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Prime Day Sales Poll

I had a thought. It would be really nice if GGS Prime Day Sales gave us Choices. 1 day run a Prime Day Sale with 50.000 offers with page option on which Prime Day Sale you want. Like 25 gold mining license or the other offers they have on different pages. Then the next day do the 30,000 offers like the 9 gold mining license with the special fertilizer. special liquid fertilizer, and special honeydew. and other 30,000 offers on different pages, That way we could have a choice as to our needs, I believe GGS would get better gold sales if we had better choices. Anyone agree to this please comment or make other suggestions. Happy Farming!!!! Would also be nice for them to throw in the 100% to 200% off sale at the same time
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  • FarmerDeb1 (US1)FarmerDeb1 (US1) US1 Posts: 26
    edited 16.11.2014
    I totally agree with you.. Would be a much better deal to be able to choose which prime day sale you want.. Better than waiting and waiting for the one that suits my needs.. I do believe GGS would get much more gold sales if we had choices..
  • Angel1961 (US1)Angel1961 (US1) Posts: 1
    edited 16.11.2014
    I agree with you too, Maryann57 and FarmerDeb1
  • Algerhugz (US1)Algerhugz (US1) Posts: 56
    edited 16.11.2014
    I totally agree and think this would be a wise choice on GGS as I think it really would increase gold sales. Most people wait to buy gold until a sale or offer benefits them and the longer they have to wait for said sale or offer the less gold that gets bought.
  • Chalaryl (US1)Chalaryl (US1) Posts: 132
    edited 16.11.2014
    Also agree, our choices gonna beat theirs any time. However idk how hard such a change would be to program, and whether whatever resources GGS has are better spent on new content and such.

    Good suggestion, just not holding my breath lol.
  • goodgeorgegoodgeorge Posts: 8
    edited 17.11.2014
    Choices in rewards adds a great dimension to the game. A feature that should be looked at carefully.
  • goodgeorgegoodgeorge Posts: 8
    edited 17.11.2014
    I wonder If a collection of premiums could be generated. Like the Decoration Collection, only with the premium choices. Then we could pick out the premiums we would desire and take off from there. Hmm.
  • edited 18.11.2014
    My first complaint X(...I just found out that 200% gold offers are only made to certain people i.e. those who don't buy gold often. Seriously! You should periodically reward the gamers that support Big Farm with a deep discount on gold. Shame on you Goodgames, for all you know, I might spend more when a discount is that good. Not happy.
  • Maryann57 (US1)Maryann57 (US1) Posts: 90
    edited 18.11.2014
    Yes I agree. I've been told you have to go 2 months or more without buying gold to get the 200% off sale. Really not fair at all. We do a lot of work to build our farms. GGS needs to be kinder to us.
  • Yakoska (US1)Yakoska (US1) Posts: 1,631
    edited 19.11.2014
    I like this idea, but I imagine it would get tedious having the same one over and over again. lol. So a slight alteration might be, the poll only consists of those that haven't been picked in the last I dunno, two weeks?

  • squirrelly1 (US1)squirrelly1 (US1) Posts: 20
    edited 20.11.2014
    I wasn't aware until recently that you actually have to buy (with real money) future gold mining licenses. Having said that...how do you know for sure when you buy a gold package that it has those blue licenses in it? The prime day sale advertisement that comes up on your page may show those licenses but which package do you have to buy to get them?
  • Maryann57 (US1)Maryann57 (US1) Posts: 90
    edited 20.11.2014
    They have several Prime day and Hot deal sales on them. Watch for them to pop-up on your screen.

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