you will see the portrait of your foal, along with the following information to review breeding results:
    • breeding quality
    • breeding value
    • a randomly generated name that can be changed
    • amount of available breeding effect slots
    • attribute levels
    • decreased amount of training points needed for attribute level-up (%)
    • How many breeding effects are created
    • Chance of breeding quality increase during breeding

Breeding effects

Mating talented horses is likely to get you a valuable foal, but will your horse be a jack of all trades, master of none or a REAL talent in the end?
  • Breeding effects increase a horse's attributes or competition strengths (e.g. endurance +5 or Dressage +5)
  • Breeding Effects are generated in the breeding process or passed on by the parents.
  • Each horse can have up to 6 breeding effects. How many effects can be applied is determined by the amount of breeding effect slots it has.
  • Depending on the average breeding value of parent horses, different amounts of breeding effect slots are created for their child.
    • Foal breeding value 10 or higher: first slot is created
    • Foal breeding value 20 or higher: second slot is created
    • Foal breeding value 35 or higher: third slot is created
    • Foal breeding value 50 or higher: fourth slot is created
    • Foal breeding value 70 or higher: fifth slot is created
    • Foal breeding value 90 or higher: sixth slot is created
  • If parent horses have breeding effects themselves, they will pass these effects on to their child. However, it may happen that only a certain amount of these effects can be applied, depending on available breeding effect slots of the foal.
  • The higher the parents' breeding quality, the higher the chance to create a better randomly created breeding effect for the foal.
  • Once the breeding process is done, you can choose which of all possible breeding effects (given by parents or created while breeding) you would like to apply for your new horse.
  • If you close the breeding confirmation window without applying any or all effects, the system will randomly pick some of the available breeding effects to apply to your new horse's empty slots.
  • Breeding effects can be reviewed by clicking on the new "Breeding effects" tab next to each horse's portrait in the Stable menu.

Breeding quality

Talented horses are rare to obtain. A breeding quality indicator will help you to figure out how valuable your horses are.
  • An indicator right next to the horse portrait in detail view shows breeding quality - indicating how valuable the respective horse is.
  • Influences breeding effects. There is a higher chance for better generated breeding effects , the higher the breeding quality of the horse.
  • There are 6 breeding quality levels:
    • Common
    • Uncommon
    • Rare
    • Exceptional
    • Incredible
    • Legendary
  • Breeding quality level can only be increased through breeding.
  • The foal will receive the more valuable parent's breeding quality level. The higher the foals breeding value, the higher the additional chance for an increase of its breeding quality.

Family Tree

Genealogy is an important part for breeding horses. Therefore you should keep track of your foal's roots.
  • You can review your horses' ancestors by opening the family tree.
  • For each horse, their parents are displayed, along with their name, breeding value and breeding quality.
  • The family tree can be opened by pushing the family tree button in the horse's profile (under rename button).

More competitions

To make sure your horses are properly trained, we added lots of content to the competitions! Lester, George and Tessa await with even harder challenges!
  • Lester's, George's and Tessa's horse can now reach level 100, the characters themselves can reach level 120 (blue star)
  • Player horses can now reach level 100

More tasks

Along with breeding, stable upgrades and new competition challenges, we have added tasks to guide you through the horse ranch.
  • A tutorial will show you how to handle breeding processes.
  • A new quest chain, comparable to one of the island chapters, will grant you some nice rewards if you follow through with it.

Additional Changes:

  • We have another wintery surprise up our sleeves. All preparations were done with this update. Curious? Just wait a little longer and you'll see! :D

This update is expected to take place between 08:30am and 11:00am CET and will come with a downtime of approximately 60 minutes. You can discuss it here.

your Big Farm Team
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  • CM NafaruCM Nafaru Posts: 1,325
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    Hello everybody,

    unfortunately there was a typo in the thread title. :)

    The update will happen on Thursday, December 11th (not 12th). The error was corrected and you can look forward to seeing the update one day earlier. Yay!

    your Big Farm crew.
  • CM NafaruCM Nafaru Posts: 1,325
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    Hey everybody,

    the update should be taking place on most servers right now.

    On the us1- and his1-severs, however, the whole process will be initiated a little later.
    Don't worry, though. You will get the update soon as well!

    your Big Farm team
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